dashboard mary

People who didn’t live pre-Internet can’t grasp how devoid of ideas life in my hometown was. The only bookstores sold Bibles the size of coffee tables and dashboard Virgin Marys that glowed in the dark. I stopped in the middle of the SAT to memorize a poem, because I thought, This is a great work of art and I’ll never see it again.
—  Mary Karr, The Paris Review Art of Memoir No. 1

I need to vent, so please feel free to ignore this.

My boyfriend’s back pain has started to get worse, and it’s like 99% because of his shitty computer chair and our mattress. Which means we need to find a way to replace them both and the ones he needs are so expensive I want to cry. The last thing I want is for his health to deteriorate for whatever reason. Due to some unforseen expenses, we’re out of food money until the 15th, which is 10 days away. I’m out of allergy pills, which I need since I live with 3 dogs I’m allergic to. We have a shit ton we need to do to the house before winter hits and we haven’t been able to do almost any of it because of money. I just need this shit to stop. It’s absolutely draining to constantly worry and find ways to figure shit out. I just need a secret inheritance to fall out of the sky.

*deep breath* I just, I needed to vent. Sorry for crowding your dashboards.