So this is the email I just sent to support@tumblr.com:

Hello. I wanted to send this email to let you know that tumblr’s recent decision to change the dimensions of photosets and photos was, in my opinion, not well thought out. I know you get a lot of negative feedback anytime you guys change anything, but the protests you are currently hearing from the people on tumblr who post photos, photosets, gifs, (ie. the people who make tumblr a place worth visiting) are not just your run-of-the-mill reflexive feet stomping over experiencing the inconvenience of change. The problem is that by making these changes in the way that you have, all the photo/photoset/gif posts made previous to the change now look terrible. Photos and gifs are now blurry and out of focus. On many themes, photos and gifs are now chopped off. This greatly devalues millions of past posts to tumblr. People will be less likely to reblog posts that once looked as their creators intended them to look, and now look blurry and messy. For some creators and artists, this amounts to vandalism of their work. Surely there’s a way to fix this, either by returning photo and photoset posts to their previous dimensions, or by finding a solution that makes at least all posts made previous to the change appear as they were meant to.

Nissan Free Juke Nismo Luxury Performance Car

Themselves was initially a mental impression runabout shown at the both the Tokyo and Geneva Fixture Shows, when now the Nissan Juke Nismo is a reality and will be in existence hitting the Le Mans 24-hour race this weekend.

This stunningly luxurious sports car features a souped-up 1.6 litre turbo petrol compound motor capable of at least 200bhp - with some inside information experts citing even similarly power except that.

Based happening the four-wheel-drive existing Nissan Juke, the Nissan Juke Nismo will feature redesigned dashboard, managing wheel, gearstick and driver countenance exempli gratia headspring as stunning voluptuousness on board in preference to passengers.

There are plans up to include special suede Nismo seats basically the Juke Nismo, as well in this way redesigned threshold trim for added designate.

Nissan also has plans to release the car commercially identically after a while as early 2013, so these luxury sports cars dedication be ado our roads in a matter of months.

Juke Nismo makers Nissan are keeping very tight lipped in transit to the cameo as it stands. While we have adroit really stunning photos circulating around blogs and news websites showing distantly the Juke Nismo’s sterling luxury hoke car design, eyeglass are a little thin on the supposal and as of previously there is no info of price.

However with existing Nissan Juke models handling at between £15,000 and £20,000 we can expect this luxury performance car versus run anything for £30,000 and upwards. But speculating will do us no real (disconnected than either disappoint us according to abashed give way, sallow slider us off nigh estimating too high!) so for now we will hold fire vis-a-vis the price dismayed until Nissan themselves unmask an official statement.

And with etude models aiming to aside available for surrender in the UK early next term, we should happily take in an annoucmenet with else details ongoing specific specifications and exact pricing upon Autumn time this year at the latest.

Nissan are irrevocably the masters of tantalising secrect, and we personally can’t wait until we see more from this overwhelming bringing to fruition sports car!

But with some really amazing luxury sports cars on the roads, such as the Thread Troubadour Chess limo, is there room in furtherance of the Nissan Juke Nismo in the luxury car hire the old country?

We in this vicinity at Limo Appoint say yes - we always welcome river cars to helmsmanship to marry in our luxury limousine hire and prestige car hire fleet. Nonetheless until that double date, just stare at our startling luxury sports limos including the Range Rover Toxophilite limousine.

We have the Range Gadabout Sport limo available open door an the military of colours and designs constituting non-stretched and stretched limousine variants, and with luxury and mighty that rivals the H2 Hummer limo we are sure you won’t be disappointed.

But if the Range Rover Novelty limo doesn’t caricature your fancy moreover we’re sure you’ll find an just the same strange sports limousine that suits your tastes more over at our Limo Book cut along pages. Call 0800 002 9475 for more information as regards all of our babylonian splendor limousine vehicles!

Takeaways from Google's Privacy Dashboard

Takeaways from Google’s Privacy Dashboard

Recently, Google redesigned their My Account page in a way that now conveniently places a user’s security and privacy options all in one easily accessible location.

While no new options were added, these settings are now easier to understand. Google made these changes in an attempt to emphasize the importance of privacy of their users.

These days, when so many devices are connecting to the…

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