I can’t reblog anything now!

Oh great, Tumblr’s changed again, now I can’t reblog people’s posts from their blogs directly, because in the corner, all it gives me are two options, one which asks me to follow the account (which appears even if I am already following that person… and even appears ON MY OWN PAGE) and an option to go to my dashboard. Basically, it’s how it looks when you’re logged out, even though you’re logged in:

I mean, what is this? I AM Masterge77, why would I want to follow myself? This is how things usually look when you’re logged out, but when I took this screenshot, I was 100% logged in. I even tried logging out and logging back in and I still saw this.

You also can’t edit posts, you can’t delete old posts… you can’t do anything, and it’s on ALL pages, you are basically forced to follow people you have no interest in following even if you just want to reblog one post from them.

Now if I want to like or reblog something from someone I don’t follow, I have to follow them now and wait for it to appear on my dashboard, thus making reblogging into an absolute nightmare. Plus a lot of people don’t tag their posts (I always tag them though), making Tumblr infinitely more annoying to navigate if you want to go through dozens or hundreds of pages just to reblog an old post.

Heck, I can’t do anything from people’s blogs now, or even my own blog, I have to do everything, and I mean everything from my dashboard now, which makes it inconvenient for me and for many others, especially if you’re trying to explore the site and find new users or just find something interesting and want to reblog it. I don’t want to spend 90% of all my time on Tumblr on my Dashboard.

I really hope this is a glitch and not a permanent change to the site, because I remember the last time they tried to change the top of people’s user pages, people hated it so much that they changed it back to the way it was before. This better NOT be a permanent change to the site…

I’ve been having this issue on tumblr mobile (I don’t use the app) where, I’ll press the “load more posts” bottom at the bottom of the page, and then it disappears. So I can only see the first page of my dash on my phone.

I’ve tried refreshing. I’ve tried using an incognito tab to eliminate browser cookies. I’ve tried updating the chrome app. I can’t download the tumblr app cause I don’t have space and also it sucks.

Anyone have a solution to this problem?