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Teddy Ghost/Swagger Bishie ideas/story kinda

Dash starts crushing on his favorite punching bag because despite being weird and a dork Fenturd is kinda nice and cute and if he weren’t so antisocial and puny he’d have girls hanging off him constantly.

Dash getting jealous when other people bully Fentonio and starts defending him in a kind of ‘this is /my/ punching bag, get it?!’ way.

But then he sort of cools down on the actual punching because Fenton looks so tired and he’s barely making C’s he must have some sort of learning problem and is up studying all night poor thing.

(Side note, I have a headcanon that Dash won’t bully people with disorders. You never see Dash bully special needs kids, and yeah I get it’s a cartoon but at my school if you bully the specials you’re some kind of monster and everyone will hate you. But seriously Dash never really comments on kids’ glasses or braces. It’s usually their social status, interests, and size difference that he makes fun of. No one really gets bullied for things like blindness. I guess it’s one of those unwritten rules to not pick on the problems that nobody can help having.)

Dash starts noticing small things about Fenton. How he’s constantly dropping things and it freaks him out occasionally. How he has to wear a belt now to keep his pants up because he has lost a lot of weight now that Dash thinks about it. How when, on the odd occasion, he grins so big his eyes close after he gets a good grade. And god, those eyes, if the damn things were any bluer Dash thinks they would be glowing, and they kinda do sometimes when he’s angry or during the ghost attacks, just for a moment, if only Dash could get closer in those moments because sometimes he swears they look green from a distance.

When he picks Fenton up to threaten him or to stuff him in a locker Dash notices how cold Danny’s hands are, and for some reason that worries him a little. It worries him more when he gets in the boy’s face and can feel his cool breath even though it’s a good eighty degrees outside.

Dash wonders why Fenton avoids the locker room until the bell has rung and everyone else has left. His friends don’t seem worried, though. Dash has even heard them talk about how he doesn’t get the time to shower properly at home because he’s always so busy with ghosts, so he assumes that Fenton helps his parents with their dumb gadgets as well as doing homework all night of course why else would he be so exhausted all the time?

One time Dash accidentally leaves his phone in the locker room and returns to look for it. Instead he finds Fenton, dripping wet with a towel around his waist digging through his locker for something. What shocks Dash is all the scars and bruises on the boy. There’s a bad one in particular that streaks across his back like a jagged lightning bolt from his left arm to the right side of his waist. It looks deep and painful and Dash knew that wasn’t there in the beginning of the year. He grabs his phone and runs out of the locker room before Fenton has a chance to realize he’s not alone.

Dash begins treating Danny differently altogether. He wonders where in the fresh hell the kid got those scars. He knows he’s freaking Danny out by staring at him but never approaching him, never even saying a bad word to him about his family or his friends or anything. He can’t help it. Danny Fenton is less of a punching bag and more of an enigma to Dash now.

There’s a burn scar on Danny’s left hand Dash notices. It’s on his palm, and Dash only catches a couple glimpses of it as he and Danny are assigned as lab partners for this week. He wonders if he got that from goofing around in his parents’ lab. But then, Danny doesn’t seem the type to play around with dangerous things. With a sinking feeling Dash wonders if he got that from some kind of experiment, and this leads to a thought that his parents were using Danny as a lab rat. Dash dismisses it, because seriously they make enough money to buy real lab rats and Jazz doesn’t have any kind of marks like that on her hands.

Dash wonders where Danny always goes when Danny Phantom shows up.

He swears he sees Danny helping Phantom out at the amusement park when Phantom takes down the giant RV ghost. It makes him wonder if he got those scars from helping Phantom.

Dash thinks about throwing a Christmas party and inviting Danny and his friends with the excuse that Paulina put him up to it to lure Phantom again. When really, he wants to make Danny smile at least once at Christmas, because Danny is always in a bad mood when the holidays come around. It makes Dash wonder what could make Danny, who was so eager about Halloween and Thanksgiving and any holiday really, hate the mother of all holidays.

Dash sees Danny’s relationships and feels that little green goblin of envy growling in his chest. It’s everything he can do not to punch Danny for dating Paulina, and Valerie, and even his goth friend. Instead he takes it out on Mikey and the chess club and band and everyone who isn’t Danny or his football friends.

Dash confessing to Kwan about his crush on Danny, nothing else, and Kwan laughs and says “I always kinda knew. I mean, you do listen to boy bands and sleep with a stuffed bear named Fenton.”

Dash accidentally sneaks up on Danny and startles him. Danny responds with an automatic left hook, catching Dash’s cheek and knocking him over with more force than Dash thought was possible for someone so thin. He apologizes reluctantly and helps Dash to his feet and walks away, leaving the jock to wonder where the hell Danny learned to punch like that and where that strength came from.

Dash taking advantage of his tutoring sessions with Jazz to find out things about Danny, like that he likes to mow the lawn because he likes the smell of cut grass, or that he likes sea salt and vinegar flavored chips, and that he doesn’t like drinking bottled spring water because fish live in springs and fish pee. Dash’s favorite is that Danny likes old rock bands like Bon Jovi and Queen and the Eagles as well as Dumpty Humpty.

Dash always thought that Danny was a little of a pig when he ate. But now that he watches him the jock realizes the boy eats as if he’ll never see food again sometimes. As opposed to Foley who just eats like his mother never taught him what a fork was. For some reason it worries Dash.

Dash never knew that Danny drew. He never draws in class or at lunch. And it’s no wonder. For an assignment they have to include an illustration and Danny did that part. It stuns Dash at how quick and good he is. But suddenly Danny is surrounded by kids admiring his drawing and wanting him to draw them too. Dash shoos them away because honestly Danny is stressed out enough he doesn’t need these losers ordering him around. Danny just looks at Dash in shock.

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Modern AU, eh? I remember you said something about a Police!Frederick with a Robin? How about someone coming home from a night patrol with someone waiting for him?

(Want to change the name? Use this!)

Another long, event-free night shift. The captain grunted with doubled effort, trying very hard to get into the apartment without being noticed. He’d hate to wake the woman who rarely slept in the first place.

The prestigious cap was slipped from his head as the door finally gave, lazily tugging the key out as he trudged into his flat. The place was completely dark, save for the dim lights on in the kitchen, and the faint glow of the muted television. He smiled softly; his wife undoubtedly fell asleep in there. At least, he thought that was the case.

“Welcome home, love.” Your sweet voice carried into the foyer with a warmth that filled him bottom to top. Frederick looked up to see you walking in, your hands already on his jacket and helping him out of the night uniform. “Another slow evening?”

“Unfortunately. However, that does mean we are peaceful and crime-free another night. That is something I will not complain about.” Frederick replied with content, despite his exhaustion suggesting he felt otherwise. You giggled, a sound like gentle, sweet bells in his ears.

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“With reblog karma, I honestly get that there are some memes that don’t fit a particular muse or would be considered ooc, and by all means, you have the right to not send one in. But if it’s something simple which doesn’t require much effort like positivity/headcanon symbols, having anyone reblogging it from me without sending anything back kind of… makes me feel very insignificant? Sure, nobody is entitled to anything, especially if they’re not interested. Then again, if there is no actual interest whatsoever with me or my muse, it makes me question ‘why even follow in the first place’? In fact, I’d rather be softblocked/unfollowed, then be treated as another number on a follower count or dash fodder.”

Remus Lupin Imagine: “Drunk confessions of a Yule Ball night”

Could you write an imagine where you go to the yule ball with remus (marauders era) and you have a great time and end up drunk so Remus has to take you to bed and so you kiss him because you weren’t a couple and went as friends thanks love you

Requested by anon

f/c = favorite color

Warnings: drinking

As you descended the stairs in your beautiful long f/c dress towards your yule ball date, you couldn’t help but smile brightly. You had been all week looking forward to attending this once-in-a-life-time event. As you finally reached Remus, you noticed his mouth had formed an “O” and he wasn’t able to utter a word. He looked so handsome in his tuxedo it made you slightly blush.

“You look dashing, Remus” you confessed with a sweet smile.

He seemed to recuperate his voice and finally said: “You look stunning too, y/n”

You and Remus had been friends for some time now, although you secretly had a crush on him. He was perfect for you, but you knew it would lead nowhere, for he would never feel the same towards you. You were sure of it.

During the yule ball, you had danced with Remus until your feet started to complain about it. That was when you sat down and started to drink… maybe a little too much, despite the sandy-haired teenager trying to stop you.  He had drank some water and refused to taste anything else.

“Come on, Remy! Just today! It’s the yule ball! If you don’t drink today, when are you going to drink?” you giggled.

He shook his head: “No, thank you. I do not want to end up being a mess like you”

You frowned and indignantly mumbled in a high-pitched voice: “What is that supposed to mean?”

“It means you are drunk, y/n. You cannot even stand on your feet, for Merlin’s sake!”

You pouted in a childish way and said: “I’m not drunk… I haven’t drunk that much.”

Remus just raised an eyebrow and muttered: “Ok, that’s it. I’ll take you to your dorm, y/n. Now!”

He took you by the waist and held you tight. When he made a step to leave the room, you started to cry and threw your arms around his neck: “Don’t make me leave, Remy!”

Remus turned bright red. He pulled you away gently, dried your tears with his thumb and kissed your forehead: “You are my friend; I’m just doing what’s necessary, ok?”

You finally nodded, with a few tears still streaming down your face. As you two made your way to the Common Room, you nearly fell down the stairs three times and actually managed to make Remus stumble twice, making you giggle non-stop, sad tears long forgotten. After this odyssey, Remus and you finally arrived to your bedroom.

“Lay down and rest, y/n. Good night” he whispered. He was about to leave when your voice stopped him.

“Wait! Come here, Remy! I have a little secret to confess!” you murmured with a mischievous smile on your face and making a sign with your finger to make him come to you.

Remus was tired as hell, but seeing the cute face you were making, he just couldn’t refuse. Besides, he was curious to hear that secret. He sat beside you and asked: “What is it?”

You looked at him with the most serious face you could pull and confessed: “I wanted to go to the yule ball with you as more than just friends”

“W-what?” Remus stammered.

You giggled and exclaimed: “Awww! You look so cute when you look confused!” Remus simply couldn’t believe his ears.

You made a pause and continued: “I like you. I always liked you. But shhhh! Don’t tell anybody else!” Remus was shocked and you could see his cheeks turning bright pink. “I know we are only friends though. I may be drunk, but I’m not stupid!” you shouted. To prove your point, you soundly kissed him on the cheek, nearly touching the corner of his mouth. You laid down and said: “Good night, Remy!

Remus had to do an extraordinary effort so as not to pull you towards him and kiss you full on the lips in that exact moment. He didn’t want to take advantage of you in this situation, he would never forgive himself if he did. What he would do to you tomorrow though, was another story.

He left the room grinning like an idiot and jumping triumphedly.

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Everyone Can See It - A Larry Love Inspired Moment and the Truth about Why So Many Larries Exist

My boyfriend and I have been dating for just a few months, but I can honestly say that we connect more deeply than I have with any other human being ever. 

Yesterday he opened my laptop and saw a picture of Harry and Louis fonding at each other on my dash. I’d already confessed my obsession with their love to him, so he knew who they were but had never seen a picture of them together until that moment. His exact words to me were:

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The area was completely empty until one Love Live fan took on the challenge of singing Start Dash (an 8 person song) by herself. There were so many Love Live cosplayers / fans dancing and singing along including myself, it made me really happy to be in the Love Live fandom. (I havent seen any videos of it online, but my friend recorded it, and I’m planning to put it on youtube)


I remember the first time I dared to step into the role of canon character. It is nerve wracking endeavor, or at least it was in my experience. The more popular and prominent the muse, the harder it was. Not only was there the pressure of maintaining an accurate portrayal of what could potentially be tens of thousands of people’s favorite character, there are other people playing that same role. What is meant to be a fun, creative experience can often become a volatile competition between people who actually just want to achieve the same thing – have fun writing a character they enjoy.

This happens in virtually every fandom. I know the sting of putting a great deal of effort into a role, and then seeing another writer of my muse get mentioned as ‘the best’ on my dash in a roleplay confessions post. I also know how it feels when it’s something as simple as not ending up on someone’s follow forever. You sometimes wonder if it’s something you’re missing, something you’re doing wrong that just doesn’t click with your partners and readers.

There’s a way to beat that, though. A way to not feel like you’re constantly under scrutiny, or in the midst of some cutthroat competition.

Embrace your individuality. Embrace the fact that no one is capable of writing these characters 'perfectly’ but the original writers themselves. Explore and expand on the parts of your muse that you love, the ones you feel strongest for, and let that appreciation shine through. No one can portray a muse perfectly, but we can be perfect in our own portrayal. There is only one you. If you understand your strengths as a writer and storyteller, and mesh those with your muse, you cannot go wrong. If people feel like you’re 'wrong’ or 'inadequate’ forget about them. In the end, we’re just fans who love these characters and want to bring them to life. We want to see them in situations we haven’t before, and together as a community that’s what we do. 

If there’s a roleplayer on your dash who feels uncertain, who is having second thoughts about their muse, support that person! We hear about all the hate that gets spread around, but we can combat that by spreading love and appreciation as well. 

Chin up, my roleplaying comrades, you’re in the same boat as the rest of us. It’s about time we started rowing in the same direction.


♥Valentines Chocolate Night 2015
Sieg Lieben

[ Big Hand ]

“But.. I don’t regret loving you.”

This event is mostly centered on MC helping Jill out with her love problem/crush, and Jill teased Sieg saying that nobody likes a jealous man when he was annoyed with the two of them being together too much ~ xD (and here, have a beautiful Jill on your dash~)

When MC confessed to Sieg… Sieg replied shyly ”And… I love you many more times.♥"  and saying how he will absolutely not leave the MC (to Jill) xD