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Oh, Karley... Karley, Karley, Karley... I have seen the Korean episodes that were released early (why, I don't know) and all I am going to say is: (pause for dramatic effect) You are not ready for this weeks episode. No matter what you say, think or do, you are not ready. You have been warned.

Yep, the finale was ruined for me. I know what happens. I mean, not everything, but I know the big stuff, and I’m severely upset that it was spoiled for me.

For the love of Ciro, guys, PLEASE. TAG. YOUR. SPOILERS. Even if it’s a reblog, TAG TMNT SPOILERS. 
I seriously didn’t wanna know what happened in the last two episodes until I actually watched them. Now I feel like it’s all been ruined for me and I’m less excited than I was to see it all go down. 

Munday Asks
  • Transformers Edition-
  • Alt-mode: Do you prefer flyer frames or grounder?
  • Blurr: Is there a death that still haunts you to this day?
  • Chromedome: Transformers OTP?
  • Datapad: What on your dashboard makes you happy?
  • Faction: Who do you side with?
  • First Aid: Favorite(s) Transformers fanfiction?
  • Kup: Any Tumblr sempais?
  • Lockdown: Character you wished carried over to multiple series?
  • Megatron: Did the Decepticons go too far in the name of equality?
  • Minimus Ambus: One (or a few) of your favorite fellow rpers?
  • Multiverse: What is your favorite series?
  • Optimus Prime: Did the Autobots go too far in the name of preserving peace?
  • Overlord: Is there a character that deeply repulses you? Why?
  • Pharma: Favorite wonderfully despicable character?
  • Player: Is there any character (other than your muse) that you absolutely adore?
  • Protocol: Do you have an opinion on the Prowl-Constructicon situation?
  • Protoform: Any preferred theories on how it works?
  • Swindle: What Transformers merchandise do you desire most?
  • Tumbler: Transformers NOTP?
  • Ultra Magnus: Strict role-playing rule you adhere to?



I have to say that I’m seeing my dashboard and strangely I have no see anything about halloween :v! what’s happening? LOL I mean! other years like 2 months before my dashboard was fuUUULL of posts with pumpkin and witches and now is all empty??? well! so that’s why I decided to post this even if its no Halloween :v 



I hope you guys liked this drawing as I did ^^ see ya next time ~ <3


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hey, i just wanted to let you know that i'm unfollowing since i know lots of blogs like to know why they lose followers. Because of trauma reasons i can't handle seeing k/s being mentioned positively. i did really love your blog and how respectful you were towards trans folks and stuff though. (^ᴗ^)ノ

I’m really sorry to hear that. I hold no grudge against you for following or unfollowing people so that your dashboard is a safe place. Just in case it helps at all, I read KS bc I’m a huge fan of the horror/thriller genre and do not read it for any other reasons. I basically want the entire cast to be put behind prison cell bars lmao.

Also, I do tag everything unrelated to mystic messenger as “not mm” and generally make sure to delete certain posts from that tag later on, since mysmes still is the main focus of this blog. You could easily blacklist the NOT MM tag and if you or anyone else wants me to I can obviously create a specific tag for Killing Stalking so that you can blacklist it (which btw also works on mobile through extra applications, look it up on google if you don’t know which app to get)

A year and five months to hit 10k and I think I have had nothing but positive experiences. 

Not much has changed in terms of the amount of blogs I follow since my last FF (isn’t that why it’s called a follower forever?) so I’ll just make FFs for major milestones from here on out. 

Here are my dashboard-friends/chill blogs:

A - H

@a-precious-loli @alphastigma117 @bb-haruna @bootymonogatari @bruhavoc @byzantine-love-machine @clofster @cthuwu @cygnusvismondsabertoothmonical @genjicat @guillotine-cutter @gurrenlagging

I - R

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S - Z

@shinobukaka @shirobaka @simplykasumi @tachibana-marika @thewaifuwhisperer @vergil03 @xdeyuix @yoshinosama @zsaber

Thank you to my mutuals, blogs I follow and followers (I really do appreciate the random compliments on messaging), you guys are fantastic! 

Homestuck 2.0

I know it’s all ironic and funny, and that it’s been happening since Hiveswap was announced and during the Gigapause and even before but- Am I the only one who’s getting pretty bored and bummed out of the “Please free us, stop it. It never ends” attitude around? I mean, again, I know it’s all supposed to be ironic, since, if you didn’t like Homestuck you’d not follow up with it either way but…

Why did the Homestuck fandom collectively decide to self-deprecate so much? I’ve seen millions of posts about the typical comparison of “Supernatural sucks. *Supernatural Fans raging* Homestuck sucks. *Homestuck fans nodding and high-fiving each other*”, but… Why? Every single time there’s an announcement to do something about Homestuck, I see equal parts “OH GOD YES!” and “Please kill me, the ride never ends”.

The first few times you see it, you chuckle. But when your entire dashboard fills up with it, you begin to believe people are genuinely whining about the fact it continues. I’d much rather keep the positivity up than roll in ironic deprecation until I start, too, to genuinely believe the continuation of something I love sucks.

I know a lot of you don’t like the dashboard update, whether for aesthetic reasons or because it’s harder to read. Well, neither do I. This is why I’ve written an unofficial XKit extension to fix it (at least partially). It’s not perfect yet, but it works.

What this extension does:

  • Reformats reblogs on posts to make it look like it did before the update
  • Works on dashboard, search pages, tag pages, and your blogs when seen via tumblr.com/blog/yoururl
  • Enables the color and width of the blockquote to be changed

What you need to install this extension:

  • XKit 6.9 or higher
  • The ability to copy and paste

I would really appreciate if you spread this around so that as many people as possible see this!

Get the extension here.


So I reached 7k followers this week and I’m just… whoa. This is such a huge number, I can’t even believe it. Honestly. I’m from a small town that literally has less inhabitants than that, so this is just mind-blowing. I did my last follow forever at 3.5k, so I thought this’d be the perfect opportunity to update and post a new one.

I just wanted to say that I love each and every one of you and I’m happy that you all make my dashboard such a nice place. Of course there are many more blogs that I follow, but couldn’t include in this, so just for the record: I really do love all of you, that’s why I followed you in the first place. You’re all awesome and beautiful, never forget that!

I also wanted to thank every single one of my followers! You manage to make me smile every day with every like or reblog or nice message. Watching that little number grow makes me incredibly happy and sometimes I can’t believe that you all chose to follow me and actually like the stuff that I make or my writing or whatever. Thank you so much for that! :) I love you all so much! ♥

!!! Note: I follow you as clotpolesandswans-mainacc !!!

The bold ones are mutuals. I’m very sorry if I forgot anyone!


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Also, did anyone realize why the title is “Homestuck” yet? Because I’ve yet to see a post about this find its way to my dashboard.


You know the juju Caliborn found? That John touched to do the retcon bs and which was used to capture their souls, according to Caliborn?

We’ve seen it in the newest flash. During the nostalgia part with John, Rose, Dave and Jade- that’s literally it. They are stuck in the Sburb symbol. They have been stuck in a symbolically rendered house since panel 1 and the story will end in them getting free.


Hello, hello! How are all of you doing in this beginning of the year? I hope good. Lil’ ol' Mel over here passing by your dashboards because I’ve made this little thing to thank every single one of you people for following me because I don’t even understand why you do it, and the last time I did one of these it was for my 666 followers and now it’s to celebrate 2,500(?!), and I just don’t exactly know how to feel about it. Needless to say I am surprised, and I am flaily and I just want to hug every single one of you for sticking around through my multifandom extravaganza. 

That said, having three of my main four OTP’s (you notice the way Newt looks away the moment Teresa looks at him? As if he’s like “oops, caught me staring”? Yeah, that gave me feelings. ANYWAY) seems like the best way to start this off, so I guess I should shut up and get on with the follow forever now, yes? Alright. Bolded means I consider you a friend here, and VIP, well… it means I consider you part of my life to (hopefully) stay forever. x

VIP: First of all, I want to thank these people that I hope stay with me forever and ever and ever for being super important to me and gifting me with many reasons to keep on fighting, I love every single one of you and you mean so much to me and omg I’m getting so sappy, sO. 

• My Tommy • My wife • My sister • Megsters • My Tewt Lover • My Mallory’s Newtella • My TeresaAshy Ash •  This wonderful person.

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I must apologise if I forgot you or didn’t bold you and we are friends, with all the url changes and me not being sure who is who I am literally a walking question mark, but I hope I got everyone. Thank you so much for following me!!! And I just. jsdbfgjsg Wow. I mean, I hope those TMR people understand why I chose this milestone for a follow forever lmao. I hope you all have a great rest of the year!! xx Here’s to many more years of awesomeness from all of you.

So, I got fucked good last night after work. And as a result, I just thought to myself, “Self, you deserve a lazy day today. Don’t go to class. Don’t get out of bed. Don’t do shit except shower, brush your teeth, and lay around all day. You know why? Because you deserve it.” 

And my ass took a pounding that would be difficult to hide from my professors and peers when I attempt to sit and/or walk. So, that’s what I did.

How was everyone else’s day though?

So we all know about this, right?  The giant highly visible bar that shows the post icons, that you can click to make new posts of each type?

See that blue button on the right?

Why would you do this.

Why would you have two options for doing the same fucking thing in the same fucking place.

The new button doesn’t even scroll down with you, it’s just a second redundant option for post-making.

And look, they did the thing again where they swapped the positions of two important UIs!  The dashboard buttons and the search bar swapped places!  Who would do this and why