Left coast friends...
  • TJMC (Pirate Dash/Mic Boom):Sun, Jyk, Dashaloo
  • TJMC (Pirate Dash/Mic Boom):You're all in Cali, right?
  • Dashaloo:Jykie is in Cali too?
  • Jykinturah (Blind Dash):AM I
  • sunflic:i guess yes
  • Jykinturah (Blind Dash):yeah i am
  • sunflic:yes jykie you are
  • sunflic:shut up
  • Jykinturah (Blind Dash):yes ma'am ;.;
  • Dashaloo:whooo Cali buddies!
  • sunflic:wooo
  • sunflic:lets hang
  • TJMC (Pirate Dash/Mic Boom):I like to get to know my friends and learn...
  • TJMC (Pirate Dash/Mic Boom):TJMC (Pirate Dash/Mic Boom) puts on eyepatch
  • TJMC (Pirate Dash/Mic Boom):...'Pacific' details about them
  • sunflic:alwier
  • sunflic:flailed so hard skype thought i was searching
  • TJMC (Pirate Dash/Mic Boom):LOL

“Only the awesomest Dashies for the awesomest team!”

Pictured: Sailor Loyalty, Flightless, Darling, and Skybound!

Not pictured, but still a part of Team Awesome is “Dash is Awesome”, Dashaloo, Discorded Dashie, Forever Dash & Scoots, Mage Dash, Robot Dash, General Dash, Nice Rainbow Dash and Iron Dash! Check the Rainbow Campers page if you wanna check them out!