dash is totally dead

another update to this

Looking for blogs to follow!

My dash is totally dead and I just had to unfollow like 500 inactive blogs so, if you or your friends post any of the following, please like this post and I’ll check your blog out!
No need to follow back

Would particularly like to follow more funny blogs lol

Sailor Moon
Legend of Zelda
Animal Crossing
Anything Nintendo related
anything funny tbh
cats (!!!)
Japan (aesthetic, photography)
anime in general
Jet Set Radio (!!!)
FLCL (!!!)
anything cute!

Thanks again, just like this post, or reblog it if you’d like your followers to see!

So some of you might have noticed I have not been posting much and thats because my dash is totally dead and I need more blogs to follow.

I only will follow blogs that 1) are ‘anti’ or against harmful fandom practises.  2) are “”discourse”” free, or very little discourse I used to take part in a fair share of discourse and although actively critiquing fandom behaviour is super important, I really don’t enjoy seeing it for personal reasons. 3) Post mainly about anything listed on this list

rb and tag/reply with what fandoms you post from the list above just so i know for reference ty! 🌟

  (if mutuals could boost that would be great)

Follow spree

Hello everyone, this is a new kpop blog, so if you want to follow me is ok 👅well my dash is totally dead so I’m looking for blogs to follow, like or reblog if you post about the next groups:

*Big bang
*Monsta X

I will follow EVERYONE but if you want to following me too that will be amazing

❤ Looking for similar blogs to follow ❤

Hello!~ ❤

This is a new blog and my dash is totally dead… Dx So, I’m looking for blogs similar to mine.~

Please Like/Reblog if you post…

  • Dark Aesthetic
  • Dark Anime (But not Gore please >.<)
  • Dark Disney (i.e. Nightmare Before Christmas, Corpse Bride, etc.)
  • Night Photography
  • Rain Gifs
  • Black and/or Dark KFashion / JFashion
  • Manga Edits
  • Dark Typography
  • Basically anything that’s Dark, Cute & Creepy, etc.~

…and I will check out your blog!~ I’m also checking out the blogs of all my new followers as well!

According to my dash Emma is now totally dead. Way dead. Not just a little dead.

Can someone explain to me? Emma decided to save Hook and leave her parents with an eternal sleeping curse? She chose Hook over her parents? Is that really what happened?

hey i need more people to follow so like/reblog this and ill check out ur blog! u should do this if you post any of this:

-aesthetic stuff (sunsets, lyric edits, plants, etc.)
-tokyo ghoul (especially tsukiyama!)
-fire emblem
-pixel art
-sports anime in general
-anime in general tbh
-manga caps (especially bl)
-fan art/edits for haikyuu

also for haikyuu these ships:

bonus if you post:
-kuriyami ni strobe
-transvolleys anything
-south park
-anything gay tbh

ill check out your blog and probably follow you!! im in need of new mutuals ☆彡

Follow spree

Hello everyone, this is a new kpop blog, so if you want to follow me is ok 👅well my dash is totally dead so I’m looking for blogs to follow, like or reblog if you post about the next groups:

*Big bang
*Monsta X

I will follow EVERYONE but if you want to following me too that will be amazing

Now what did we learn mun? If you cut yourself off at only one orgasm cause you want to get to drafts and drinks, you’ll fall asleep five minutes later, wake up an hour or three later and the dash and tag will be totally dead! 

Upside, people should be sleeping so no one should be keeping you from the drinking part! 


  • X-MEN
need new blogs to follow

this might totally come off as thirsty but my dash is dead so like/reblog this if you blog the following:

  • twenty one pilots (!!!!)
  • walk the moon
  • bastille
  • mayday parade
  • all time low
  • indie photography
  • poetry
  • doctor who
  • the walking dead
  • himym
  • sherlock
  • arctic monkeys
  • the killers

i’m looking for new blogs to follow, so like this or reblog it and i’ll check your blog out! thank youuuu

It’s that time again ay? Firstly, 1K+????!?!?!??? REALLY???? I was in disbelief when I reached the amount after almost 3 years in this website like omg lmao anyways thank you guys soooooooooooooooooo much for everything, endured thru my entire craziness and bullshit I posted or reblogged and also without you guys, my dash would be totally dead and ewww hahaha so thank you for filling my dash with such beautiful graphics, edits, texts and everything you guys posted or reblogged. You guys are the reasons why I continue making edits and still aware that I have a long way to go and I’m still to improvise myself and to that, thank you.

But the most important thing, it’s KANEKI’S BDAY!!! (already the 21st here but who cares???????) So I make this edit dedicated to him and may he find eternal happiness and sunshine and rainbows in this tragic life bc everyone wants our child to be happy groSS SOBBING

anyways, follow these lovely blogs bc they’re such amazing and wonderful peeps 

bold: senpai | italicized: fav

[# - H]

@-jenjam @a-sakuras @adrienagrestte @afterstories @aitaikimochi @aisarenai @ai-gis @akashis @akahshi @akatsukii @akkai-shi @akannnes @altairis @alicenakiri @allenswalkers @anime-diary @aokamei @asahiis @ayumiko @ayatoh @ayyatos @ayatokirishimas @bokutouh @bertholdts @cibee@chiamis@chitouse @canekey @dearestsoul @dolceshu @daughterofsatan @daiifukuu @escarletes @e-r-w-i-n @electromaste-r @eclinu @figma @fairytailwitch @fangasming @f-uwa @fudayk @furuyasheart @fallencrows @finalmix @gurrenlagging @gasaisyuno @garekiz @gurensex @garekis @hanae-ichihara @hopelessbaka @hawuka @hiraishin @hakurens @hhiyorin @hharukas @hayasakas @hitsougaya @hideyoxi @hitotsu @harukasenpais @haruka-kun

[I - M]

@izumou @izayas @ilse-chan-san @imayoshishouichi @juhzou @junnkos @junnkou @jmihelic @justnosense @jetzui @keiko-chan @kenkamishiro @kaeveeoh @keep-calm-and-watch-anime @kanariiya @kanneki @kanekx @kanekikex @kurummi @kurooes @kurootetsuros @kurooa @kirishimma @kiyaasarin @kenmai @kiiseu @kanerdki @larimii @lightaga @lordzuuko @leon-strife @lilium @lavihs @lockserjuvia @mirayama @madhous @mmatsuokah @mulay-to-tokyo @mukoros @makisshimaz @makotozz @mawaruu @midforde @midoricchis @mmakotoz @manekiusagi @monstrux @mxkoharu

[N - Z]

@noragamis @nannaseharu @nagachikahideyosh @nokutou @nanazse @nezuomi @naruseis @nanase @nicolasis @ohgarou @oikawah @oruobozado @ohayocelestia @perfvert @psychoticscream @preciousghoul @rainnieday @raikis @rushiso @romakoto @ryuichii @ryugaizaki @ryouma @senj0ugahara @shokugekis @suzuyajuzoo @satsuyo @sawtsuki @samezukaz @saitamahh @ssousuke @sexpai @seiryuus @sezakis @sexuoh @semezukas @suzuya-s @shuuzous @shouboutai @shreya-chan @submachineguns @suzuyas @toukyoghoul @taitetsu @technolyzed @tearbender @tooru @totzuka @ukiinas @ukyos @ulquioras @usuis @vakatoshi @venturius @wakeupventus @yatamisakis @yukinepng @yozoras @yoshiiwara @yatogami-kur0h @yuucchi @yoshoika @zetsueen @zeino @zetsuubo @zetsuuen @zeetsubou

I’ve followed like a lot of blogs so if I miss you out I’m sooooo sorry but all of you guys are worth as equal as these guys!! Happy holidays and happy new year to all of you, may 2016 welcome you with more joy and happiness and luck and everything positive!! 

my dash is totally dead so I’m looking for people to follow

reblog or like if you post any of these and I’ll check out your blog

+All Time Low

+One Direction (I’m still 1D af sry)

+Panic! At The Disco

+Fall Out Boy

+Twenty One Pilots

+pretty much just any band tbh

+photography would be cool too


Dash is Dead

Hey guys my Dash is dead so if you blog about any of the things listed bellow like/reblog and I promise to follow you 

-Once upon a Time 

-Supernatural (Destiel) 

-Doctor Who 





-Funny stuff 



-Stand up comedians 

-Grey’s Anatomy 

-Books (I know that’s really broad) 

Thanks so much and I promise to follow back 

Need More Shit on My Dash [2]

Please like or reblog if you mostly post any or all of the following and I’ll be sure to check out your blog!

  • Magi
  • Kuroko no Basket
  • Free!
  • Yowamushi Pedal
  • Diamond no Ace
  • SnK
  • Anime in general etc.

And if you feel so inclined, feel free to check out my blog ^^ (which is a personal anime blog containing the anime series listed above and more)