dashboard shot

Flaunt baby girl

Honestly, from an objective and an ethical stand-point: I understand why some babes prefer discretion. You never know who may discover your real identity or your SD’s, who will try to blackmail you, or even how you will justify such money and keep yourself out of the radar. I get it. Tumblr is not worth losing all that you have worked for -

But darling don’t I love seeing the babes prosper!

You want to flood the dashboard with your money shots?  Are these yuans?pesos?euros? Show me them currencies boo!

Oh you just had dinner at a 3stars Michelin restaurant? What’s that in your glass? Moet or Pinot Noir? Toast to the good life - one for you, one for the scammers!

Wait! You are going to Santorini for the weekend? You got a wax done? Are you bikini ready? Teach me how to stay gracious when the wind blows your hair in your face while you cruising in that yacht!

It may be because I am still a newbie but seeing other sugar babes’ hustle makes me confident in my success. It’s like : wow - she did it - it’s real - maybe I can get there too. I don’t know but it is oddly satisfying to me.

All I am trying to say is: your hustle is valid. Whether you keep it on the low or share it - it does not make it any less valid or inspiring.  Your success may trigger another babe’s motivation to make it big.

So if you want to show off and show out? By all means Flaunt Baby Girl - 

Capitol xoxo