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Tokyo Ghoul :re Chapter 37 - Rough Translation (Final Ver.)

Translated nased on netabare and random raw leaks

  • [TN = Translator’s notes]

Shirazu, Saiko and Kuroiwa are having bread at Yoriko’s shop

Shirazu: Delicious!!!

Saiko: munch munch

Kuroiwa: …!

Yoriko: Here is your coffee.

Shirazu: Oh, thanks.

It turns out that Yoriko and Kuroiwa used to be classmates when they were in primary school.

Shirazu: Kuroiwa was also like he is now, right?

Laughing Yoriko: yes

(Flashback) Yoriko fell during her relay competition and was helped by Kuroiwa.

Yoriko: (Though because of me, we got to the last, the indifferent Kuroiwa-kun doesn’t make an irritated face at all.)

Kuroiwa: So Kosaka opened a bakery…

Yoriko: Yeah, though I wanted to be a cook, I ended up loving to bake.

One day, I want to serve my bread in a cafe. [TN: cough :re cafe cough] Now, I’m still learning to create original bread and stuff, though. 

Saiko: Isn’t that great…

Kuroiwa: Kosaka, the bread was delicious

Smiling Yoriko: See you again, Kuroiwa-kun.

Meanwhile, Urie is in a gym.

rie: Ha… ku…

“Fu… Woah….!!”

“(More…I need more…)”

“(Until my muscles can scream more…)” It seems that Urie is in a sports club on a bench place.

Urie: Hmm!! Th… This is it!!

Urie: I can feel the overcompensation of my muscle. It’s getting stronger. I have this feeling that this overcompensation will go to my kagune inside the frame, coiling around its RC cells. [TN: I don’t get this bit well, but probably means he’s a muscle maniac in a nutshell -o-]

Then, somehow there is a flashback of the time when he visited Dr. Shiba

Shiba: Though it is true that Sasaki’s RC cell level is far higher than you all. It is more about his body. No matter how many times it is hurt, it can be regenerated again and again. [TN: I’m not sure if I really get this bit. It’s very technical]

At the same time, Sasaki was asked to visit the academy to give a lecture. He then gets to meet an instructor who resembles Yamori (!).

 Random academy students: “Sensei! Good job!”

                                               “Go have a girlfriend soon!”

Sasaki: Ri-ght, good job, guys. Mind your own business.

The teaching has just ended, and Sasaki was walking among laughing students.

Tokage: Sasaki Rank 1… Oh, it’s First Class now, is it?

Sasaki: Instructor Tokage…

(Second Academy Instructor. Tokage Gomasa) [TN: The kanji “Tokage” is the same for “lizard” by the way. Reminding me of Vol.7 Cover.]

Tokage: This is the place where “children with troubled past” gather. You could say there are kids with criminal records.

Tokage: By the way, how is Mutsuki? Mutsuki is your subordinate, isn’t it? That kid is no good too, right?

Sasaki: No, not at all. He’s very serious and passionate, actually. He’s now under the training of Special Class Suzuya

Tokage: Oh, Suzuya… Huh… [TN: Well, he’s the one making Juuzou’s acedemy life worse after all]

Affectionate Sasaki: Yes, he’s now looking more like a full-fledged investigator.

Sasaki: (Tokage-san used to work as an interrogator in Cohlea. Then he got counter-attacked by a ghoul who he repeatedly tortured. And the escaping ghoul was defeated by Juuzou-kun. That “13-ward Jason”, huh?)

Sasaki: (Indeed, I can feel “something dark” from Tokage-san)

Mutsuki is receving the training from Suzuya…

Mutsuki: Do you mind if I inform Sensei of the meeting’s details?

Suzuya: Go ahead.

Mutsuki: Oh, erm… It seems Sasaki came as a lecturer to “Second Academy” I want to in my junior years.

Mutsuki: So I’m used to calling him “sensei”

Kanae is meeting Hori in some family restaurant

Kanae: Alright, little mouse. What is the way to save Shuu-sama?

Hori: Well, it’s simple

Kanae: Simple…?

Hori: Just tell him “Kaneki-kun is still alive.”

Kanae: !!!

Kanae: Don’t be silly. Even I sometimes thought of something like that. Do you think Shuu-sama would get well again just because of…

Hori: You may have thought of it, but if you haven’t tried yet, it  means nothing. You know why Tsukiyama-kun is like that, right?

Kanae: !

Hori: What is the reason for his change again…

“(Kaneki Ken’s… death…)”

Hori: If you try to solve a problem, you don’t need to look beyond the cause.

Hori: But this would be a great gambling.

Hori: I’ve told you, right? We might end up losing Tsukiyama-kun.

Hori:When Tsukiyama-kun forst met Kaneki-kun, he’s “just a half-ghoul,” but now he’s “a half-ghoul ghoul investigator.” Tsukiyama’s well-being depends on the [CCG], you know.

I would try to cooperate with you to help things go well, though. Look, Tsukiyama-kun is so full of energy, so wouldn’t know how things will turn out…


When asking why Hori would help him to this extent.

Hori: Tsukiyama-kun is enjoyable, maybe. I think that’s why… 

Hori: I put number on each envelope with photos inside. Please pass these to Tsukiyama-kun in the order I suggest.

Hori: Kanae-kun, you cooperate with whatever Tsukiyama-kun wants to do.

But you need to make one promise with me: “You must always respect Tsukiyama-kun’s will”

Hori: If you can protect that promise… Pass him starting from picture ①

Tsukiyama: Kanae…

Tsukiyama: Tell me more about this…

Kanae: (It has begun…)

[TN: I’m not mentally prepared for this]


we’ll just keep each other as safe as we can.
                until we reach the border                                       
                               until we make our plan                                       

                                          to  r u n,