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oh gosh aaa, well, uh, here she is!! here’s my Overwatch OC!!(who’s also kind of a self-insert because i’m trash

This is Blitzen!! 

She’s an offense hero who loves coffee more than anything.  

She uses a gun that’s also a coffee mug. It shoots explosive coffee beans. 

She can project holographic clones with the device on her back; she’s also able to do this with targeted teammates (sorta like Zarya and her barriers). The clones are useful with distracting opponents in the heat of battle but will not do any damage. One hit and they disappear. When she’s full on health she can run very quickly, but will become slower as she takes damage. 

When activating her ult, her antlers will expand and she will charge at an enemy with extreme speed. If she hits, it’s usually an insta-kill and she will knock enemies in her way back as she’s charging, briefly stunning them. If she misses, she will become dazed for a few seconds.

Some fun little facts abt her:

  • She spends most of her time at Kofi Aromo. Like… a LOT of time. She always orders something different. She’s tried about everything on the menu. 
  • Those legs aren’t armor; they’re omnic-made prosthetics and enhanced to increase her speed.
  • She’s Polish and German. She was born in Poland, but moved to the East Coast of the United States early in her life. She has a slight accent. She speaks Polish, but is not entirely fluently. (Her ult is in Polish: “Wychodzić Cało!”) 
  • Her real name is Aleska Sorge. She’s 24. She’s about 5′9″.
  • She’s a huge fan of Overwatch. She has always loved and looked up to Reinhardt (her “Antler Dash” ult is inspired by him!), as well as the other Crusaders in Germany.
  • Despite being around the same age, Blitzen has always looked up to Tracer as well. 
  • She’s bi af and has big ol crush on both Soldier:76 and Sombra. Maybe a small one on Hanzo too (she’s somewhat afraid of his bow though)
  • She’s usually pretty timid and keeps to herself, but when she’s around company she likes, she doesn’t know how to shut up. 
  • She loves Lucio’s music a lot. 
  • She made her costume herself after her favorite animal, the deer. She also took some inspiration from Tracer as well, with her color scheme. It’s unknown where she acquired her tech, though. 
  • Her legendary skins are: Fauna & Satyr (Dressed up as the mythological creature w fuzzy legs, hooves, and her antlers are replaced by the horns of a ram, w some flowers on them) and Nekromanta & Summoner (Dons a horned skull, carries a spellbook, and is dressed in raggedy, garb). Gonna draw these eventually ;w;

so yeah!! i hope you all like her owo;;// sorry if she’s really lame!! 

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Lunch Out

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Title: Lunch Out

A/N: Takes place after Apocalypse. Requested by @t-adash-i. For the McDonald’s thought that you had!

Pairing: Kurt Wagner x Reader

Words: 1,019

Warnings: None.

“I still can’t believe neither of you have had McDonald’s.” Scott said sitting the tray of food down in the middle of the table. You were sitting next to Kurt, both of you just staring at the wrapped food. “They have McDonald’s in Germany don’t they?” Apparently he wasn’t going to drop this anytime soon.

“Ja. But they didn’t really let us leave the circus.” Kurt’s accent was more pronounced, you believed it was because he was out of his element. You had been spending a lot of time together, both of you not having the experiences that the others at the school had, so you had started picking up when and why his accent would become more prominent. Normally it was when he was excited or out of his element. Nudging him with a sea-foam green arm you smiled at him.

“Hey at least where you come from they have a McDonald’s.” You laughed airily when a smile broke out on his face.

“What? They didn’t have McDonald’s back in your time?” He asked teasingly. This only caused you to laugh more, throwing your head back.

“(Name), do you remember when the first McDonald’s was built?” Scott sounded serious, but you laughed more until you saw the look on his face. You stopped yourself as best you could, holding the back of your hand to your lips, he was serious.

“Some of us were trapped in a box until a few months ago.” You’re eyes danced mischievously, but your words were serious. Kurt put a hand on your shoulder reassuringly. Neither of you really liked to talk about your past, but you were more comfortable with it than he was. Scott started passing out the food, giving both you and Kurt a sandwich, fries, and drinks each. After Scott passed out your food he started munching on a few fries. In your peripheral view you saw Kurt bow his head.

Bowing your head respectfully, you saw him touch his fingers to his forehead, sternum, right and then left shoulder as you had seen him do multiple times. “Bless us, O Lord, and these Thy gifts which we are about to receive from Thy bounty. Through Christ our Lord. Amen.” His prayer was a mummer, but you heard it just fine looking up at Scott when he finished. Though you couldn’t see his eyes you could tell Scott was confused, looking between the two of you. You took a few sips of your drink, nose wrinkling at the carbonation of it. Though this wasn’t the first time you’d had soda you weren’t sure if you could ever get used to it.

“I thought that genies lived in lamps.” Scott remarked to your last comment. Picking up a few fries and smelling them you looked to him.

“A common misconception.” Looking to Kurt you saw that he was practically shoveling the fries into his mouth. Giggling at him you popped a small fry into your mouth. “Genies souls can be trapped in anything with a lid really.” Your eyes widened at the flavor and then you too were eating quickly, not being able to get enough of the taste.

“So you could’ve been stuck in a closet?” Not even looking at him you nodded, easily eating half your fries.

“I think that would be much cozier than a box.” Kurt had finished his fries and took a drink of his soda. You looked up at him, blushing a dark green when you realized how savage you had to look at the moment.

“It is not like that.” You said after you emptied your mouth. “The size of the container has no real effect. It all feels the same no matter.” Taking a bite out of your sandwich you paused before continuing. “Another misconception is that you are tied to one object for life. I personally have been in a locket, that box, and a traditional lamp.”

“But how do you get out? Does someone just have to rub the container?” Scott was eating at a reasonable pace, talking with his mouth full.

You giggled at his question shaking your head. “No. You just have to open it.” You took a few more bits out of your sandwich swallowing it and then drinking some soda before you spoke again. “Who comes up with this stuff?”

Kurt, who had already finished his meal, was sipping on his drink laughed a bit. “So is it also false that you live forever?”

“Yeah. No one lives forever. That would be awful.” You finished your food and leaned back in the chair.

“What if someone wished for you to live forever?” Kurt smiled a toothy grin at you. Opening your mouth a few times you looked at him in confusion. You didn’t have a answer to this.

“Why would someone do that?” That was as close to an answer that you had. You blushed when you felt Kurt’s tail wrap around your leg.

“Perhaps someone thinks that you deserve better than death. That you should live a long happy life.” Scott thankfully took this time to take the tray and trash up so he didn’t hear all of it.

You leaned in close to Kurt and whispered, “I would say thank you very much, but I would much rather spend my life, however long or short it maybe, with the person I care most about.” It was Kurt’s turn to blush, though you could just barely tell. You quickly kissed his cheek, earning you a squeeze from his tail.

“So since Kurt was the one that opened that box, does that mean he’s your master?” Scott had come back, startling you and Kurt. You put a bit of distance between the two of you, but kept your knees touching. After a moment without saying anything Scott broke the silence, “Well?”

You blushed deeply standing quickly, “McDonald’s is good. We should have it again sometime. Excuse me I need another drink.” You left quickly trying to avoid the conversation, but you still heard Kurt’s reply and it made your heart soar.

“(Name) has no master.”


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Just Under Par (Country Club Heir!Vernon)

Summary: Your summer job at the local country club starts to get a lot more complicated when you realize the feelings you had for the son of the owner are the complete opposite of what you had originally thought.

Genre: ANGST, and a dash of fluff (inserts salt bae meme)

Word Count: 2557 words (whoops my hand slipped)

100% inspired by this photo and i regret nothing

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Didn’t you read Flowerfell? That would kill her!

I recently stated that I don’t really like self-inserts!

Oh, now that I think about it, it’s true, they also answer in lots! I just started doing this because I have lots of asks and I don’t want to make 1000 more posts about it!