neo-Nazis: *claim to have massive systemic power in a fascist regime that supports them and a media that is fascinated by them*

also neo-Nazis: *can only raise $3k for a bounty to find the person that punched and humiliated their figurehead on live television*

Tumblr teens: *raise over five times as much for a failed convention / ball pit scenario, do not have massive systemic power and the support of a fascist regime, just a ball pit*

“An extra hour in the ball pit” will always be my favorite thing that’s ever come out of Tumblr. Ever.

  • And Dashcon not paying the Night Vale cast after the WTNV team went out of their way to be there.
  • Or their asking all of the con-goers to donate money again so that the convention wouldn’t be spontaneously shut down.
  • Or them not tracking who gave what so that when they returned the money, they just used “The Honor System”.
  • Or that they had a panel dedicated to helping people deal with Anon Hate.
  • Or that they had a panel dedicated to fetishizing British white dudes.
  • All of it. All of it ties for my favorite.

DashCon is just the absolute epitome of “Why we can’t have nice things”.

I’m thinking of having a release event for The Millennial King.

What would be best?

  • A medieval themed fair with an emphasis on cosplay
  • A book critic gathering and signing for fans
  • A drunken orgy with an Opeth cover band
  • A TED Talk type event about the book’s themes
  • A triple feature of Princess Bride, Holy Grail, and Shrek
  • A public reading by myself or a celebrity like Ewan McGregor
  • A convention of some sort, Ooh- maybe some kind of ball pit!

Why is Dashcon constantly used as an example for Why We Can Never Have Any Meetup/Con Again That Isn’t Already Established Ever when its failure was actually the result of its unbelievable level of mismanagement, and not just an inherent quality of tumblr/fandom specific conventions?

Even the infamous ballpit itself was almost entirely just the management’s laughable attempt to compensate attendees when panelists (rightfully) walked.

I feel like tumblr has really succeeded in somehow convincing itself that it was those Awful Cringey Fandom Teens, and not the adult managers who literally scammed people out of thousands of dollars, who made Dashcon such a mind-blowing failure.

Shoplifting fandom should have its own convention. Imagine: Little booths of merchandise and art which they can use to practice their lifting skills, panels about lifting techniques and things like avoiding the law, cosplay contest using only stolen items, karaoke with songs like “I Fought the Law” and "The  Internationale”, lessons on communism, brochures about the best lawyers in the country, video game corner where you can play a pirated copy of “Thief”…

And at the end of the con, everyone gets arrested!

Dashcon organisers, this is how it’s done:
Our experience at Dashcon 2014

I’ve been trying to decide whether or not I actually want to talk about our Dashcon experience.  If you know us IRL you’ll know that my wife and I recently went on a trip to Canada/Chicago purely to attend Dashcon.  And following what happened with the convention, I was in two minds.  Do we simply wash our hands of the whole situation, or do we talk about what happened?

Given that my wife received an anonymous message on her blog telling her to go and hang herself, I was leaning more toward the former.  I almost wanted to pretend like we were never there.  But after reading almost everything about the disaster, I think there are a couple of things that need to be said from our perspective.

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