look, guys, i don’t want to keep writing about Leverage but it continues to be an excellent show like i have no choice???

The Toy Job has some really interesting commentary on the toy industry and gender roles/gendered toys

and also Parker and Hardison wear knit beanies that i’m pretty sure they stole from ELiot ok I’M NOT OKAY


First Photo: Hoffman, Second Photo: Pierson


According to photographer Matt Hoffman, Geiselman was held under for a three-wave set after this barrel closed out on him. He was found by a bodyboarder unconscious, and taken out of the water by surfer Mick Fanning and the North Shore lifeguards.

“He was lying eyes closed gasping for air like a fish out of water,” said Dashel Pierson, who witnessed the wipeout. “It was a really scary moment. Every one on the beach was holding their breath praying that he was okay.”

He is currently conscious but in critical condition. Our thoughts and prayers are with the Geiselman family.

Source: The Inertia

Hair over volleyball, I don’t believe it

Okay. I have read every some Iwaoi fanfics and I noticed one thing. Some writers points that Oikawa always styles his hair and has a lot of beauty products


Look at this


I have a thing for Oikawa wake up in the morning with so messy hair and try to unsuccessfully brush his hair

I mean look at him

His ahoge is so cute

I mean of course he’s always in the center of attention and everything, but this is Oikawa we’re talkin about

He is a volleyball freak, he is possibly’ll spend the precious time for more practise end for Iwa-chan then for style his hair in the morning

Fracktail: “We were informed that today is the ‘day of mothers’ and that there are those of you with bad relations with your parental guardian or lack one,”
Wracktail: “So we’ll be your ‘mothers’ for the day to those who need one,”
Fracktail: “I do not see why the lipstick was necessary, though,”
Wracktail: “You look better in it. And wine truly is my color >:3 Besides, who doesn’t want 20 foot stylish mothers?″
Dashell: *sigh and shake of head*

II really wish there was something I could do to make you feel even better. Meanwhile here is a bad attempt to help cheer you up a little, I send this as my version of a big warm hug… So here, have a kitten pile :)

Kitties make things much better- along with any other cute animal :3 Thanks Dash~

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  (You consoling me <- this one and this one ->)    (Me grateful for your affection and love and thoughtfulness T.T :) )

Some tips from Binan Koukou Chikyuu Bouei-bu Love!

Magical boys anime has ended and magic in my life had ended too. Let’s make the conclusions.

(Contains some spoilers)

Some good tips from Binan Koukou Chikyuu Bouei-bu Love!

1) After you defeated some ridiculous monsters, you MUST take a bath with all of your buddies. 

2) You MUST have your own wombat to cuddle with.

3) If you don’t have your own wombat, it probably come to you itself and says you are the love fairy.

4) Make money on the stock market and you will be rich as heck.

5) You also will be rich as heck if you are in student council. Think of it.

6) Even lazy and irresponsible people can be sexy and hot. Even hotter than anyone.

7) Don’t use a friend’s toothbrush! That’s okay if you have a cruch on him/her.

8) If you are hella gay, just pretend phone calls with girls/boys. But you still hella gay. Maybe for your best friend.

9) Don’t choose food over your boyfriend/girlfriend. Especially for curry. He/She can possibly wish to destroy the world in the near future. Especially if your boyfriend/girlfriend is tsundere.

10) Hedgehogs are cute. But all the cute things are possibly evil. 

11) No one knows about past of your big bro/sis… He/She maybe a hero in the past, you know…

12) Love can save the world even from crazy chopsticks and melon. Love is real.

13) Life is a reality show which broadcast in the whole universe. Be careful. They are watching.


Air Balloon (Furry Music Video)

Mangusu and Dashel looking ADORABLE