dashcon ballpit


everyone should check out the dashcon-staff.tumblr.com, home to such memorable quotes as:

  • “benedict cumberbatch, who is the leader of the superwholock fandom
  • "we will be recycling the current ball pit, and if that one does not hold up then we will use our stock of replacement ball pits”


  • “there was unfortunately no supervisor for the ball pit”

Due to previously undisclosed regulations on test subject motivators, the Enrichment Center regretfully informs you that the cake was, in fact, a lie. We apologize to you, and your digestive organs, for the inconvenience. However, as a mandatory refund required by test protocol, we invite you to spend the entirety of the next testing hour in the Aperture Science Fun Plastic Sphere Container.

I am sorry, fandom

I am not

EDIT: it got better