On March 12, 1974 at approximately 7:00 pm Ted Bundy abducted Donna Gail Manson from Evergreen State College, Olympia while on her way to a concert in the school’s library lobby.

Evergreen State College (1976). Yellow dashed line designates path Donna Manson may have taken. From “A Visual Timeline”

Ted later told Detective Robert Keppel that he burnt Donna’s skull to ashes in his ex girlfriend Liz’s fireplace in a 1989 interview.

Keppel: Okay, how about Donna Manson? Gal from Thurston County, Olympia. Where’s she?

Ted: Where is she? That was different. That was different.

Keppel: What was different about it? You told me before she might be buried. 

Ted: I won’t beat around the bush with you anymore, cause I’m just tired and I just want to get back and go to sleep…

Keppel: Okay.

Ted: So let me just tell you I’m, I know that, this part of the forest, buried up in there but, nothing identifiable, probably just, literally bones, but, the head however, the–the skull, it wouldn’t be there.

Keppel: Where is it?

Ted: It’s nowhere.

Keppel: It’s nowhere?

Ted: Well, I don’t know, I’m not trying to be flippant, it’s just, it’s just no where. It’s, it’s– it’s– it’s in a category by itself, in– in that ah, it was… no I just assumed this was, something that you just can’t, I don’t know, [garbled] see the head-lines now, but ah, ah–

Keppel: Ted, there’s not going to be any details. Wh-what you told me about Georgeann Hawkins isn’t going to be known. I got parents out there that don’t even want to know the details–

Ted: Well I know… I know–

Keppel: He [Hagmaier who is present next to Keppel] wants to know, and I want to know for my own good. 

Ted: Well it, it was incinerated, and it was, just ah– an exception, ah– a strange exception, but ah– it was incinerated. 

Keppel: Where’d you incinerate it?

Ted: [Embarrassed laugh]

Keppel: Come on pard’ner.

Ted: [Embarrassed laugh]

Keppel: These are things they don’t know about you.

Ted: Well this is, this is probably, the– the disposal method of preference among those who get away with it–

Keppel: Yeah.

Ted: But because ah, gee, um, it’s the most bizarre, bizarre thing I ever– ever, ever been associated with, and I’ve been associated with bizarre shit–

Keppel: Right. [Long pause] It’s incinerated–

Ted: It’s incinerated.

Keppel: Tell me about it, what the hell happened?

Ted: Well it, ah, I don’t know the address of the place, I never wanted to tell this incident, but I promised myself I’d never tell this because it would ah, I– I thought, that of– of all the things I did to this woman this was probably the one she would least likely to forgive me for, poor Liz–

Keppel: Uh-huh.

Ted: …in her fireplace, ah, it’s really not that humorous, but um, in the fireplace in that house–

Keppel: Burned it all up?

Ted: Down to the last ash, in a fit of cleanliness, what have you, just vacuumed down all the ashes. That’s the twist.

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Prompt: Donna catches Oliver and Felicity making out, Oliver without his shirt on, which is embarrassing at first but quickly turns serious when Donna sees Oliver's scars for the first time.

(Set after 4x06)

Donna hummed to herself as she walked down the hallway of Felicity and Oliver’s building.  The last few days had been difficult, yes: seeing the tension between her daughter and the man she loved wasn’t easy.  Not when Donna could see, so clearly, how much they loved each other and how they were letting their fears and doubts get in the way.  

Well, hopefully the two of them had made up from their fight.  And that nice Quentin she had met last night had been an unexpected benefit to getting kicked out of the loft. 

So today was a new day, one that was bright and happy.  

Using the key that Felicity had given her, Donna let herself into the loft.  “Felicity?  Oliver?” she called out, her heels clicking on the floors.  

There was a loud yelp from the kitchen, followed by a clatter and the sound of someone landing heavily, and Donna dashed towards the room.  “Did someone fall over?” she asked, feeling worried.

But what she saw outstripped her worry and made even Donna Smoak feel flustered and embarrassed.  

Because there was some dishes on the floor, along with a hooded sweatshirt that could only belong to Oliver.  Felicity was standing in front of Oliver, her hair full-on bedhead and the clear mark of a hickey on her neck.  

And unless she missed her guess, both of their pants were riding awfully low for two people who were supposedly preparing something to eat.  

Well, Oliver must have been getting ready to eat someone, Donna thought, feeling her cheeks flush.  Because it was one thing to talk to her daughter about sex.  It was something else to nearly interrupt it in progress.

“Well, I–I didn’t think I’d be interrupting now …” Donna said, stumbling a bit over her words.  

“It’s okay, Donna,” Oliver said, giving her a smile that was almost real.  “Let me just get …”

He stepped around Felicity, bending over to pick up his hoodie, and Donna thought her eyes were going to pop out of her head.

“Oh my God, Oliver!”

“What?” he said, stopping mid-bend and looking at her.  

But Donna was too speechless to do anything but walk over and push Oliver back to a standing position, because she needed to know if she had really seen what she thought she had saw.  

Of course Donna knew that Oliver had been on a deserted island for five years.  She lived in Vegas, not on the moon.  And Felicity had talked a little about how Oliver had suffered physically over the years he had been gone.  But this … this was beyond anything Donna had imagined.

Certainly he was gorgeous.  But the amount of damage on his chest–the signs of slashes and stabs and–”Oh my God, are those teeth marks?!?”

“Mom,” Felicity said, stepping between Donna and Oliver again.  But while before it was probably to hide whatever had been going on in Oliver’s pants, this time … this time, Felicity was protecting Oliver.  

That helped break the spell, and Donna swallowed.  “I’m so sorry, Oliver–I had no idea, I didn’t realize–”

“Mom,” her daughter repeated, but Oliver put a hand on Felicity’s shoulder.

“It’s okay,” Oliver told her softly, pressing a kiss to the top of her head.  Then he looked at Donna, his face open and his eyes honest.  Not showing any embarrassment over the condition of his body.  Not ashamed or beaten down by what he had suffered.  Just … accepting of his past pain and the marks it had left on him.   

In that moment, Donna realized why she had always felt like Felicity was safe with Oliver.  Because he had clearly been through so much–the very limits of what a human could experience and survive.

And he was willing to do it all again, if it kept her daughter safe.  

Donna knew she was tearing up, but she put a big smile on her face.  “I’m just going to go.  Let you two kids finish making up–you have made up, right?”

Oliver grinned and Felicity blushed as she nodded.  

“That’s so great!” Donna said, smiling at them both.  “What did I tell you?  Best part of fighting.”  


Waving her hand, Donna turned to leave.  “I’ll see you later!”

Later, after she had called and made sure it was safe to come in.  Because no matter how beautiful her baby was or how hot Oliver was, there were some things a mother shouldn’t see.


Little Things, 13

~1000 words a day. Unbeta’d. Ten/Rose. College/Uni/Roommates AU. Previous chapters here

John started to think he’d better go look for Rose after fifteen minutes had passed and she’d not returned. He was coming up the stairs when the door to the emergency roof exit burst open - someone had kicked it down, breaking the lock. That same someone said over his broad shoulder, “All clear, darling - we’re free!”

“Rose!” John exclaimed. “What happened?”

“We got locked out,” said Rose, slipping past the tall man, Ianto’s cat in her arms. “This is Jack - he came to my rescue.” She smiled up at her knight in shining armor.

John thought, I was coming to your rescue, but bit back the words.

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