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first  and  foremost … HOLY WHAT. i dunno when you people decided i was cool but thank you??? For 200??? Why?? But let’s get away from that nonsense and get to the real stuff.

         HERE’S  TO  THE  SQUAD:
@floweryoutoclay;  @magnificentblueberry;  @fallen–child ; @the-edge-king ; @keljia  ;  you  guys  have  been awesome. glass you are amaze and ilu and we should rp more and more til we die bc ilu. same for u lys. and jules, you’ve been amazing too for being my baby’s main Frisk and doing amazing and dealing with my shit. dude dude dude king dude i have been so inspired by you since i joined this roleplay community, been following you for legit years, I have no idea why you followed me but you made me c r y. you are amaze. And keljia you are a hoe who makes my inbox a shit storm sometimes but ilu too   

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etoneyed  asked:

heres my theory: if the wings thing is true, with the parts of the butterfly and how theyre coming out with a full length album called wings, i think theyre gonna have 3 more full length albums called thorax abdomen and head. and theyll all have informational songs on the butterfly

bts just wants to educate army on butterflies bc they know we slackin