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It’s mostly he blames them for the death of Marie and Trevor.

((Ah.. that is a good point actually.. But, that’s where the logic is a bit messy within the story. Why would he blame the death of Marie on them? it simply doesn’t make sense, unless he feels they’re the only ones around to blame.. Trevor is definitely a much more understandable reason.))

“Tell yourself: What comes out of my hands is part of me. If it’s shit, then keep drawing, keep drawing until you get better.” -Dashfox1 11/16/13

Honestly this can be applied to anything. Just replace the word ‘drawing’ with whatever you do.

Comic Fun

Just finished a secret project I was doing for fun and the reveal went better then planed. That’s right I did 112 pages for shits and giggles and I am ready to get back to work on my prints!!

If anyone is interested in reading it i’d be happy to share.