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  • You can also hear the consistent, B-flat humming of the moon every night and you understand what it’s trying to convey.
  • You met an angel in the parking lot of Burger King who gave you a soda and a meaningful look before dissolving into flames.
  • You have distinct memories of watching The Video on the internet that you can determine, through the shared experiences of other, undoubtedly existed, yet not even a mention of it can be found anymore.
  • Bill Murray has appeared in your house, took all of the legs off of your chairs without saying a word or breaking eye contact, and left. You’re not sure how he got in or out. All of your doors were locked.
  • You have reached the edges of the Program where you could see the earth dissolve into pixels and strings of binary, momentarily before They re-calibrated it and a simple street materialized in front of you.
  • You lie awake at night unable to sleep because your mind is full, wondering what horrors might exist in the vast jaws of space that your mind has not evolved to comprehending yet.
  • Poppy has c
  • You heard a conversation occurring in your house knowing you were the only person home. When you investigate your animals lock eyes with you, sitting still and scared like wide eyed statues until you leave.
  • You haven’t found the heart to tell your mother that her boyfriend of 4 years is really just a sack of potatoes in a child sized tuxedo. She is happy for the first time in years, you think you will just keep it to yourself.
  • No one believes you about the small red cow that seems to live on your nightstand. The cow mocks you about this fact. That is the only thing the cow does. The nightstand emits a loud noise when you attempt to remove it.
  • Wherever you go you always here the faintest loop of 99 Red Balloons by Nena that seems to play in the distance. It never sounds any closer or farther, though some days it is in German.

Anyway this is all I can think of for now lol. If anything here applies to you I’ll probably give you a follow.

my dash is dead

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  • Durarara!! (especially Shizaya, Izuo, or Izaya-centric)
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  • Code Geass (NO Suzaku-centric blogs)
  • Attack on Titan (especially Ereri)
  • Aoharu x Kikanjuu

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You know what? I “love” (yes, it’s sarcasm) the fact that when there is a terrorist attack in Great Britain, Germany, France and etc my whole dash is filled with articles news and whatever you do because you think it will help the victims that survived etc. (This part is honest. It’s good thing you all do that.) Whole Tumblr is just buzzing.

BUT!!! When something like that happens in Spain, Barcelona where 14th people died and more than 130 people where harmed (anyone heard about it?) but also Finland, Turku - 2 people are dead, 8-ish are wounded, there is also possible terrorist attack in Russia, Surgut, this one is speculation right now as no one wants to comment this, few people where harmed, two badly…
So when this happens in countries like those my dash is empty. Like nothing, I even went to appropriate tags, there are articles etc. about those but not as much as I expected. I won’t even talk about attacks that happen in other less “well known” countries

So yeah I “love” double standards.

sfw littles๐Ÿ’˜

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my dash is empty.

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- sherlock
- doctor who
- twenty øne piløts
- panic! at the disco
- troye sivan
- starbucks
- fashion
- sea/waves/beach/palm trees
- vintage/indie/hipster things
- zodiac stuff
- pretty boys
- writing

Following spree

-Hey there so I unfollowed some inactive blogs/blogs I’m not really interested in anymore and my dash is kinda empty so I need to follow some new blogs :)

Pls follow/like/reblog if you post predominantly any of the following:

- Sense8

- Orange Is The New Black

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- DC Bombshells

- Star vs The Forces of Evil

- Art 

- Wonder Woman 

- Feminism 

- Aesthetic 

- Gay stuff

I hope I didn’t forget anything in my list. Thank you!