dash go home


Ella Masar tripping Kim Little for her 5th yellow card (Dash vs Reign 8/12/15)

I go back home for one week and I come back weighing about three pounds heavier. I mean no ragrats and shit but jfc. I’m convinced that my mom tried to fatten me up so I could stay. It was super sad when I had to leave because she was getting all teary and kept asking me to stay. NO, WOMAN. How dare you pull the tear card on me? I had to be like “Mom, if you love me let me GOOOoOOoOoOoooooOOO” And so, she let me go~ ANywaaaaaay, hey all you lovely people. I’m Nat and I like strawberry milk way more than normal milk. My dream is to one day find the pink cow where it all comes from.