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Cuba pt. 1 | March 2017

As some of you may remember I spent two weeks in Cuba in March. Well, I finally managed it to edit some of the pictures I took there and decided to share a few with you because right now it’s snowing again and I really miss those warm and sunny days… 

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((Okay before the event start I need to announce Piko is here now
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Piko is now available for questions *blows bugle but I somehow swallow the bugle*

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I was minding my own business, scrolling through Tumblr, and then BRYAN FULLER and HUGH DANCY just SPRUNG FORTH from the DEPTHS OF MY DASHBOARD in a picture of their HANNIBAL LECTER AND MASON VERGER COSPLAY and suddenly I am rendered INCAPABLE OF SPEECH, my TEARS taste like VICTORY, and I have ASCENDED to a NEW PLANE OF EXISTENCE.

: : H E L P   M E : :

So after seeing this Anti theory on my dashboard this morning, this picture has been in my head all day XD I do love the idea of Anti using Jack as a puppet to gain our trust, I think it’s pretty cool and scary :P

I’m testing a lot of new things in picture, mainly a new art style and a new watermark (but I did test out new textures as well XD) I hope guys like it, I had a lot of fun doing this :D

trc golden trio summer road trip

• driver is in control of the radio
• blue plays Hamilton ofc and she sings at the top of her lungs while Gansey laughs at her enthusiasm and occasionally has to reach over and grab the wheel because blue gets a little too excited and “Blue, keep your hands on the wheel!”
• henry plays Halsey and he and blue are just sCREAMING the lyrics
• Colors comes on and when Gansey hears the lyrics “everything is blue” he smiles softly at blue and she blushes and rolls her eyes because “Gansey, you fucking nerd”
• Gansey tries to play the Beatles and stuff like that but after a little while Blue and Henry get sick of it so they both just start screaming at the top of their lungs until Gansey turns the radio off or hands the aux cord to someone else
• the first few weeks of the trip are probably a little terrifying because blue still isn’t that great at driving
• just constant slamming on the breaks and Henry in the back seat shrieking as his french fries fly all over the place
• whenever blue stops driving Gansey just kind of leaps out the pig2 and stubbles around “safety! Look at the ground! I could kiss it! Oh, being still and out of a car is such a beautiful thing!”
• “Shut up, dick or I’ll burn your boat shoes”
• after Blue slams on the breaks so hard that henry literally smacks his face against the dashboard and gansey falls into the back of blue’s seat, it’s decided that “Jane…. your driving privileges have been revoked”
• okay but what if Gansey fell asleep in the backseat while henry is driving and blue just reaches over, takes Gansey’s boat shoes off of the floor where he had kicked them off, and fucking THROWS them out the window
• “Jane, where are my shoes?”
• “oh, jeez. I don’t… I don’t know…”
• “Blue”
• “………. they’re about four miles back.”
• “Blue!”
• “It’s your own fault! Who the fuck wears boat shoes?! Boat shoes, Gansey!”
• in some small town in nowhere usa they’re driving through a really bad rain storm and the weather gets bad enough that they have to pull over and stay at a creepy ass Supernatural type hotel and there are only two rooms available so blue and Gansey bunk together and Henry sleeps in the other room
• blue and Gansey are both wide awake staring at this ceiling
• “blue… are you awake?”
• “of course I’m awake this place is giving me the creeps”
• Gansey reaches over and takes her hand and she scoots a little closer to him
• and then: henry cheng
• he bursts into their room yelling “you both better be decent because I’m terrified and i am nOT SLEEPING ALONE!” *flops on the bed between Blue and Gansey*
• Gansey, oh sweet ignorant Gansey, “why wouldn’t we be decent”
• blue and Henry just….. “Gansey…….. y u no understand? Didn’t your parents teach you about the birds and the bees?”
• Gansey finally realizes what they mean and his face turns bright red and blue just laughs until a crack of thunder turns her laughter into screaming
• after several moments of silence: “I…. in every horror movie I’ve ever seen,” Gansey sputters, “the couple that…. uh…. that….. you know…. they’re always the first to die, so….. um…..”
• “Ganseyman, shut up and go to sleep”
• you know that they probably don’t shower that often and the car Stinks™ and they all tease each other about it but they also gag everytime the windows are rolled up
• “Gansey, I love you, but if you get any closer to me then I’m going to vomit all over your maroon polo shirt is2g”
• Henry’s hair is still always spiky and On Point™
• his secret: magical hair gel he got from his mom
• blue gets a post card from every state
• Gansey starts a new journal to document their adventures
• everytime they enter a new state Gansey gets on his phone and starts spouting “fun facts” about the state while Blue mentally smacks her face on the dashboard
• henry posts 100000000 pictures and videos of the three of them on social media and I’m sure at some point Gansey gets a call from helen telling him they need to take this or that picture down because it could affect Mrs. Gansey’s campaign and blue is just like “the fuck?! Henry take a picture of me flipping the bird and post that shit on all of your social media accounts”
• Bluesey kiss so much because they CAN and Henry is just like “you two disgust me. no, don’t stop yet! I need to get a picture of you two nasties kissing in front of niagra falls”

I could honestly write about this for hours but for the sake of keeping this post from being a mile long I’m going to stop now.

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you've reblogged your own picture so much lately like stop lol spread it out a bit then or something, jesus all my dashboard is is that picture

U n f o l l o w m e
^ There’s a tip 😘
Do you only follow 12 people? Sorry that I answer many anons, which causes my own pictures go to the bottom of my blog. I’ve reblogged it maybe 3 times to get it back to the top of my blog. Guess I’ll stop answering anons!

I have no idea if this has been pointed out already, but I was watching the Bacterial Menace episode of Yoglabs and…

The hand…

The robot design on the top left…

And is that thing on the bottom right the bedrock miner from The Deepcore?

(and everyone else has already pointed out that they had a bacteria that could turn everything to sand…)