After a long time not been able to go on tumblr, I think have of the people I follow have disappear of tumblr. 

I need to follow new beautiful blogs, please like or reblog if you reblog this things:


-Super Junior





-Yong Kyun Sang

-Ji Chang Wook

-Seo In Guk

-Lee Jong Suk


-Korean things in general

Thank you very much <3

anonymous asked:

Como cuando extrañas ver "Mobox" en tu dashboar y no al BENDYto (y tambien extrañabas a la waifu por que ahora aparece a otras horas xD) (La waifu no homo molestando como siempre) (*susurra* :'v falta de lof) (ya la corto, matenme)

xd esque no me juzgue, el blog esta al tanto sacandod dibujitos “shidos”  y nadie pregunta, estos dias  a sido solo por “como esta el perro” y yo no se dibujar perros :’’v, ando asi como que  “y ahora que hago?” :’’’y

I wasn’t planning on making a follow forever but I hit 200 followers a couple days ago which was my goal by the end of the year and also today is New Years Day so why not! Basically this is a list of people that I follow, people that always reblog my posts (ilysm), people that always make my dashboared so amazing that I stay on tumblr for waaay longer than I should and people that reply to my post and send me messages which I love very much. Basically if you aren’t following any of these blogs you need to check them out! I know I have missed a few people but I love and appreciate every single one of my followers so much. Basically THANKYOU TO EVERYBODY xxx


bellamys-brave-princess | bellarke-klayley | bellearkebellemysprincess | bellamyblakiism | blakeoctaviah | bellamy-and-clarke-haven | batalau | bellarkevampette | blakebellaemy | bellarkeparadise | bobfknmorley | beliarke | babellamy | bootyliciousblake | bellamy-blakesgirl | bell-clarke | bellarkecurls | bellearc | bloodyinspiredd | bellmieblake | bell4rke | bellxamyblake | bellarke-in-wonderland | coziloveyourface | clarkegriffvn | clarkes-protector | deanbless


forbellamy | frigidforest | @groundercentral | gracefulyawkwardhis-princess-and-her-rebel | insurgit | jem-crystairslest-we-die–unbloomed | lost-n-stereo | murphylawsnoxidanamchara | nathenmiller | oftheskyepeople | octaviashieldmaiden | octxviasonceuponahundredbellarkehugs | octaviableik 


sensualbellamy | savethe100 | tylermccallscottposey | the-arkers | the-dandelion-that-gives-me-hope | thearkandtheprincess | thexghostofyou | thebellarke | thisblogmighthurt | xmonsters-existx | you-ve-done-enoughyou-are-enough

And there we have it, my first follow forever!! The names are in no particular order I just sorted them into letter groups. 

I will be doing my next follow forever when I get 500 followers!!