dash confessions

The area was completely empty until one Love Live fan took on the challenge of singing Start Dash (an 8 person song) by herself. There were so many Love Live cosplayers / fans dancing and singing along including myself, it made me really happy to be in the Love Live fandom. (I havent seen any videos of it online, but my friend recorded it, and I’m planning to put it on youtube)

I really wish I knew why I hardly ever get asks. I totally understand that none of my followers owe me anything, but I’d really love to know if there’s some reason why people never send me anything. I always say my ask is open to all, I reblog a variety of memes that work for all kind of interactions, but for some reason it just ends up with me clogging people’s dashes with pointless memes. Do people just not want to write with me?


I honestly feel like black people are the first to criticize and bring down something that was designed to uplift them just to sound like they have a different opinion. Like Jesse Williams said something to uplift black communities and black women, but is receiving so much hate from the same community he is trying to uplift. I don’t understand why black people who are demeaning other black people for their skin tone, gender, or wealth is looked at as a celebrity and are seen differently than white supremacists. Like Stacy Dash is no different from some of these other black celebrities people praise, and it just gets me so mad that when people say something to uplift us, others have to make it into a joke or downplay the message and distort the entire thing until people forget the origin of what was said..