dash scout


So this threw me for a loop. But as long as we remember that the boys will still be the boys we’ll be good, plus I’m sure they got tired of explaining that they where bullet proof Boy Scouts…


이 까만 어둠 속에서
Within this pitch black darkness
너는 이랗게 빛나니까
You are shining so brightly

a lil gift for @tomiyeee, who seems to be feeling under the weather. scout wants you to know that you’re tough as nails, and you can find a way to rise to the top again!

this video is my life and tf2 is my life and i’m trash so here’s a lazy thing i dashed off

“Scout, I cannot believe you would do something like that!”

“What is the big deal, Dad!” Scout crossed his arms and leaned onto the wall, half embarrassed to be having this conversation at all and half surprised that Spy had such a violent reaction.

Spy scoffed.

“The big deal! The big deal is that you put your tongue inside of Sniper’s…” He paused, and then shuddered in lieu of finishing his sentence.

“So? He took a shower first, he was clean!”

Stepping closer, Spy started shaking his hands in Scout’s personal space. “That man cannot wash his own face, I don’t trust him to wash himself out well enough for you to put your tongue up there!”

“That’s why I helped him out,” Scout smirked.

“You had better mean with a washcloth.”

“Dad, calm the fuck down. We took a shower, I washed him out with some water, and, y'know.” Scout gestured in a circle, which all things considered was probably the most polite way he could’ve signaled what bedroom act he and Sniper had gotten up to. “It happened. Why are you freaking out so much?”

Spy was still wringing his hands like he hadn’t even heard Scout. “My baby boy, my precious baby boy, being corrupted into that, just the very thought…”