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I said it may get smutty, but it’s not gonna becuase I decided to focus more on their feelings and make it more angsty bc that’s the song to me ya feel? there is a slight make out [slightly more heated kiss] tho?

Summary; On a college road trip, your feelings about leaving each other surface, but it’s not as simple as that. It seems like all you do is drive, and think about any feelings that you hide. Even though living in the present seems like utter bliss, there’s something about the future you can’t forget.

Warning; I mean it gets angsty? Maybe? idk man. I quite like it :) slight hint at smut [maybe?] towards the beginning but I wouldn’t say it’s anything major :) also you make it for like five minutes

Word count; 1,435

Note: You are not dating. At all. Any suggestions to that means you have had sexual relations in the past, but you are not dating and never have dated either.


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a luke blurb inspired by: I was riding shotgun with my hair undone in the front seat of his car (“Our Song” by Taylor Swift )

it’s the dead of the night and you’re staring at the ceiling, counting the lines from the blinds cast across the swirly pattern when you feel a rustle in the bedsheets and a tickle of warm breath on your neck. “you still awake, baby?” luke asks, the sleep coating his voice, making it sound octaves deeper than usual. “mhm,” you mumbled back, biting your lip and wondering guiltily if you’d woken up your boyfriend with your constant fidgeting. sighing, luke lazily rubbed the blurriness out of his eyes before propping his head up on his hands, staring at your face that seemed to glow in moonlight, declaring “let’s go driving.” your eyebrows crinkled in confusion but followed luke’s order as he rolled off the bed and shoved a pair of sweats on his legs and a loose t-shirt over his head, your outfit mirroring his a moment later. without another word, you both were heading out to the garage, buckling yourselves into the plush leather seats of luke’s range rover and pulling out of town; windows down, your hair undone, and your favorite bands playing through the radio quietly. it’s calming in the car, the spread of the night sky seeming to go on for miles as the road stretched for as far as you could see in front of you. to your side, luke’s scruff was illuminated in the dashboard lights, his cheekbones popping out from the stars illuminating his skin through the open sunroof. lazily, he ran his hand through his hair as it whipped around in the free air, the stretch of his biceps and strain of the veins on his arms making your mouth water and an unintended moan to slip out of your mouth. “like what you see?” he asked, smirking as he kept his eyes trained on the road. you grunted in response, luke’s cocky grin igniting a fire in the pit of your abdomen. your boyfriend cast a quick glance in your direction before abruptly pulling over, the jolt of the car as it halted surprising you. “what are you doing?” you asked, watching as luke unbuckled his seat belt and popped open his door. “what do you think, princess?” he asked, slamming it closed and opening the back seat door immediately after, wiggling his eyebrows as he slid into the seat and you stared in confusion at him. “i don’t–” “you’re tired, right?” he interrupted. “yeah,” you replied, nodding glumly. “well, you’re gonna join me back here, princess…” your boyfriend demanded teasingly as he lifted his hips of the seat and slid his sweat pants down to his knees, raising each leg to slip them off his body before shooting you a mouth-watering smirk as he rucked his shirt up his torso. “…and i’m gonna help tire you out.”

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