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To Everyone Who Was Relentlessly Spammed With Notifications of Me Reblogging Their Posts Today

I’m sorry and I humbly present these photos of Cor as a peace offering.

Shuffle tag 🎶

Tagged by: @haechance (thanks mei TT)

Rules: You can tell a lot about a person by the music they listen to. Put your music on shuffle and list the first ten songs and tag ten people.

oh boy is this stressful :))

  1. Jam Jam - Seventeen 
  2. High Technology - Epik High 
  3. 4 Walls - f(x) 
  4. Emotions - Mariah Carey 
  5. Without You (korean ver) - NCT U 
  6. Hug Me - Lovelyz 
  7. Gwola - Honey Cocaine (ft Sori) 
  8. Beenzino - Blacknut 
  9. Platonic Love - Snuper 
  10. Stand Up - J-min 

I tag: @thekpophole, @loligot7, @succaphon, @kyakus, @leetaeyongdeservestheworld, @nctuhohahyes, @tensneck, @taeyongfireeyes, @nerdyzelo, @dongsookies


me: has lit never managed a sideblog until 2 days ago

it’s a struggle y’all

calls tech support @lainebriick @lainebriick @lainebriick @lainebriick @lainebriick @lainebriick @lainebriick @lainebriick @lainebriick @lainebriick

Cullrian Tumblr headcanons

Dorian is the one who tries to be smooth on his blog, reblogging only the best jokes or the prettiest posts. When someone sends him an ask or a message, he waits a bit before responding. He’s a busy person who can’t always be at his computer, after all (only he is, avidly refreshing his Dashboard to check his notifications and looking at all the reblogs to read the tags), except for that person who keeps sending him cute cats videos when he posts he’s feeling down.

Cullen’s blog is a mess of cool sword designs, video games gifs and cute animals. He rarely tags, massively reblogs and never posts anything of his own because he’s too shy. Despite that, he grows the courage to talk to a few bloggers, and now he plays a MMORPG with a popular Tevinter blogger.

recommended blogs/”follow forever”

hi hi hi!!!! I recently hit my goal a few days ago and I wanted to say thank you !! I keep seeing these in my notifs/dashboard so I thought I’d do one too! some might get annoyed by these things, sorry :( I thought it’d be nice to show some appreciation for some of the blogs I follow and recommend!! a few may be multi-fandom, but I’ll tag some accounts who I’ve happily met along the way :)

bolded: you are one of my favorite blogs/we’ve talked before and it made my day

others: i appreciate you and see you in my feed sometimes and it makes me feel giddy and excited ya know

(if you’re not tagged I still like u just leave an impression/drop by. I have a good memory 92% of the time yo)


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0 notes: no one luvs me better delete it

1 - 20 notes: thanks close friends and acolytes

21 - 50 notes: cute little kitten post

51 - 100 notes: a fun-size candy bar post

101 - 500 notes: a full-size candy bar post

501 - 1000 notes: statistical probability of ppl starting shit increases on a logarithmic scale but u might be safe. little kitten post grew up to be a feral cat post. might scratch you, might not

1001 - 3000 notes: do not check the tags. do not check the tags. do not check the tags. do not check the tags. do not check th

3001-5000 notes: fuck you, fuck your blog, fuck your activity page, fuck your dashboard fuck your notifications fuck off!! fuck fuck fuCK!! FUCk fucc kcfhjd fuck fhc fdhf cudfFFF ucck

5001+ notes: they have taken the bridge and the second hall. we have barred the gates but cannot hold them for long. the ground shakes. drums… drums in the deep. we cannot get out. a shadow lurks in the dark. we can not get out… they are coming

Happy New Year! Follow Forever!

HAPPY NEW YEAR DEARS! <3 So.. everyone is doing this so might as well I’m gonna do it too :)

I just wanna thank ALL of you for following me <3 IT MEANS THE WORLD TO ME!

As much as I want to list all of you in this, I could not, hehe. So.. here’s a BIG THANK YOU to all these awesome people in my tumblr life! They are the people who I always see on my dashboard and notifications <3 (If you haven’t followed them yet, please do!)

(Bold - mutuals // Italic - fave blogs // * - real life friend)

A to B - @alex-and-miles, @alexquiff, @alexturnersfacialhair, @anarcticwolf, @anythingindie, @b0ttle-m3n, @beetlebarn*, @bigbouncingbassboy, @boulevardsaint-laurent

C to D - @catfishandthebottlemennn, @catfishandthebottlemn, @cheapleatheronthefence, @circababes, @coffeetvmodernlifeisrubbish, @cornerstonedancer, @cousinjared, @daddydallonweekes, @damon-owlbarn, @deathrampsnetwork, @dr4ugr

E to H - @findtheonewhohelpsyoubreathe, @florakinesis, @ghostcookie0114, @glasgow-coma-scale-blues, @gremcoxn, @heartbreakhotelsuite505, @hemmoscalamity, @howling–fantods, @hyperxmusic

I to J - @ierostilinski, @im-his-pacifier, @imqueenofdisaster, @indie-addictions, @insanearctic, @jamiecoook, @jasmine-megan26, @josephfalconer, @jsbuckley

K to P - @lackingtabasco, @moleculargata, @niabellaspp, @not-arabella, @ohalbarn, @pacifiermccann, @paradoxicalplethora, @paraselene-turner, @park-mccann, @pluginvictim, @ppiquechu, @prettyvisitorsinthebakery

Q to S - @queenoasismonkeys, @radio-freedunmovin, @rnike-kerr, @sarmandermeep, @s-himmertrap, @simpaticomccann, @smol-dutchess, @some-lover, @sorrysunshineitdoesntexist0114, @stroked-out

T to Z - @the-achtung-babe, @theplanetoftanya, @turnah, @twinkling-vixen @van-accesible, @vanmchann, @wilkomolly, @xvanmccannx, @you-are-way-too-cool

Sorry if I forgot some people hehe. HAPPY NEW YEAR FOLKS! Have an awesome 2016! <3 Love lots xx
- arabellamardy :)

“What if I receive anonymous unwanted messages?

Click the X icon on a specific anonymous message. This will permanently block the account, IP, and computer from sending messages to your blog. FYI: there is no way to unblock an anonymous IP address.

What happens when I ignore someone?

  • They will not be able to see your posts on their Dashboard.
  • You won’t see them listed in post notes or Dashboard notifications.
  • You will not receive any messages from them.”

from tumblr’s help page

aaa wow I had no idea you could block a certain anon. awesome.