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!!! What’s this? lol jk it’s just a small teaser I did recently (oh nooo flashback train tracks!). I’ve been getting messages about the Zen Feels Train again despite it being in the FAQ already askjdhsakd does no one read FAQs anymore ;;-;;

So anyway, I was thinking of updating on April  (bruh work messed up my schedule I forgot there was a major sale during April-May season) and I was thinking of updating per page whenever I finish one && upload it somewhere like tapastic (?) or something similar so I don’t clutter up your dashes. I will still upload sets on tumblr like before but for those who want to view pages as they are completed, the off-tumblr option (tapastic,webtoon,etc idk yet) is always there (…?) what sites would you guys suggest?


  • you’re legitimately interested in pursuing something in the near future with this portrayal
  • it’s okay for me to approach you for wishlist items / desired plots that appear on the dash
  • it’s okay for me to approach you after solid development about potential ship related things ( doesn’t necessarily have to be romantic !! fwb / platonic / enemies / etc are all desired ships )
  • it’s okay for me to approach to you ooc ?? not always about roleplay !! i like to find common grounds with my roleplay partners as it helps me get comfortable.
  • it’s okay for me to spam you with memes when the mood strikes / tag you in random starters
Low Spoons and No Spoons Worship for Hellenics

As many of my followers will probably have guessed, I’m living with mental illness and I know a lot of you out there are too. If you’re anything like me, there are times when keeping up with devotions is just too much and I have to cut corners and simplify things if I manage them at all. So I thought I would compile a list of simple acts of worship that one can do: one list for low spoons days, and another for those days when even that is too much.

I can’t speak for all disorders and this is mainly with mental illness rather than physical illness in mind, since I and reasonably able bodied, so feel free to add your own ideas.

No Spoons Worship

Sometimes everything is difficult, your energy levels are at a minimum and simply existing is all you can manage. Now, if you’re like me during these periods you still feel guilty for not being able to continue with your religious practice as normal. Don’t beat yourself up over not doing rituals or offerings, it’s ok to stop altogether if you need to, but if you feel you need to do something for the gods but can’t manage anything extra, my advice is to include a devotional aspect to what you can manage:

  • Dedicate personal hygiene tasks to Hygeia; this can be mentally saluting her when you brush your teeth, or maybe muttering thanks in the shower. Even if all you’re up to is wet wipes and hand sanitiser, take a moment to thank her for making cleaning that bit easier
  • Thank Apollo or Askelpios for your meds, your doctor, your therapist, or whatever else helps you manage your health, even if it’s vitamin supplements, pain killers 
  • Thank Apollo and Dionysos for nice distractions like music, film, videos, games or any other media that keeps you happy. 
  • If you manage to cook a meal, take a moment to think of Hestia and thank her for your “hearth” (even if it’s a microwave or a kettle)
  • If leaving the house or travelling is difficult, ask for support for Hermes or thank him once you’re done

Little things like these don’t take any more effort but are a nice way to keep building kharis. The gods will appreciate that you’re still thinking of them. 

Low Spoons Worship

Have a bit more energy but rituals still too daunting? There are still plenty of ways to build kharis and care for yourself. Here are some of my favourites

  • Devotional colouring-in: got one of those fancy grown up colouring books? Dedicate the time you spend on stress-relieving low-intensity art to a god. I like to pick pictures that are fitting for the deity (sea-themed pictures for Poseidon, owls for Athena, flowers for Persephone, and so on). Don’t have any colouring books? Do a search for mythology colouring pages, find something you like and print (or if you don’t have a printer, load up MS Paint, photoshop or whatever your favourite digital art tool is!)
  • Light a candle! If you can’t have candles, fairy lights, LED lights or even a lamp can be an alternative. Dedicate the energy used by the light to a deity
  • Watch a video, documentary or film that you associate with a deity. For example, a music video could be an offering to Apollo or a documentary about the ancient world would be suitable for any deity you choose. One of my favourite things to do is watch adaptations of Greek mythology and critique what they get right and what they don’t. Stuck for ideas? Here’s a playlist of Jim Henson’s The Storyteller: Greek Myths to curl up with
  • Dedicate time reading to a deity (again you can pick a theme suitable for the deity or read about the ancient world or adaptations of myths)
  • Invite a deity to share in your meal if you manage to cook or you have a treat. You could set a place for them if you can, take a moment of thought before tucking in, or just thank them for providing for you
  • Dedicate a pampering session to Aphrodite. Whether it’s doing your nails, putting on makeup, or putting on a face pack mask, take time to thank her 
  • Household cleaning, hoovering, or tidying can be dedicated to Hestia

I won’t clutter your dashboards with too much of the same thing, but hopefully these will inspire you if you’re in a rut! Like I said, do feel free to add to this!

Why Aren’t There More Women Magic Players?

Finally posting my article! It’s really long and I don’t want to clutter people’s dashboards with the full thing, so please click Keep Reading to read it. Thank you to everyone who responded to my “interview” questions! It was so helpful, and it certainly gave me a good look at what’s going on in the community. 

Special thank you to @gaytog and @ally-encampment, who are most heavily featured in the piece. Your responses were phenomenal and I’m grateful for your help on this. 

Secondary shout out to @chelsea-beleren-vess and @zoe-of-the-veil, neither of whom I interviewed but who both have been outspoken about this issue and thus who I mention in the article for their public posts.

Again, thank you, and enjoy the article!

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I wish we had a “like” option for blogs, not just posts. I mean, there are blogs that I don’t want to follow because my dashboard is already super-cluttered, BUT I JUST WANT TO LET THAT PERSON KNOW I LOVE THEM AND THEIR BLOG. I have plenty of friends on tumblr who I don’t follow but I wish I could just put a little heart on their blog.

I’m desperate.

This is a long post but PLEASE, read it, and if you can, reply to this post or send me an ask with advice, suggestions or whatever. Anything can be helpful.

So, a month ago or so I decided I wanted to go to the university (after 5 years dodging it XD), and I already applied to get in it. If I’m lucky I’ll get in and I’ll start going this september.
All of this would be wonderful if not for an important problem.


(Keep reading please, I shortened it to not clutter your dashboards.)

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Reviewing the Angelship Theory, Part 2

Like I explained in my last post on the subject, I am presently in denial about this whole situation - that said, I think I have reasons to be in denial. This is the second part of the angelship idea. (note: block “mostly text post” tag if I am cluttering your dashboard…)

Aspect 2: DeBlanc is definitely a Demon

  • Established Differences between DeBlanc and Fiore
    • Black band on hat v. white band on hat (Think halos)
    • Black raincoat v. white raincoat
    • Beard and bald v. hair and clean shaven
    • Short v. Tall, Jeans v. Knakis, bolo-tie v. tie tie, etc.
    • Fiore enjoys cheetos; DeBlanc reads the bible
    • Fiore can’t lie and has trouble shutting up; DeBlanc has no problem lying and knows when to keep quiet
      • Sheriff Root: “Is this some kind of escaped lunatic situation?” DeBlanc, placatingly: “No no -” Fiore: “That’s right.” DeBlanc stares at him for a beat, Fiore lowers his gaze. DeBlanc: “In a way, that’s right.”
      • Fiore: “Not like this, this one’s a direct line” Deblanc: *turns to Fiore in disbelief* Fiore: *curses silently*
    • Fiore wants to kill Jesse to release Genesis; DeBlanc wants to try the lullaby again - after he finds out Fiore doesn’t have much faith in it (originally, DeBlanc is cool with the chainsaw option)
    • Fiore has trouble speaking at the beginning of the season; DeBlanc shows no such difficulty…would make sense if a lot of his time in his old job was spent monitoring humans.
    • Fiore has exaggerated reactions to pain, DeBlanc not so much
    • DeBlanc uses Fiore’s name often, Fiore does so only in delicate situations (like when DeBlanc is forced to explain the origins of Genesis) - unless he’s giving information (like in the travel agency) or high (Mumbai Sky Tower)
    • DeBlanc approaches the seraphim with his hands raised in sedition; Fiore immediately shows signs of anger and is the first to intervene physically 
      • DeBlanc is only comfortable approaching an angel after Fiore had already approached and responded angrily 
      • DeBlanc did not notice - or perhaps recognize - the Seraphim 
      • DeBlanc does not take the lead when interacting with the travel agent - if the travel agent is an angel, then this fits too
      • DeBlanc always takes the lead when interacting with humans
    • DeBlanc is more street savvy; Fiore is not any kind of savvy - but does posses an ability to seek out solutions as directly as possible
    • DeBlanc is sarcastic easily with strangers; Fiore has to be angry to be sarcastic with Jesse - or know the person better, like with Cassidy
  • Dialogue Hints
    • Cassidy: “So you’re from Heaven, right?” Fiore: “That’s right.” Cassidy: “So what you’re angels, or something?” Fiore: *glares in the opposite direction, doesn’t answer, goes to sit near DeBlanc*
    • DeBlanc: “If the other angels and demons find out about it they’ll want it for themselves”
    • DeBlanc: “You’re the sweet one…they love you up there.”
    • DeBlanc: “Good thing, too…you have no idea what it’s like down there, believe me.”
      • DeBlanc also establishes - when explaining Genesis to Jesse - that Hell and Heaven are at war. It is extremely unlikely that an angel would work in Hell if the two sides have been “fighting and hating as long as anyone can remember.”
    • DeBlanc: “We’re from heaven” Fiore: *makes a noise, it about to speak* DeBlanc: *looks at him quickly, interrupts* “Both of us.” Fiore looks frustrated.
      • This is the biggest giveaway to me. There is no other reason to include this. 

Larger Giveaways

  • The Angel Phone
    • DeBlanc is much better at conversation. Even if they didn’t “love him” up there, he would have been better at speaking about the situation. If he could have been the one to answer the phone, he would have. But he wasn’t, because he couldn’t.
    • DeBlanc does not touch the phone once the entire season.
    • Fiore is responsible for the phone. 
    • DeBlanc: “You need angel hands.” Looks a bit miserable when he says it. 
  • Yusef comments
    • “Fiore doesn’t fear Hell, because he’s from Heaven.” 
    • “Part of the reasons why [DeBlanc] took this job was to get out of Hell.”
    • [When asked about DeBlanc and Fiore’s heavenly origins] “Well we know they’re something - but DeBlanc could be from someplace else.” (paraphrased)
  • The Deal with the Saint
    • How would two angels know about the Saint, how to wake the Saint, and how to release the Saint from Hell?
    • If the deal is for the Saint to be reunited with his family in Heaven, then it makes sense for the transaction to involve both a demon and an angel.
    • Fiore continually refers to both himself and DeBlanc as being the ones who hired the Saint. (Even though DeBlanc was more or less shot immediately.)
  • Fiore’s word choice in Season 2
    • Fiore: “Dead.” Cassidy: “No I thought angels couldn’t die -” Fiore, repeating himself bitterly: “He’s dead.”
      • Fiore could have said “They can. He’s dead.” 
      • Instead he doesn’t contradict Cassidy, because Cassidy’s point was irrelevant to DeBlanc’s situation as a…departed Demon.
    • Cassidy: “So this Saint, he can kill angels?” Fiore: “He can kill anyone. He killed DeBlanc.”
      • If DeBlanc was an angel, Fiore could have just said “Yes - he killed DeBlanc.” 
      • Instead, he established DeBlanc as an example of “anyone” - something different than an angel.
    • Jesse (about Eugene): “You said once you’d get him out for me.” Fiore: “Yeah, well that’s not going to work - not anymore. Besides, I’m never going back there.”
      • Fiore could have just said “Yeah well that’s not going to work, I’m never going back there.”
      • Instead, he adds the words “not anymore” and “besides” - which implies that under different circumstances, returning to Hell for Eugene was a possibility
      • The only circumstances that have changed are the fact DeBlanc is no longer with him to help him navigate Hell

This is the aspect of the angelship theory I have always been the most sure of - because there is little to nothing in the show which contradicts it. Even in Mumbai Sky Tower, Fiore does not contradict the implications of season 1 - which he could have easily done, had the writers wished to permanently lay this possibility to bed. 

How to recognize and deal with a Destiheller in 3 easy steps.

When wandering through the wild world of Tumblr and especially if you step into the vast Supernatural fandom, is easy to spot the Destiel shippers, since their numbers are great and they move in packs. However, when approaching a Destiel shipper to decide if you want to be friends with them or not, you have to be very careful, for there is a more agressive species of this particular brand of shippers: the Destihelleres. *cue menacing music*

Now, you must be aware, most Destiel shippers are friendly and like a regular shipper, they only wish to enjoy their ship through fanart, fanfiction and meta-analysis. Some of them have given up on the canon show and some of them keep watching in the hopes that their ship may become canon some day. Whatever the case, if you approach them with kidness and respect, they will extend the same courtesy to you, even if you ship something different entirely.

The Destihellers, however… *more menacing music.*

Be not afraid, though, because through my experience and the experience of those around me who have dealt with them extensively, I have developed a foolproof method to detect and avoid Destihelleres. And as SPN has been confirmed for its thirteenth season (yes, this horse has been beaten into a fine powder) I thought it would be useful to share it. Let’s begin.

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block list moved!

you can now find the list here!

there are two reasons for this:

  • y’all have sent me so many messages and urls to add, and i’ve gotten very overwhelmed trying to keep up with it all (thank you for the messages, btw!). i feel that having other people helping me will keep the list current and up to date without stressing me out too much
  • i feel bad about posting so much discourse on this blog, since it’s not supposed to be discourse-focused. having a specific place to respond to your messages without cluttering people’s dashboards is probably the best way to do things.

no more asks regarding the block list will be answered on this blog, but they will be answered on the new blog, @shipperblocklist (this includes asks that have not been answered on my blog yet). please submit asks to the appropriate blog!

So... I wrote a letter to the Staff.

Dear Tumblr Staff,
I can no longer locate the ‘contact’ or 'support’ option on my blog in order to send such a message directly and though it is rather unorthodox to send a message via fanmail, it is all I can think to do right now.

I have been on tumblr for a good 6 or 7 years now with various accounts and it has been my support and happy distraction for all of that time and I am very grateful for the effort that you and the team put into maintaining the site.

However, this latest update that removes the ability to cut posts is pushing the temptation to shut down my accounts. There is a large community of roleplayers on the site, though it is likely miniscule compared to some of the other groups that use tumblr, I am in no doubt there are close to a million of us. Being unable to cut a post down to a reasonable size is cluttering our dashboards and I have noticed several of my fellow roleplayers are apologising for being unable to cut down their posts as they slowly lose followers who have not yet noticed the update.

The writing community may be just one corner of tumblr and though the site can boast many artists with thousands, if not millions of different interests and angles, writing is just as important and is part of the creative side of tumblr. I would think it a terrible shame to shut down my accounts simply because I could not cut down the novels worth of writings I co-write with another tumblr user.

If I may make a suggestion, perhaps there can be an option to allow rebloggers to cut a post and an option to disallow them. That way, those that wish for their original posts to remain as their own and unedited have that option, and those of us who use tumblr to write may still keep our posts short and sweet.

I hope there is a way through which we can find some sort of compromise.
Yours Faithfully,
An Old Tumblr Fan.

I have no right to ask this but could we get it circulating so it has a better chance of being noticed? I know there are a few that do not mind the update so much but my dash is turning into such a mess with this multiple replies that take a long time to scroll though and I know I can’t be the only one.