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who could ask for a better birthday present? :D

@sigrvif - Iona & I love you & your beautiful muse! You write Sigyn so well and every time I see you on my dash, I never stop smiling!
@oneformischief - You are so nice ooc & you play Loki so well! I can literally hear his voice in my head when read your threads! not to mention that I adore your cosplay!
@iamnxtaqueen - My darling, you are my favorite Hela and you write her so amazingly well! And the fact that you are a peach ooc makes it all the better!
@kingrumlow - Even though we don’t interact IC, I love you very dearly! You always send me nice messages & it really makes my day (plus I read nearly all your threads 0u0)
@liibxrte - No words can describe how awesome you are & I love our interactions very much!
@prevariicator - I stalked your blog too much when I first followed you & I am freaking out that we’re interacting! :D I love your portrayal of Loki too~!
@fenwxlf - a joy to have on my dash & their portrayal of Fen is A+!
@princeoftrickery - Just all around amazing & you are super sweet ooc which is a big plus!
@kingoftheravens I adore you from afar! :3 & i send some weird anons from time to time XD
@gulldrengur - i am still afraid to RP with you so I just admire you :D your threads are hella ace & you’re really nice ooc <3
@qceenmother - One of my fave Friggas & you are a doll ooc! what more could I ask for? :3
@dionadaiir - one word: QUALITY.
@kingxfmischief - I love having you on my dash!! Your threads are amazing & I am so excited to RP with you!
@kveljast - You were so nice to me when we first met & that sold me immediately! I love havoc & adam and how you write them!! <3
@neverparted - *screams* I LOVE YOU & YOUR MUSES OKAY? 0u0
@flaradr - I love reading your writing & your graphics!
@xstormclad - 200th follower! You made my birthday 60000x better :D

hi! i’m awkward!

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others: ksoos brown hair looks nice

ksoo stans: his hair was a beautiful earthy whisky, the color of fallen leaves browned and sleek with the first rain of autumn. oh how such a tint could play with the light, like peering at the sun through a jar of pine honey. the depth of the glossy auburn strands reflecting the colour of his charming eyes, and a refliction of his angelic soul

  • me: hey
  • bias: *exists*
  • me: aww
  • biaswrecker: sup

anonymous asked:

Seriously, who takes their 1 year old kid to a writing session- when u write a song you need to be relaxed and clear minded not follow the kid around the house telling him to sit down and behave and not move too much lmao a kid at Freddie's supposed age they just MOVE and dont sit still at all


my immediate thought upon seeing this was that anti’s trying to make us turn on jack. BUT. the tag confused me. so i tried to put it into notepad to make it clearer.

now i don’t know about you guys, but to me, that looks like a forward slash, a full stop and a dash. what do full stops and dashes mean? 

morse code.

when i put it into a morse code translator…

the dot and dash stands for the letter ‘A’. does that mean we’re going to be seeing more morse code for ‘N’, ‘T’ and ‘I’ soon? D: