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BTS as princes

Jungkook: rebellious and easily gets stressed, whenever his parents bring up about marriage or duties as a prince. sneaks out of the palace at night, meets up at a secret rendezvous with his friend/s.

Taehyung: children and animals love him, to which he is fond of in return. every prince and princess exist wants to be friends him which he does, even the servants’ household.

Jimin: he’s very shy when you meet him, you would have mistook him for a commoner wandering around. he dresses up comfortably in his way, that sometimes you wouldn’t think he’s the prince of the kingdom.

Namjoon: very eager to learn languages, and cultures more than he’s required for. people usually find him in the library. prepare yourself if he starts a conversation with you, whether if it’s about politics or just general topics.

Hoseok: has a bubbly personality towards everyone. also polite and tamed, but would give you light jokes when you talk to him just to see you smile. you couldn’t bear not too also when you he does, because it’s very bright.

Yoongi: appears to be scary, but is very polite to people he meets. Likes to practice every instrument, and the piano is his favorite. barely seen outside, and most of the time he spends it on playing music.

Seokjin: a beautiful prince. a gentleman to everyone, whether you’re a servant or in the highest position of monarchy. everyone has a crush on him. also, he likes to be in the kitchen sometimes, he cooks or helps.


Human Traffic (1/?)

(it actually is a surprise tbh bc i kinda suck but thank) ((also i fucked up again i went off track sorry))

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crackfic: Keeping up with the Waynes: The Guardian Angel

Keeping up with the Waynes S08ep04: “The Guardian Angel.” One of Dick’s ex-lovers threatens to leak a sex tape,  and Dick is torn between giving into demands or taking a stand for himself.  

Note: this is 100% crack, and they’re talking to the camera every time there’s bolded brackets and a script format.  every divider is a scene change.  *ADDED COS A COMMENT REMINDED ME: This would 100% be a fake public image they carefully manufactured, not me literally saying they’re like this. It’s like “lets seem vapid as hell so no one suspects we’re Batman and his sidekicks” YEE

Wordcount: 2040

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Flaunt baby girl

Honestly, from an objective and an ethical stand-point: I understand why some babes prefer discretion. You never know who may discover your real identity or your SD’s, who will try to blackmail you, or even how you will justify such money and keep yourself out of the radar. I get it. Tumblr is not worth losing all that you have worked for -

But darling don’t I love seeing the babes prosper!

You want to flood the dashboard with your money shots?  Are these yuans?pesos?euros? Show me them currencies boo!

Oh you just had dinner at a 3stars Michelin restaurant? What’s that in your glass? Moet or Pinot Noir? Toast to the good life - one for you, one for the scammers!

Wait! You are going to Santorini for the weekend? You got a wax done? Are you bikini ready? Teach me how to stay gracious when the wind blows your hair in your face while you cruising in that yacht!

It may be because I am still a newbie but seeing other sugar babes’ hustle makes me confident in my success. It’s like : wow - she did it - it’s real - maybe I can get there too. I don’t know but it is oddly satisfying to me.

All I am trying to say is: your hustle is valid. Whether you keep it on the low or share it - it does not make it any less valid or inspiring.  Your success may trigger another babe’s motivation to make it big.

So if you want to show off and show out? By all means Flaunt Baby Girl - 

Capitol xoxo

Sherlolly ~ See Me Again
  • **Sherlock just got up after a major surgery and is a tad bit confused**
  • John: *tells Molly who just walked in* He doesn't recognise me.
  • Molly: *starting to panic* What? Why? Is he okay?
  • John: Yeah don't worry it's fine. The nurses say it's because he woke up earlier than expected so he has a lot of the stuff in his system. It's temporary. It's kind of funny actually.
  • Sherlock: *stares blankly at the wall*
  • John: *pulls out phone* Quick! Go introduce yourself. I need to film this.
  • Molly: Why in the world would you want to do that?
  • John: So he doesn't say this never happened.
  • Molly: *throws him an amused look and goes to sit by bedside* Um. Hi.
  • Sherlock: *turns around to face her and looks at her like it's the first time*
  • Molly: *smiles*
  • Sherlock: *is now gaping at her*
  • Molly: *glances at John who shrugs and gestures at her to continue*
  • Sherlock: *gives her loopy smile* Hi.
  • Molly: Do you um, do you recognise me?
  • Sherlock: *blinks slowly at her for a few seconds before shaking his head*
  • Molly: Okay, my name is Molly Holmes.
  • Sherlock: *grins at her* And my name is...is *looks confused*
  • Molly: *smiles at his cute puzzled face* Yes?
  • Sherlock: *still looking confused* I'm not sure...
  • John: *sniggering* This is so weird.
  • Molly: *shushes John* It's okay if you don't. It'll come back to you. But if you want to know, your name is Sherlock Holmes.
  • Sherlock: *stares at her for a full minute then looks horrified* Are you my sister?
  • John: *guffaws in the background*
  • Molly: *giggles* Uh, no. Actually I'm your wife
  • Sherlock: *astounded* Really?
  • Molly: *laughs at his reaction* Yup. 3 years and counting.
  • Sherlock: *tries to get up in sheer excitement* Really??
  • Molly: Woah calm down. I'm not going anywhere.
  • Sherlock: *looks at her in wonder then frowns slightly* Do I make you happy?
  • Molly: *smiles warmly at him* Every day Sherlock.
  • Sherlock: *whole face brightens up proceeds to exclaim with every English word his fuzzy brain can recall*
  • --Later on outside his room--
  • John & Molly: *re-watches video for the 10th time before sending it to everyone*
  • John: Molly do you know what this means?
  • Molly: No, what?
  • John: That he's liked you since he first saw you.
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