I lost my wings, not my personality

(Mod note: Sorry about the slow updates. my tablet has decided to be a butt. I update as often as I can, so thanks for your patience. I have officially hit 150 followers as well, so I want to thank each and every one of you. stay awesome.)

Moving Time!

(Mod: Alright, so I’ve made a new account for Dashicorn. I have this account as a secondary, and it’s sort of annoying not being able to ask questions, or do things I would be able to do with a main account, so I’ve made a separate account for her. I’ll be posting updates on the new blog only from now on. Don’t worry about the old questions you’ve asked either, because I can still access them from here. I want to thank you all for following me, and don’t worry, I’ll be posting updates as often as I can. See you all very soon.)