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❤ Looking for similar blogs to follow ❤

Hello!~ ❤

This is a new blog and my dash is totally dead… Dx So, I’m looking for blogs similar to mine.~

Please Like/Reblog if you post…

  • Dark Aesthetic
  • Dark Anime (But not Gore please >.<)
  • Dark Disney (i.e. Nightmare Before Christmas, Corpse Bride, etc.)
  • Night Photography
  • Rain Gifs
  • Black and/or Dark KFashion / JFashion
  • Manga Edits
  • Dark Typography
  • Basically anything that’s Dark, Cute & Creepy, etc.~

…and I will check out your blog!~ I’m also checking out the blogs of all my new followers as well!

Follow spree

Hello everyone, this is a new kpop blog, so if you want to follow me is ok 👅well my dash is totally dead so I’m looking for blogs to follow, like or reblog if you post about the next groups:

*Big bang
*Monsta X

I will follow EVERYONE but if you want to following me too that will be amazing

I Need New Blogs To Follow!

Hello people! My dash has been a little dead lately, with a total lack of some of my fandoms and interests! So, if you post at least one of the following, like or reblog this post and I’ll check your blog out!

• Sleepy Hollow (FOX)

• Blindspot

• How To Get Away With Murder

• Hannibal

• In The Flesh

• Stranger Things

• Lucifer (FOX)

• Halloween stuff, creepy dark things

• LGBTQ+ stuff!!

hey i need more people to follow so like/reblog this and ill check out ur blog! u should do this if you post any of this:

-aesthetic stuff (sunsets, lyric edits, plants, etc.)
-tokyo ghoul (especially tsukiyama!)
-fire emblem
-pixel art
-sports anime in general
-anime in general tbh
-manga caps (especially bl)
-fan art/edits for haikyuu

also for haikyuu these ships:

bonus if you post:
-kuriyami ni strobe
-transvolleys anything
-south park
-anything gay tbh

ill check out your blog and probably follow you!! im in need of new mutuals ☆彡

It’s that time again ay? Firstly, 1K+????!?!?!??? REALLY???? I was in disbelief when I reached the amount after almost 3 years in this website like omg lmao anyways thank you guys soooooooooooooooooo much for everything, endured thru my entire craziness and bullshit I posted or reblogged and also without you guys, my dash would be totally dead and ewww hahaha so thank you for filling my dash with such beautiful graphics, edits, texts and everything you guys posted or reblogged. You guys are the reasons why I continue making edits and still aware that I have a long way to go and I’m still to improvise myself and to that, thank you.

But the most important thing, it’s KANEKI’S BDAY!!! (already the 21st here but who cares???????) So I make this edit dedicated to him and may he find eternal happiness and sunshine and rainbows in this tragic life bc everyone wants our child to be happy groSS SOBBING

anyways, follow these lovely blogs bc they’re such amazing and wonderful peeps 

bold: senpai | italicized: fav

[# - H]

@-jenjam @a-sakuras @adrienagrestte @afterstories @aitaikimochi @aisarenai @ai-gis @akashis @akahshi @akatsukii @akkai-shi @akannnes @altairis @alicenakiri @allenswalkers @anime-diary @aokamei @asahiis @ayumiko @ayatoh @ayyatos @ayatokirishimas @bokutouh @bertholdts @cibee@chiamis@chitouse @canekey @dearestsoul @dolceshu @daughterofsatan @daiifukuu @escarletes @e-r-w-i-n @electromaste-r @eclinu @figma @fairytailwitch @fangasming @f-uwa @fudayk @furuyasheart @fallencrows @finalmix @gurrenlagging @gasaisyuno @garekiz @gurensex @garekis @hanae-ichihara @hopelessbaka @hawuka @hiraishin @hakurens @hhiyorin @hharukas @hayasakas @hitsougaya @hideyoxi @hitotsu @harukasenpais @haruka-kun

[I - M]

@izumou @izayas @ilse-chan-san @imayoshishouichi @juhzou @junnkos @junnkou @jmihelic @justnosense @jetzui @keiko-chan @kenkamishiro @kaeveeoh @keep-calm-and-watch-anime @kanariiya @kanneki @kanekx @kanekikex @kurummi @kurooes @kurootetsuros @kurooa @kirishimma @kiyaasarin @kenmai @kiiseu @kanerdki @larimii @lightaga @lordzuuko @leon-strife @lilium @lavihs @lockserjuvia @mirayama @madhous @mmatsuokah @mulay-to-tokyo @mukoros @makisshimaz @makotozz @mawaruu @midforde @midoricchis @mmakotoz @manekiusagi @monstrux @mxkoharu

[N - Z]

@noragamis @nannaseharu @nagachikahideyosh @nokutou @nanazse @nezuomi @naruseis @nanase @nicolasis @ohgarou @oikawah @oruobozado @ohayocelestia @perfvert @psychoticscream @preciousghoul @rainnieday @raikis @rushiso @romakoto @ryuichii @ryugaizaki @ryouma @senj0ugahara @shokugekis @suzuyajuzoo @satsuyo @sawtsuki @samezukaz @saitamahh @ssousuke @sexpai @seiryuus @sezakis @sexuoh @semezukas @suzuya-s @shuuzous @shouboutai @shreya-chan @submachineguns @suzuyas @toukyoghoul @taitetsu @technolyzed @tearbender @tooru @totzuka @ukiinas @ukyos @ulquioras @usuis @vakatoshi @venturius @wakeupventus @yatamisakis @yukinepng @yozoras @yoshiiwara @yatogami-kur0h @yuucchi @yoshoika @zetsueen @zeino @zetsuubo @zetsuuen @zeetsubou

I’ve followed like a lot of blogs so if I miss you out I’m sooooo sorry but all of you guys are worth as equal as these guys!! Happy holidays and happy new year to all of you, may 2016 welcome you with more joy and happiness and luck and everything positive!! 

hi!! so its very early in the morn and my dash is….. totally dead so heres an ‘im lookin for mutuals’ post!!!

please like or reblog this if u::
+ are neurodivergent in any way but esp. pd’s and adhd
+ are lgbt+/mogai in any way
+ r under 25 (sorry im a minor !)
(none of these r optional sorry!! for my safety)

and post any of the following::
+ steven universe
+ aesthetic
+ social justice
+ pretty things
+ cute animals
+ positive stuff
+ any cartoons really

please tag what applies to u ! please ask me BEFORE u follow unless i follow u first, thank u, and make sure u read all my pages !

( mutuals if u wanna signal boost thatd be awesome but u dont have to !! :0 )

my dash is totally dead so I’m looking for people to follow

reblog or like if you post any of these and I’ll check out your blog

+All Time Low

+One Direction (I’m still 1D af sry)

+Panic! At The Disco

+Fall Out Boy

+Twenty One Pilots

+pretty much just any band tbh

+photography would be cool too


my dash is back to being totally dead most of the time ;~; so… please reblog- and not like!!!- if you’re active and post mostly/completely:

  • Steven universe
  • amethyst
  • peridot
  • amedot
  • beach city humans

or, for my weak spots:

  • otgw
  • rick and morty
  • gravity falls
  • wtnv
  • undertale
  • napstablook

and hey, maybe you’ll follow me? that’s the fastest way to get my attention anyhow, and i love getting new mutuals!! i post mostly steven universe and other cartoons, and lately some undertale 


My dash is like totally dead, so i want to ask for the wonderful help of the tumblr community

Dan and Phil
Tyler Oakley
Youtubers in general
Fall Out Boy
Panic! At The Disco
My Chemical Romance
The Hunger Games (books & movies)
Attack on Titan
Angel Beats !
Sailor Moon Crystal
Death Note