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look at this submission such beautiful angst 😭

Ripley: Yeah @bellies-and-eggs wrote this up for me and I’m in awe okay read it go:

Here’s something special for you that’s long enough I decided to submit it. Imagine Dash gets an incubation that’s never been incubated by a human before but all tests say they should be compatible and the parents are paying hella good money so Dash is all over that job, especially since it’s a lot for a three week incubation.

So things start off without a hitch, Dash is impregnated and sent on his way. But over the next few days or so his friends start to notice him being a little forgetful. Forgetting where he put stuff, forgetting appointment times, stuff like that. Then a few days later, Harvey gets a concerned call from Dash, he can’t remember how long he’s been pregnant but it feels like just a day or so, he shouldn’t be this big, right?

Except it’s been several days and Harvey gets worried. They run some tests and find out the incubation is producing a chemical that causes humans to have difficulty forming short term memories. It’s not threatening, just annoying, but Dash and Harvey agree someone should probably keep an eye on him from now on.

The pregnancy continues and Dash’s memory gets worse. One night he calls Harvey freaking out about not remembering being pregnant. This happens twice more before they decide to move him full time to the facility until the end of the pregnancy. Harvey starts to wonder if the paycheck is worth this to Dash.

Then Dash starts forgetting things he already knew before the pregnancy and everyone gets scared. He can’t remember how to turn the microwave on and gets lost in the halls.

Then Dash starts to forget names and Harvey begs the company to let him terminate in fear that the chemical might be doing permentant damage, but there’s no physical proof that it’s damaging his brain and they really need to keep good relations with this species.

Dash gets worse, forgetting people and forgetting he works for InCube and why he’s even pregnant. Harvey at one point quietly takes Marsh aside and suggests maybe he stop visiting until the pregnancy is over because Dash has no idea who he is and keeps making him cry. Marsh still comes, but it’s easy on no one.

Harvey finds most of his free time with his head in his hands, questioning if he should terminate anyway, despite there being no medical proof that Dash is in any danger.

Eventually Dash is in such constant terror of the growing mass in his stomach that they have to keep him sedated and by the time he can’t even remember his own name, Harvey decides to put him in a medical coma for the rest of the pregnancy.

He delivers the incubation via cesarean a few days later without a hitch. He flushes Dash’s system several times before finally, with all Dash’s friends gathered, he wakes his friend up.

The first words out of Dash’s mouth are “Why the hell are all of you looking at me like that?” The hugs don’t stop for an hour after.

He’s only a little forgetful for the next day or two but Harvey knows for sure he’s never letting Dash incubate that kind of species again.

InCube Gala Fic! (stuffing, mentions of mpreg)

(Literally don’t even look at my scribbly drawing omg I’ve been half asleep consistently for a month and a half.)

Anywayyyyy Happy Gala, InCubers! Super special thanks to @monster-at-heart for putting together the event and the merch for the giveaway. I haven’t had time to get too detailed with any of this, but here’s a ficlet about our dear Dashiel’s end-of-gala experience. ;)

The Argentan night sky, Dash decided, was ugly as fuck.

As a kid, he used to love laying on his back in the dirty snow and looking at the stars Chionis had to offer, but in hindsight, that sky was ugly too. Uglier, possibly. Constantly smeared with clouds of factory smog and the contrails of transporter ships.

Dash hadn’t seen a real, quality night sky until his InCube pay transfers had started rolling in, at first in three figures that he practically burst into freaking tears over… then four, and before he knew it he was earning six or seven on a single job. And with the money came the ship, and eventually the reactor that qualified the ship for longer trips. Suddenly every kaleidoscopic star pattern was more goddamn beautiful than the last – and when he sunk into his couch with his back aching and his abdomen heavy with the latest fuck-knows-what-monstrosity, he always closed his eyes and saw constellations painted in layers on his eyelids, stretching forever.

Which, come to think of it, probably had to do more with his average booze intake than anything else.

And tonight’s intake was above average.

Dash tore his eyes from the clouded gray horizon and slowly hoisted himself off of the stone bench outside the Gala ballroom, holding out a hand to help Marsh up after. Even if the sky was ugly, at least Marsh wasn’t.

Marsh really, super wasn’t.

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anonymous asked:

What she the deal with Dash and Marsh? Are they in a relationship? After the gala event, I kinda assumed, but then again idk -- or is it like friends with benefits?

Gooooood question anon, hehe.

Dash isn’t the type who would ever “formally” settle down with one person, but I think it’s very safe to say that he has an emotional connection with Marsh that goes beyond “fuck buddies” haha. I’d say they’re “goin steady” without being totally exclusive. ;)

(Marsh belongs to lovely @monster-at-heart!)

Dash! and Marsh!Fic: "Won't you be my (alien incubating) neighbor"

So excited to have written something for another of @monster-at-heart‘s stellar comics! Thanks so much for letting me borrow Marshal – hopefully he can warm Dash’s cold, pizza-clogged heart. ;)))

Even over the call link, light years away, Dash can tell that Harvey’s patience is thin.

“What’s the readout say, Dash? And give me the honest answer – the first time, please,” Harvey says.

Dash glares at the end of the thermometer. He internally debates lying and decides he doesn’t have the energy. He feels like absolute dogshit.

“One oh two,” Dash sighs, scratching the back of his achy neck.

“Point…?” Harvey pushes. Nothing gets past this guy. Except slime creatures, sometimes.

“Point three,” Dash croaks, defeated.

“You know the drill, man,” says Harvey. “Anything over 102 this early in the game, you get yourself to a hospital.“

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