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Hey, Taylor! LOOK WHAT YOU MADE ME DO ✏✏✏❤🐍
First of all, I LOVE YOU SO MUCH! You have no idea! I’m obsessed with your music and everything you do. You are always there for me and we [Swifties] are always there for you. No matter what. We love you for being YOU. You make our days brighter in so many ways!! Thank you for that❤ Your music is something I can’t live without. I’d feel myself so incomplete if I don’t listening to your songs, but I DO listening to them EVERY day since 2009. You are a genius. Seriously. Every time you find a way to surprise us. I don’t even know if there is another fandome, who can survive all of those emotions you give us. It’s like a rainbow inside of you. You are my role model and you give me so much inspiration. I started to draw, because I wanted to have a portrait of you. So here’s my 100th sketch of you in honor of your new album “reputation”. I put all my heart and soul into this, so I hope you really like it!!! Look What You Made Me Do music video is the best thing I’ve ever seen and I’m so excited for your new song! November 10th is in red, underlined. CAN’T WAIT.
LOVE YOU, your loyal fan Dasha.
P.S. @sdv_artist_13 is my page on Instagram, so let it doesn’t bother you :)

Imagine Jared Leto is Your Best Friend’s Dad: Chapter 6

Chapter 6 - Night & Day

I woke up in Mr. Leto’s arms. Faint rays of sunshine from the early morning peeked through the window, forcing me to open my eyes. I searched the room, blinking myself into he reality of awareness.

The navy walls of his room were the essence of lush against the finest mahogany dressers and night stands to match. I turned to the nightstand on my side of the bed. A carved wooden lamp sat in elegance. There were carvings and designs that would take hours to truly appreciate in its entirety. My eyes followed the corner of his room that led to his dressing area.

There hung all of his black suits, an array of dress shirts, and ties - most likely for all those fancy house showings Allegra’s told me about. His shoes were nicely placed. Mr. Leto was a very fancy man. I envisioned him in one of his suits and chills spread all over me.

Everything in his room was neat down to the pictures jutting out from the mantles in his room.

Various pictures of Allegra from various stages of her life stared back at me from across the room. I turned my head to the other side of his room; she was the last thing I wanted on my mind. Next to this photo array, was Mr. Letos perfect bathroom and of course, the full length mirror that I know too well. My eyes brought me back to Mr. Leto next to me.

His eyes were still closed, lost in the realm of sleep. He looked peaceful, almost childlike. It’s so hard to believe he’s 45. Wait, so that means I slept with a…I shook myself out of my thoughts. Reality tried to seep into my mind to make me realize the crazy act I committed last night, but I pushed it away to the back of my mind. It’s not taking away my happiness. It’s like Mr. Leto said last night, ‘their just numbers… and they can be erased…’ I laid down on the bed, staring at the ceiling as I mused over our conversation last night.  

I pushed myself up, getting my bearings together. Soreness in my lower abdomen stopped me, I froze as I tried to maneuver in the bed without feeling it, but I couldn’t. It was a throbbing sensation that crawled up my lower back. No matter how I moved I still felt it. I huffed out I tried to lie back down and try this again, but my stirring woke him. His fingers grazed my arm, his hand as warm as the sheets that engulfed us. 

“What time is it?” he asked. His low and raspy voice caressed my ears. It was the sexiest sound I ever heard. Even waking up in the morning, he was flawless.

He looked back at the alarm on his table. “It’s 8:35, you better head back downstairs, sweetheart. The girls will be up soon.” He stroked my cheek before getting up to stretch. Every muscled in his carved back riveted, he was poetry in motion. I took this moment to take in his back as he stood.

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mel’s 1k thank you post


this blog hit 1k

i’m speechless

instead of writing like 10k words about how much i love each and every one of you, i’m just going to do a few personal thank you’s under the cut, as well as announce some important things, so please keep reading!!

thank you, krys

@muffintop832 you’re absolutely my best friend that i have met through this blog, and you followed me pretty early on. your friendship, constant support of me and my works, and the quality memes have made these first few months of my blog incredible and i hope you achieve everything you want in life

thank you, dasha

@puppycat-eyes you were one of the first aroha i followed on my main blog and i might have screamed when i saw that you had found this blog and ended up following me and liking and reblogging my stuff; you’re such a wonderful person inside and out, and even though we don’t talk often (bc i’m awkward and fucked up in our last convo) i still get happy seeing you on my dash or in my notifs

thank you, minnie

@ohkaypopthis you were the very first friend i made on this account and i can’t express how much your support from early on means to me. seeing a note or message from you brightens up my day and i just want you to keep being incredible and have a good life

a thank you to a select few active followers i love

@what-is-my-life-1234, @6trash6queen6, @music-addict-01, @otter-minhyuk, @trashbxsh, and everyone else 

okay so now for the announcements!!

requests for 5 word prompt drabbles will be opened again from 

8/30/17 @ 6:00am EST


8/31/17 @ 9:00pm EST

requests for texts, moodboards, etc., are still open so go ahead and request those if you’d like

i will probably most likely still be posting once a week until winter break, which might see an influx of original content, and then once a week again when school starts up

i’m planning on starting to post some of my kpop imagines on wattpad, which will include more than just astro, so if you’re into that, look at my wattpad: melkron

a final thank you to y’all for being so patient and understanding with me an honestly the best, most wholesome followers i could ever ask for.

from the bottom of my heart, i love you

- mel

hi, guys! first of all, these past few days are such roller-coaster ride for my feelings. such an important task came up in my personal life and not only that the newest tracks from BTS had me really happy and hyped-up, these boys as usual done an amazing job both in their music & the choreography but also i’m reaching my first followers goal so, why not i made the appreciation post to those blogs that made these past few months i’ve spend here such a wonderful experience.

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