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it’s Shiro Day!

Getting started early because it’s another big one! Do great things today :)

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Well, thanks for the update to notifications, Tumblr. If you think I wasn’t going to check every single reblog for tags, you were sorely mistaken. I appreciate you making it ten times harder to do that on mobile now.

As a side note, since notifications SUCK, if anyone ever tags me in something and I don’t respond, please send me a message or ask or something. I promise I’m not ignoring you. <3

Don’t tell me to stop watching Naruto just because I disagree with your ship preferences (Naruhina)

Don’t tell me that I have no right to criticize Hinata Hyuga just because she is the wife of Naruto.

It won’t change the fact that she lacks character development, shown to be selfish more than once only for the sake of a boy.

It won’t change the fact that she’s a side Character whose life and purpose only revolves around one boy and has no other goals or dreams to achieve.

I’ve read and bought all 72 volumes and Naruto Hiden novels series because I love it for its Shounen stories, I didn’t just read or download them online. I cherish them. Even when I disliked some of canon couples. I still love Naruto as a story.

And I have all the right to praise it as well as to criticize any plot and characters because it’s a very common practice which is done by many people for studies purpose or thesis.

Movie, music, literature, arts, are made not only to be praised, but to be criticize too.

You think Hinata is a lovable character? Good for you.

But don’t force anyone who dislike her to stop their ‘hatred’ towards her by saying, “She doesn’t deserve hate or anything because she’s so pure…” and claimed that people who hated her character are simply *moron*, *dumb*, or has no heart whatsoever.

And don’t even tell me “She’s just a fictional character, get over it…” argument.

She is a fictional character, that’s why she can be criticized, because she is supposed to deliver message to audience. You can praise her for whatever good things you think about her, but Antis also have the right to criticize her.

You worship her and think that she’s the most perfect thing? Good for you.

How about spread your love to her more and stop caring about us Antis, because your arguments will never make us change our mind.

You can block anyone who post Anti Hinata, and don’t stalk our blogs. Just like what I did with people who hate Sakura. I never ever once go to any Anti Sakura page and block any Sakura Antis that show up in my dashboard. That’s a very simple thing to do.

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Hey boss, sorry this is kind of a strange ask but i'm not really sure who else to turn to. I watched season 4 today and quite enjoyed it and it's such a bummer when I see people being harsh about it on my dashboard. I know that the logical thing to do is turn away and that their opinion doesn't invalidate mine, but at the same time the way the are phrased makes it seem like a clean cut "i don't like it so it's bad, and you shouldn't either" (1/2)

(2/2) it ends up making me feel kinda conflicted and almost guilty for liking it? Again I know that it’s up to me what I consume but I just want to enjoy the thing AND browse fandom stuff without feeling like I have to take sides. Do you ever feel that way? maybe I’m over thinking a little bit but either way I apologise since its quite random and length, thanks though!

Aww, don’t feel bad!  I feel you.  But first of all: myself, @butteredonions and @gitwrecked all LOVED this season.  Some episodes were stronger than others, but it was overall so good.

Just remember that the people who are unhappy are always the loudest.  And if Tumblr makes you feel bad for liking something you had ever reason to enjoy: walk away.  Go chill on Youtube for a bit.  Don’t let Tumblr ruin things for you.  The opinion of random people on the internet who had an idea of how they wanted the season to go and who didn’t get that isn’t worth taking away your enjoyment.

At the end of the day, you’ve just got to stick to your guns.  There’s no reason to feel bad or wrong for liking something.  End of story.  

okay, humans.

Soo..my dashboard is a little bit empty.
So I’m just gonna do the thing everyone does:
reblog or like if you post/reblog stuff from the following fandoms. Then I’ll take a look at your blog and then follow you if I like your blog. :))

Lucifer (on Fox)
Once upon a time
Brooklyn 99
Sherlock BBC
Grey’s anatomy
The Royals
Mr. Robot

and a few more but that would be too much.

– By the way, you can also talk with me about the shows ( and everything else ) I’m nice. I promise. ( I post Supernatural, NCIS & Lucifer on Fox)

Hey, gang! We really hate writing these long-winded mod notes but we need to have a serious conversation about the current state of our little corner of the roleplay community. 

We’ve been noticing a decline in dashboard activity and interaction as of late. Now that’s always been a problem for Subterranean and we’ve spoken to you guys about it before. We have good moments and we have bad moments, this just happens to be one of the bad moments. This kind of thing happens in about every group at some point but usually it blows over and there’s a boost in activity again. We’re all probably used to that by now, we’ve been running this group and we’ve been in other groups long enough to know the ins and outs of dashboard traffic. We also know that most of you will stick around despite the dry spell and we really appreciate that, but in the meantime we all need to be working to make this dashboard as welcoming and interactive as we possibly can. 

We’re not asking you to drop everything and interact with every single post on the dashboard, but there are little things we all can do to make people feel more welcome here. For example, liking posts or commenting on things to strike up conversation. That’s what it starts with. New members and old members need to feel like they’re being noticed in this rp because it’s a game, it’s meant to be fun and it’s meant to be inclusive. We know you guys already know this, but we have to stress it. You don’t have to like every single selfie that someone posts, but it wouldn’t hurt at all to show a little love to someone’s intro if they’ve just joined the group with a new character. That’s a way to let them know that this group will accept them even if they’re not a widely recognized celebrity. 

It’s also on us as moderators to make you guys feel more comfortable branching out and talking to new people, so we’ll be doing our best to create an environment where that’s something that just happens naturally. No one likes being told that they’re not working hard enough, so we’re going to lead by example. We’re going to be reinstating daily activities to get you guys chatting and interacting more because we know that helped a lot last time. These activities could be in the form of games or prompts or even movie nights . We’ll also be setting up an event soon, either for the end of September or we’ll be working on something for October. We’ll update you guys on that when we have more information. 

If you have any ideas or suggestions for events, activities or things we can possibly do to help bolster a welcome, interactive environment we’d love to hear them! You can message here or talk to us on google hangouts @ subt.hq

That’s all for now, but thanks for reading!



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Why do you use Safari? (not in the sense of "How could you possibly like Safari, you fool" but "I don't use Safari, but if you use it when there are so many other options out there, a solid dozen of which are vastly more popular than Safari, then there must be some reasons that are worth listening to")

Uh, not especially. The only way to have a bunch of tumblr dashboards (so you can do things like ‘have a dashboard that is exclusively Silmarillion fandom’ or ‘have a dashboard that is exclusively Amentans’ or ‘have a dashboard that is varied in content but will not contain anybody who even mildly annoys me’ is to have a bunch of tumblr accounts, so I do that (most of them don’t have anything posted to them, they’re just placeholders) and so all the more popular browsers are already logged in to a different tumblr and I don’t want to go back and switch them all around because I forget some of the emails I used. 

That said I have no complaints with Safari except that understandably no one makes or maintains extensions for it. It is a perfectly serviceable browser that manages not to call any attention to its existence and not default to stupid things and not crash and that’s about all I ask.

Ugh, I’m so far behind on my dashboard, I don’t think I’ll ever catch up. So, I’m preemptively giving up. I haven’t been feeling all that well for the past three or four days or so, so I haven’t been sitting at the computer too much, and when I am, I haven’t felt like doing the dashboard thing. To all those I follow, I’m sorry for the lack of likes/comments. I’ll hopefully get back in the groove soon. :)

“I’m watching the President on my own dashboard and you decide to pop up, doing the same exact thing you got angry about me doing! At least the President was being civil about you.. And I commented about it, on my own blog, and you commented back- You think I’m being hypocritical? Oh, honey, take your own damned advice and take a fucking look in the mirror before you start saying shit that should apply to yourself before even considering to say it to other people!”

@danisnotonfire My dash did a thing. I think it’s pretty accurate…