Honestly? Probably the most laughable thing to me about Fyre Festival is that there’s been so many reports of thievery and stolen wallets, clothes, etc when it’s literally been like 24 hours and these people clearly are well off, some dare I say loaded. They all can shell upwards of $12,000 to the tune and promise of rentable yachts and beach yoga but the minute they’re in mildly inconvenient straights they all turn on eachother and start nabbing up whatever’s unsecured even though they’re RICH and if that doesn’t say something about the ultimate nature of the bourgeoisie then I don’t know what does

Has anyone made anthropomorphized versions of Fyre Festival and Dashcon and shipped them together yet? Because I feel like that’s something that needs to happen. Like one’s this super rich snobby kid and the other is a quiet, obsessive fanchild and they’re both complete disasters and turns out they’re perfect for each other.


Super stressed out about the situation on Exuma right now. For starters these people are not on some uninhabited land this is my home!!! For these self entitled rich people to just go there and trash the place there is no doubt someone who’s gonna have to clean it and it’s probably gonna be some underpaid islanders. Also theres a national family island regatta festival going on right now and Bahamians are being driven away by hostility by disgruntled tourist. It’s not our fault!!! I’m seriously disgusted with the situation going on not only there but online with people acting like these people are trapped on some savage land when the worst thing happening is them being there.