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I can’t seem to actually finish a picture beyond sketchy lineart and flat colour, which, I guess works with concept things like this but still

anyway she’s a bit younger here so I gave her a hairstyle that I had around that age, tho, other than the hairstyle and slight body difference I’m apparently not good at showing much age difference in characters when I draw them
I’m also working on a time progression chart thingy

burn me with fire

Author’s Note: This one really got away from me! I didn’t expect it to be over 6,000 words, but I am pretty proud of the way it turned out. So, I am back with my second story & have plans for my third one! So, thanks for reading! <3

Warnings: MATURE. A lot of swearing, smut, oral sex, um various other possibly.  

Pairing: Dash Wilder x Reader 

tags: @randyortonstattoos

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With a look around the crowded bar, Y/N wondered just how she ended up getting roped into this evening. She was annoyed with the fact that she was here, because it had been a long week and she just wanted to spend her night curled up in her hotel room with room service and some shitty movie that was playing on HBO. She had the next day off, so a movie marathon and room service blueberry waffles seemed like a nice way to kick off the event, which was to be followed by her actually sleeping in for a change. She only had a chance to do it once maybe twice a week, so she liked to take advantage of it whenever possible.

No, this was not how she imagined spending her night in the slightest. Carmella and Bayley had all but begged, but it finally took her good friend Dash to convince her to come out with them for the evening. He had all but told her that if he had to go, she better be there too. It was enough of a motivation for her, because here she was and just because it gave her another chance to spend some time with the guy that was completely filling her mind as of late.

So, because of Dash, here she was. In some crowded bar. With terrible music. Alone off to the side, away from the group. Holding a pink shot with an umbrella, and she wasn’t sure if she had the courage to drink it. She had kept an eye on the group, watching as everyone went their separate ways pretty early on. Carmella insisted the girls got a drink together, which was why Y/N was holding this pink drink to begin with.

She had spotted him right away, talking with some blonde in a blue dress. It didn’t really bother Y/N, or at least she wasn’t really ready to admit if it did bother her. Dash was her friend, and that was a good thing for her. She valued him as a friend, glad to have him watching her back. She never meant to complicate things, and tried to justify that the heart wants what it wanted, but she wasn’t sure if that was a good enough reason to ruin a friendship. She wasn’t honestly sure how she felt, just that it wasn’t really all that friendly anymore.

She didn’t want to blur those lines, just to risk their friendship. So, she just didn’t let herself go there. She swallowed those feelings and reminded herself of how good of a friend he was. She let it be enough, because hope for anything else was just setting her heart to be broken.

“You look deep in thought.” The voice startled her and she turned to see Bayley standing there, also holding that same pink drink. Maybe Y/N wasn’t alone in being pretty nervous about Carmella just handing them a drink.

“Nah,” She wasn’t about to spill her heart in some bar, even to her best friend. “Nothing like that.” The look on Bayley’s face told Y/N that her friend didn’t believe her.

“Sure,” Bayley snorted. “You must forget who you are talking to.” Y/N laughed slightly. No, she certainly didn’t forget who she was talking to, nor could she. Bayley read her like a book, but sometimes she just wanted to keep something to herself and not have her best friend pick up on it right away.

“It’s not.” She insisted, but knew that Bayley probably wouldn’t buy that. “I’m just sore and tired. It’s been quite a week. Plus this headache–” She trailed on, not really bothering to finish it. Bayley just nodded, before a grin played on her face.

“Hey, Dash.” She said and Y/N turned to see him standing there, a beer in his hand. She was almost jealous. She’d much rather be drinking a beer then holding this drink. Carmella was too close to the bar though, she was afraid she’d get roped into a second one or admitting that she wasn’t too keen on drinking the first one. “Alright, I gotta find Sasha.” Bayley said before taking off, a smile on her face. That grin told Y/N that maybe Bayley once again was able to read her easily.

Damn it.

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Dine and Dash

SPN Fanfic

-In an attempt to find a connection, Y/N and Sam have a conversation over lunch but run into some trouble along the way.-

(Eventual) SamxReader

2,706 Words

Warnings: Canon Supernatural violence, some jealousy, a mean waitress, some judging of John Winchester’s parental capabilities.

A/N: This is part 5 of Poisonous Soul! I cannot believe I’ve already posted 4 parts to this story. It’s insane the amount of love and support I’ve been given by you guys and I just want you to know that it does not go unseen. I see you every time you like something, or reblog it, or add a tag or comment - and I am so thankful for each and every one of you. (Okay, I’m done being an emotional mess.) As always, feedback is appreciated!

*I do not own any supernatural character and/or gifs I use

The drive to the Diner is filled with comfortable silence as Sam focuses on the street signs. Classic rock floats through the car’s speakers at a low volume and every once in a while, Sam will speak up to get further directions.

“Is this it?” His voice pulls my eyes away from the passing trees to the small diner sitting on the corner of the street.

“Yeah, this is it.”

Brother’s Diner is quiet today, there are only two other cars in the parking lot and none of them from this century. Dean’s Impala fits in nicely.

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Hello!! This is a self-promo post!

My name’s Queenie and this is my new self ship blog. I have a list of F/Os up and will probably be doing some art and maybe writing for them as well! 

I’m looking for more people to follow and possibly people to follow me back!! If we share an interest in a fandom then don’t be afraid to interact with me, I’d love to make friends in this community!! 

So please reblog/like if you’re a self-ship or self-insert blog!! If your blog is a sideblog feel free to send me an ask with the name or something and I’ll follow that way!! :>


oh gosh aaa, well, uh, here she is!! here’s my Overwatch OC!!(who’s also kind of a self-insert because i’m trash

This is Blitzen!! 

She’s an offense hero who loves coffee more than anything.  

She uses a gun that’s also a coffee mug. It shoots explosive coffee beans. 

She can project holographic clones with the device on her back; she’s also able to do this with targeted teammates (sorta like Zarya and her barriers). The clones are useful with distracting opponents in the heat of battle but will not do any damage. One hit and they disappear. When she’s full on health she can run very quickly, but will become slower as she takes damage. 

When activating her ult, her antlers will expand and she will charge at an enemy with extreme speed. If she hits, it’s usually an insta-kill and she will knock enemies in her way back as she’s charging, briefly stunning them. If she misses, she will become dazed for a few seconds.

Some fun little facts abt her:

  • She spends most of her time at Kofi Aromo. Like… a LOT of time. She always orders something different. She’s tried about everything on the menu. 
  • Those legs aren’t armor; they’re omnic-made prosthetics and enhanced to increase her speed.
  • She’s Polish and German. She was born in Poland, but moved to the East Coast of the United States early in her life. She has a slight accent. She speaks Polish, but is not entirely fluently. (Her ult is in Polish: “Wychodzić Cało!”) 
  • Her real name is Aleska Sorge. She’s 24. She’s about 5′9″.
  • She’s a huge fan of Overwatch. She has always loved and looked up to Reinhardt (her “Antler Dash” ult is inspired by him!), as well as the other Crusaders in Germany.
  • Despite being around the same age, Blitzen has always looked up to Tracer as well. 
  • She’s bi af and has big ol crush on both Soldier:76 and Sombra. Maybe a small one on Hanzo too (she’s somewhat afraid of his bow though)
  • She’s usually pretty timid and keeps to herself, but when she’s around company she likes, she doesn’t know how to shut up. 
  • She loves Lucio’s music a lot. 
  • She made her costume herself after her favorite animal, the deer. She also took some inspiration from Tracer as well, with her color scheme. It’s unknown where she acquired her tech, though. 
  • Her legendary skins are: Fauna & Satyr (Dressed up as the mythological creature w fuzzy legs, hooves, and her antlers are replaced by the horns of a ram, w some flowers on them) and Nekromanta & Summoner (Dons a horned skull, carries a spellbook, and is dressed in raggedy, garb). Gonna draw these eventually ;w;

so yeah!! i hope you all like her owo;;// sorry if she’s really lame!! 

[template for her profile can be found here]

Hey soooooo, if any of y'all cuties ever write any of that Quality Self Ship stuff, i wouldn’t be mad if anyone wanted to maybe tag me in it so i can read that Good Stuff, yeah? Maybe? Okay? Yeah?


- I’m working on finishing my Lev//ih//an Up AU (it’s been over a year since the first part was posted oops)

- I’m watching a Kdrama called “I Can Hear Your Voice” and it’s pretty good. But a certain episode made me cry. :(

- Recently an incident happened where I was followed by a shady dude to my dorm after an evening class. I walked past my room so that he wouldn’t know which was mine. And nothing happened. But still, it was creepy and caused some anxiety (my roommates were super supportive tho and went with me to report the incident to our RA).

- I got a B on the first essay for both of my film classes (btw idk if I mentioned this yet but I’m a film major now). I wanted an A but I guess a B is still good, considering it’s college-level. :/

- I’m OBSESSED with Superfruit’s album, “Future Friends,” and have been been listening to every song on repeat for the past few days.

- I’m looking forward to Thanksgiving break bc I miss my family and my collies.

I keep seeing "blogs Homestuck characters would have” and I'm going to set the record straight

 John: 2010 memes and tutorials on practical jokes. He posted a screamer once but a follower told him that was fucked up and he deleted it and never did again. Sends kind anon messages. Basically the leader of a whole friend group, seems to know everyone personally? He and Jane have running arguments about cake. 

Dave: aesthetic pictures of swords that he’s glitched beyond recognition, his own “art”, basically a tumblr funnyman along the lines of like, slimetony, but with more SBAHJ. Lots of weird niche memes, makes his own music and it’s actually really good. 

Rose: “Welcome to my twisted mind” is her header, no one can tell if she’s serious or not. “Here’s how to summon a demon” kind of tumblr witch. Probably the reason people in that world worry about the literal Stealing of Human Bones.

Jade: “I will take care of you with crystal energy” kind of tumblr witch. Lots of pictures of dogs and other cute animals! Didn’t really figure out that you don’t have to add comments to every post you see but it’s okay because she’s super sweet. Someone once sent mean messages to her and her friends and she took them down so brutally and effectively that they deleted. Everyone’s a little scared of her but they love her so much.

Roxy: Used to post a lot of positivity for others along with a lot of self-hate, later revamped and is all about positivity all around. Also sends kind messages. When she deletes things They Stay Gone. Despite Dave’s popularity her posts circulate the most and it’s not uncommon for them to go around 4 or 5 times on everyone’s dash per week. She’s just nice. Once someone yelled at her for her posts about booze and alcoholism way back and she did the internet version of sitting them down and talking earnestly about addiction. They apologized. She said it was okay but never do that again because no one owes you their life story. Running series of “jokes” with Jane about being married, eventually they start dating.

Jane: tumblr version of those surreal food bloggers. She posts tons of recipes but they’ve got kinda weird shit in the background like “obey” in tiny font on the pictures and the descriptions are vague. Basically food gothic. Also posts terrible jokes and puns, on occasion starts discourse in the utensil and cake mix fandoms. Also posts A TON of comedians, Parks & Rec gifs of Ron Swanson, and makes gifsets of her favorite black-and-white noir detective films. Posts selfies of herself in a mustache. Replies to anon hate with stuff like “Listen, buster, I have literally dealt with attempts on my life. I have received letter bombs from people angry with my family’s cake mix. You don’t scare me.” Once had a huge breakdown though. Everyone ships her and Roxy.

Dirk: Made a tumblr bot called, like, “halbotover9000″ or something, but it became sentient and started making callout posts for him and ruining his friendships. It went inactive for a while and everyone assumed he deleted the bot, but really he just passed it on to Equius. When it resurfaces there are just tons of posts about milk and horses.

Jake: He has no idea what he’s doing, how do you use tumblr, can everyone see these posts? Here’s a cool rock he found in the forest. Starts a whole Gigantic Tumblr Anger Thing, is totally oblivious until it all crashes down. Deletes his blog for a while and then makes a new one in which he barely interacts with anyone ever but he seems somewhat happier. Puts tags in the description like Jade, but more unintentional.

Aradia: Similar to Rose, but posts WAY more depression memes. Also her blog has a lot of archaeology stuff? Talks about time travel a lot, too. Really enthusiastic or totally apathetic there is no in-between. Has an elaborate ongoing roleplaying scenario with Vriska, Tavros, and Terezi. When Vriska hurt Tavros, she set a bunch of her followers (she calls them “ghosties”) on Vriska, which ended with Vriska doxxing her. She came back though, in a quasi-relationship with Equius, who she broke up with after discovering lesbianism. Now gay as hell.

Tavros: POKEMON! GOTTA CATCH EM ALL! He posts a lot of stuff about the Peter Pan movies, books, musicals, etc. Reblogs posts about being disabled and also posts about self-esteem and how to build it. Is constantly being torn down by Vriska, eventually tells her to fuck off but not until WAY after the incident. He posts stuff about keeping animals, especially cows.

Sollux: Who are we kidding, he’s on reddit. He says it’s because it’s cooler but he’s really just sort of scared. 

Karkat: His blog is Emo™. He posts sad song lyrics, rom-com gifs, and FUCKTONS OF ANGRY POSTS ABOUT PEOPLE WHO DON’T LIKE WHAT HE LIKES. All his writing is in all caps, people ask why. He says it’s because the world has earned his rage. Really the caps button got stuck a long time ago and he got used to it and now lower case looks weird.

Nepeta: Cat gifs cat gifs cat gifs!!!!! Volunteers at an animal shelter, posts about kitties looking to get adopted. Super sweet. Lowkey a furry and interacts on those “open rp” posts only to get made fun of, doesn’t really understand it. Gets a ton of anon hate for no reason? But she’s friends with Equius and Equius is………. uh…….. so eventually people leave her alone. She’s listed as a “cringey” blog sometimes but everyone who actually follows her thinks she’s adorable and is a little happier when they see her on their dash. 

Kanaya: Lesbian Blog. Inserts herself into tumblr drama all the time to mediate, mostly ends up making things worse. Got so mad at Eridan that he deleted his blog, is very proud of this. Posts pictures of herself with her chainsaw and elaborate topiaries. Fashion aesthetic. People reblog her selfies with “holy shit step on me” and “I’m too gay” and she loves it.

Terezi: get ready for that shitty leetspeak, it’s ya gal Terezi Pyrope here with so many gotdamn bright colors that your eyes will spin. You thought Dave had a bad theme? She’s got the worst one. Posts memes about everything. Roleplays with Nepeta sometimes and no one can tell if it’s sincere. Used to roleplay with Vriska but they had a horrible fight which ended in a way people don’t really know but afterwards she got someone to post a picture of her with bandages all around her eyes and the caption “1M BL1ND NOW YOU DUMB FUCKS”. People tried to call her out but damn she is. She is the law. Don’t try that shit on her she’ll destroy you.

Vriska: The literal worst. holy shit. Has done most of the terrible shit in the book. Scams people, doxxes them, sends SHITTONS of anon hate. Spams the block button on anyone who calls her out and then posts infinite shit about them. Pulls receipts. But she’s holy shit pretty and has a legion of loyal followers who are just as willing to attack people because she Can Do No Wrong. A few people know about her awful home life but she warned them not to spread it on pain of death. Ran a fortune-telling blog but it was Bad Shit. Spiders, so many spiders.

Equius: Fetish blog he doesn’t know is a fetish blog.

Gamzee: ………….part of the clown uprising???

Eridan: “Eridan Ampora. 13. Male. Bisexual but don’t let it fuckin fool you I don’t take shit. White. My family has money. Basically everything tumblr hates. Women are bitches haha amiright?” Constantly posts about how he can’t get a date, also posts… wow some terrible shit. Also history, for some reason? And selfies with his rifle collection. 

Feferi: ENDLESS CUTTLEFISH PICTURES. ENDLESS. SO MANY FISH PUNS! SHE TAKES PICTURES OF HER FISH AND GIVES THEM CUTE CAPTIONS. Was friends with Eridan for a while, eventually realized how terrible he was and left.


So tumblr totally showed me my own post for their new ‘search’ feature. I really dislike this change a lot, btw.


Okay but some serious talk about this. This could lead to two different routes or this could, by the end, lead to the same conclusion. No way of knowing right now. But this moment seriously won’t get out of my head and I’m driving myself crazy trying to figure out what he was going to say.

To not make this be long on anybody’s dash, I’ll insert a “read more” thingy so if you want to keep reading, then you can :) if you don’t, then you won’t have to worry.

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