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1. Forbidden Fruit by J. Cole

2. That’s My Shit by The-Dream

3. Can’t Help But Wait by Trey Songz

4. Swimming Pools (Drank) by Kendrick Lamar

5. I Luv Your Girl by The-Dream

6. Power Trip by J. Cole

7. Two Weeks by FKA twigs

8. ATLiens by OutKast

9. Love In This Club by Usher

10. Hotel by Cassidy

11. You Know You Like It by DJ Snake

12. Buy The World by Mike Will Made-It

13. It’s Cool by Jhene Aiko

14. 3005 by Childish Gambino

15. Good Lovin by Ludacris

16. Honest by Future

17.Everything Nice by Popcaan

18. Loyal by Chris Brown

19. No Church In The Wild by JAY Z & Kanye West

20. No Love Allowed (Album Version (Explicit)) by Rihanna

21.Ignition (Remix) by R. Kelly

22. Got It by Marian Hill

23. Latch (Dj Premier Remix) by Disclosure

24. Sleepless by Flume

25. My 1st Song by JAY Z

26. Faded (Odesza Remix) by Zhu

27. Peso by A$AP Rocky

28. I Luv This Shit by August Alsina

29.Type Of Way by Rich Homie Quan

30. Studio by Schoolboy Q

31. Ride by Ciara

32. Throw Sum Mo by Rae Sremmurd

33. I’m On One by DJ Khaled

34. Numb (Bonus Track) by August Alsina

35. Sweet Serenade by Pusha T

36. IV. Sweatpants by Childish Gambino

37. I’m A Flirt Remix by R. Kelly

38. 2 On by Tinashe

39. Slow Jamz by Kanye West

40. Marvin & Chardonnay (Feat. Kanye West & Roscoe Dash) by Big Sean

41. Pony by Ginuwine

42. Recognize (Feat. Drake) by PARTYNEXTDOOR

43. Body Party by Ciara

44. 2am. by Adrian Marcel

45. No New Friends by DJ Khaled

46. Hold On, We’re Going Home by Drake

47. Partition (Explicit Version) by Beyonce

48. Hyfr (Hell Ya Fucking Right) by Drake

49.Ayo Technology by 50 Cent

50. Drunk In Love by Beyonce

51. Na Na by Trey Songz


and what i saw, i think - i think i loved it. forgave it - me. all of it.“ it was only in that moment when I knew - I’d understood what the suriel had meant. only I could allow the bad to break me. only I could own it, embrace it.
rhys arched a brow, even as awe swept across his face. “you loved all of it - the good and the bad?”
I smiled a bit. “especially the bad.”


I’m back! I’m home from the CMPC and unpacked and relaxing. It was the first time I was a vendor at a con and I gotta say it wasn’t what I expected but I still enjoyed every minute of it and I hope to do it again. My booth, this year, was themed around the idea of the Saturday evening post and each of these was super fun to draw. Let me know what you think.

anonymous asked:

I headcanon Damian as being trans male, he was born a girl because of a "mistake" when the scientists were coding his genetics to be perfect, but Talia raised him as if he were a boy (using male pronouns, etc) just so that if he inherited Ra's kingdom there would technically be a "woman" running it (BC I think I heard Ra's didnt let her inherit it BC she is female) so it would just be like a kick in the teeth for him. Damian actually identifies as a boy tho, do you have any headcannons to add?

oooo i really like that, that’s interesting. 

  • Damian doesn’t think of any of his body parts as feminine in anyway and doesn’t understand why some people do. He sees himself as a boy and his body parts as boy parts.
  • When Talia was giving him “the talk” she had to explain to him that even though his sex was female, his gender was male that way he could inherit Ra’s kingdom. He was suppose to be extra careful if/when he had sex for fear of pregnancy and he was suppose to use both tampons and pads during his period so no blood would get on any of his clothing. If any did, he was suppose to get rid of them somehow
  • Damian is always slightly jealous of cis-boys because they have a naturally lower weight as well build muscle easier where he has to work extra hard for it
  • The only other person who knows he is a trans boy is a stray cat that visits him every day for food. The cat’s name is Secret because they keep all of Damian’s secrets for him
  • During training, he used an ace bandage to keep himself flat because Talia wouldn’t get him a binder for fear of Ra’s finding out
  • Damian detests all things that are slightly feminine because that was how he was taught to be. He hates anything pink or purple, refuses to play games like Animal Crossing because “they’re for girls’ and won’t even go near the Disney Princess movies
  • When Bruce took Damian in, he was the first to tell Damian about the word trans. Damian just went “ok” and walked away because he didn’t need a label for what he was, he was a boy and that’s that.

In all honesty you have to be an OT7 stan to support Jin in everything he does because guess what??? He’s part of OT7 and if you don’t/can’t/won’t support him or defend BigHit’s actions in any way you’re actually just an OT6 stan in OT7 disguise oops…

paperfoxxes  asked:

Hey, I'm on the graduate job hunt atm and your jobhunting advice has been fab but obvs the jobhunt process is long and a little soul-crushing. Do you have any mantras/advice/pick-me-ups to repeat to myself so I don't get too discouraged? xx

  • Play upbeat music while you look at postings.
  • Or watch something happy (I personally recommend Parks and Rec)
  • Take breaks. Hours and hours of looking at job postings really will crush your soul. It’s pure torture and is easier in smaller doses.
  • Make a schedule and then actually stick to it, you lazy piece of crap. Set aside time every day to job hunt. If you don’t, you’ll just keep putting it off and it’ll be harder and harder to look.
  • Join a job hunting support group. Seriously. Those things exist. Contact your local library for more information.
  • Treat yo’ self whenever you reach little goals. Got a phone interview? Treat yo’ self. Someone contacted your reference? Treat yo’ self. Maybe you didn’t get the job yet, but you’re making progress, so I guess you’re not a total loser, after all.
  • Don’t get hung up on the negatives. You didn’t get the job you interviewed for. That sucks, but move on. You won’t get a job by complaining and being a little bitch baby about the job you didn’t get. Keep moving forward.
  • Every morning, wake up, look at yourself in the mirror, and tell yourself how cute you are. Your butt looks great. Damn, those bags under your eyes are looking less puffy today, that’s hella hot.

Grand Hotel - Death Note 

I’m not putting this under a cut because it’s not complete and also… I’m really proud of it. If it comes up multiple times on your dash, pressing “j” should skip to the next post. I’ll also tag it “grand hotel” so people can block if they like. 

This is based in Em and Rene’s verse (as always! What can I say, I love their work) and while it doesn’t fit as well as some lyric art I make, I kept seeing it whenever I listened to the song. 

I made this when I was so tired of winter I felt like I needed to fill it with spring.