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Smutfest Day #5 :Dom /Sub |Oracular Spectacular

@tpthvegebulsmutfest A/N: this went longer than I originally planned, so please forgive me because I can’t use the Read more feature from my phone. Nonetheless I hope you enjoy!


The planet, if it could even be called a planet, sat in the middle of the vast galaxy with no surroundings other than the void of space.

Vegeta scoffed at the miniscule rock as it came into view on the computer dash cam, wondering what kind of divine creature would subject herself to live out her days on a crater that was the size of his sleeping chambers. Absolutely absurd.

A gentle touch wisped across his shoulder, and he tilted his head up to see Bulma giving him a smile that rivaled any Saiyan sun while offering him a mug. His cheeks heated up with the color of roses as he remembered their night before. Her silken core slamming against his cock, her soft skin bathing him in unfair caresses, her fingers intertwining with his…

He accepted the mug and swallowed the drink inside quickly, hoping to kill his arousal at the thought of her.

“Careful!” she warned, walking to his side, “that’s a specially crafted drink, meant to warm you from the inside out. You’re supposed to sip it.” She demonstrated by sipping daintily from her own mug, her blue eyes boring down on him.

Immediately he felt the effects, and he looked into his own mug, the opaque green liquid half gone. He felt unnecessarily hot, and stood up to try to rid the effects. “What the hell is this!?” He spat out.

She chuckled, bringing the rim of her mug up to her lips. “It’s a drink of fermented Tof berries and some strange liquor in the cabinet. I’m surprised this pod had any of either, to be honest. Anyway, Onra’s domain can be quite cold, and it’s customary to drink a warm beverage to keep your body up to par to combat it.”

“I’m a Saiyan!” He looked down at his mug with disgust, “We naturally run hot! ”

“Not that warm,” she sat her mug down on the panel of the dashboard and folded her arms, “but you’ll just have to see it to believe it. You’re as stubborn as any man I’ve ever met.” Her eyes raked down to his chest, falling even lower to his crotch, and playfully ran back up to his embarrassed gaze. “At least your cock is less stubborn.”

He turned away from her so she didn’t have to see him turn completely red. “D-don’t make me regret our night spent together, Bulma. I won’t stand for your sarcasm or your ill fitted jokes.”

She pouted behind his back, although a coy smile danced upon her lips. “My apologies, Prince Vegeta. Please don’t take my personal amusement to heart. I very much enjoyed myself.” She walked to his backside, wrapping her arms around his waist. He tensed up at her gesture, uncomfortable with her position while he was feeling so vulnerable. Reaching down to the part of him that was losing his internal fight, he mustered the strength to unhook her arms from around him, refusing to turn around and face her.

“Get dressed,” he said gruffly, fighting the urge to fuck her ragged before they landed, “we only have about twenty minutes until we reach our destination. I will go do the same.”

He walked away from her then, repeating a mantra of ignoring her entire presence on this starry morning, lest he forget the whole mission entirely and get lost in her creamy thighs.


Stepping into Onra’s domain was more mystical than Vegeta had realized. The architecture resembled a cave, with calming, flowing waters that stretched to either side of the rocky walls, made up of the same substances as the planet itself. Pale shades of blue illuminated the inside of the domain, bouncing off of the spectrum of colors that made up Bulma’s hair, and he couldn’t help himself from staring at her from behind as she led the way into the deepest part of the cave.

“Watch your head, ” she told him as he crouched down to lower himself to another level, and as soon as his feet touched the rough patched bottom, a teeth chattering cold punched him, making him shiver.

Bulma heard him growl, and turned around to face him with a knowing grin. “I told you, did I not? Had you drunk all of your beverage I made you, this would be more tolerable. Look at me, I’m perfectly fine.”

Indeed she was. She was dressed in a sheer black fabric, wrapped around her in a loose fitting dress, her feet barely covered by gold sandals. She was more exposed than he was, and yet only his skin was covered in goose pimples at the prickly cold. “S-shut up,” he said, the insides of his mouth becoming frost bitten as the icy air danced it’s way in. Bulma scoffed at him and reached for his hands, cupping then with her own and began to furiously rub them together. A soft glow emitted from her finger tips, and instantly he felt a little better.

“What did you just do?”

“Its a trick my mother taught me, ” she said as she rubbed his hands at a slower rate, massaging over his fingers, “it can be quite draining on the body, sharing energy like that, but for you,” she gazed up at him with wink, “I’ll make an exception.”

He clicked his teeth and turned his head to the side, the sound he made bouncing off of the walls and surrounding them both. Bulma was getting under his skin in all of the ways he would never let someone do on a normal basis. The internal battle of whether he enjoyed it or not, however, waged onward and he was wondering where he fit on the spectrum.

“Okay, ” she whispered, removing her hands from his, “that should be enough to get you through our duration here. If you find yourself feeling cold again, let me know and I’ll share some more of my energy with you.”

He grumbled at her words, the phrase ‘thank you’ sitting on his tongue and ready to spill from his caged lips. Instead he crossed his arms and said: “You offer too much assistance. I am a prince, not some common begger.”

Her eyes scanned his face with a hint of amusement and she turned around slowly. “If you say so, my prince. Now follow me, Onra is just through this small slit.”

He watched as she turned her body sideways, easing through the tight space in the wall. He did the same, mentally thanking her for warming him when she did. If the air was cold, then the walls may as well have been ice blocks.

They reached the end and Vegeta was annoyed to see his boot submerged in water. Bulma bent down and took off her sandals, looking up at him momentarily. “This is a sacred place,” she said simply, and waited for him.

Reluctantly, he removed his boots and placed them at the entrance of the slit, following her to the sanctuary in the center of the spacious room. Small lights were arranged in a circle around a pillar, glowing with a subtle shade of blue, and in the center sat a large statue. Its face was covered by a hood, completely carved in rock, and the hands were pressed together in a praying motion. Bulma kneeled down beside him, tugging on his pant leg.

“You must show respect for Onra and kneel, Vegeta. ”

Vegeta shook his head in disbelief. They had traveled out to this rock in the middle of nowhere, for this? “Onra is a fucking rock? I’m supposed to ascend to the legendary because of some rock?”

Bulma sharply glared at him, her breath dramatically hitching in her throat. “Watch your tongue!” she said with more anger than he had ever heard from her, “Onra may not be here physically, but I can guarantee that your insults transcend this sacred room and dive right into her ears! ”

He glared back at her for several seconds before sighing and giving in, dropping to his knees in the puddle of water below. A groan escaped his chest and Bulma rolled her eyes.

“If you’re finished acting like a child, shut up so I can call to her. ”

…He had better fucking ascend to the legendary and beyond if she were to think she could talk to him like that.

Bulma brought her head down and put her hands together, mimicking the statue, and began to speak in a language that Vegeta had never heard before. “Onra, isti takul ne Bulma roqui Seers. Echir serti mor groli ye itti boli.”

The water around Vegeta’s knees began to lap around the fabric as Bulma spoke, and it sounded like a choir was humming from the depths of it. The statue in the middle of the room deteriorated in front of his very eyes, and in the next blink a spirit was in its wake, covered in a thick blue hood that its face.

Itnik nol proful Bulma. Etchi ura firi cotul? ”

Onra sounded like an all being, as if several voices of different pitches came out of her at once. It was as if she was singing and talking at the same time, and Vegeta watched in awe.

“ Forgive me, Onra, ” Bulma said, her accent thick and her head still lowered, “but perhaps we can speak in the common tongue? I have with me Vegeta, the Prince of all the Saiyans, and he does not speak the tongue of the Seer.”

Onra’s hood turned in his direction, the water beneath her trembling with her Cape. “Bulma,” she spoke, her accent just as thick, “you have brought a Saiyan to this holy place. Why do you defile me so?”

“Forgive me, ” Bulma finally brought her face up, her eyes the color of the water below them pleading, “but I have seen visions of Vegeta bringing peace back to our galaxy and ridding space of the terror named Frieza. I brought him here so that you could help him, Onra.”

“I see.” She swayed delicately over the water, creating music with her movements. “You wish to become the legendary, do you not?”

Vegeta watched her, waiting for Bulma to reply. She elbowed him and he turned to look at her. She mouthed for him to answer Onra and he cleared his throat.

“Yes,” he said with finality, “I understand it is necessary and I don’t not know how to achieve it on my own.”

“Very well.” Onra moved from over the water, her long phantom arm pointing to where she just was. “Step into the waters, Saiyan Prince. You must be judged by your own soul for absolute power. Only then will you get the answers you seek.”

He rose to his feet hesitantly, softly splashing water around and moved closer to the pool of water in the center of the pillars. He glanced one last time back at Bulma, who nodded at him reassuringly, before stepping up the small steps.

“Be not afraid,” Onra said, her voice ringing in his ears due to their close proximity, “the waters are deep but your test is deeper.”

Needing no further coaxing, he stepped into the water, blackness instantly engulfing him.


Vegeta blinked his eyes rapidly as he adjusted to the darkness around him. He scanned the room for Bulma, but was only met with the silent void. He rose to his feet, irritated at the lack of anything.

“You have come, ” a voice called out to him.

Vegeta turned in the direction of the voice, and saw a glowing white spirit in the far corner of the room. “Who are you?” he called out, his tone leaving little room for pleasantries.

“I am you, ” the voice spoke back, deeper and more whimsical than his own, “and you are me.”

“I don’t understand, ” Vegeta attempted to move closer to the voice, but they stayed the same distance no matter how many steps he took.

“You seek the hidden power of the legendary. That is why you’re here.” A long finger pointed in his direction, scaly and bony, and Vegeta clenched his jaw, feeling disturbed. “It is already in you.”

He was taken aback at the proclamation. Already in him? “What do you mean?”

“The power you seek lies dormant in you, one who is me. It only needs to be unlocked. ”

“ How so? ” Vegeta felt himself growing with impatience. “ Tell me! ”

The voice laughed darkly, sending chills down Vegeta’s spine. “It is simple, one who is me. A sacrifice for a sacrifice. Nothing can be given without being taken away.”

Vegeta tightened his fists, swallowing hard. “I have nothing to give.” He said, and meant it. What did have to sacrifice? His kingdom? He would turn over a thousand kingdoms if it meant he could taste the power of the legendary. Any Saiyan would.

The spirit materialized in front of him, and Vegeta found himself looking down black pits that resembled his own eyes, a bony hand reaching to touch his cheek.

“You have plenty, ” it said simply, and then it showed him visions.

Visions of feet dangling from his bed, of talks in his chambers, candlelight dancing upon soft features. Whispers in the Saiyan garden under the highest moon, creamy thighs parted on his bed. Whimpers of pleasure above him as she fucked them both, tendrils of blue hair falling on his chest in a pool of beauty.

One after the other, the spirit showed him pictures of Bulma, and Vegeta snatched away from the haunting images.

“What is the meaning of this!? ” he demanded.

“Can you not see, one who is me? Great power requires a great sacrifice. Only pain can grant you your desires.”

But what the hell did that have to with Bulma?

The spirit laughed again, hovering closer to Vegeta again. “Because you want her around. What impact would it have on your life if she were suddenly gone? Once you become the legendary, does her life matter anymore?”

“How did you know what I was thinking? ”

“I am you and you are me,” it said simply. “And I know what it is that is inside of you. You are confused by it, yet you welcome it. She is the cause of you suffering as well as the solution to your uprising.”

Vegeta let the phantom’s words wash over him. He let himself marinate on the possibility of Bulma not being the source of his torment, and decided be did not like that very much. “I don’t love her,” he said finally.

“Of course,” the spirit replied, a hint of a smile playing under his words, “for how can one who is me love, when love was never experienced?” At impeccable speeds, the phantom was in front of Vegeta again and touching him.

This time it showed him a younger Vegeta, resting in his mother’s lap, playing with the fabric of her dress as she hummed to him. “No'Ouji bebil ul mama,” she had said in the Saiyan tongue , mother’s little prince. Younger Vegeta smiled with satisfaction and snuggled closer. Another vision. Blue fire engulfing the remains of his mother, her body disfigured after a long disease. His gloomy expression. His distant father. The first time he realizded how cruel life was.

“Bulma makes it better, yes? ” the phantom replied, taking his hand away. “It hurts a little less, even if it pains you more to admit it.”

Vegeta tried to settle his rapid breathing, the memories too haunting for him to bare. “I can’t achieve the legendary unless I give her up?”

“A small sacrifice, ” the spirit taunted, “for a greater purpose.”

Vegeta growled as he let everything sink in, his silent thoughts banging so loudly against his ears it was driving him insane. It was a pity that he had come this far only to fail so soon.

“Then I refuse, ” he said with absolution. His jaw clenched at the admittance. “ The sacrifice isn’t worth the payoff. ” Did he really just say that?

“You are sure? Once you have left this place, you can never return. And the lure of the legendary will sleep inside of you.”

He nodded before he allowed his typical overthinking to change his mind. The spirit nodded in return and raised both of his arms upwards.

“Away with you then.”


“Vegeta? Are you okay now? ”

His vision came slowly too as the haze of what he just experienced faded from his vision, and he found himself resting his head in Bulma’s lap. He blinked away his confusion and wanted to get up, but his body was too heavy and her lap too warm.

“You are worthy,” Onra said from above them, and their eyes flickered to her.

“What? ” Vegeta’s voice was scratchy and hoarse, as if he had not used it in years.

“You are worthy, Saiyan prince. The Seer that holds you is the last of her kind, and I will not allow the children of my children to be wiped out. The legendary is one of the greatest sources of power to sweep our galaxy, and can turn its yielder into the greatest of allies, or the most fearsome of foes. You required testing before I would turn over such an abundant power, and you are worthy to receive my aid. Rise to me. ”

Vegeta complied, feeling his body much lighter, and moved to the middle of the pillars, heading to Onra. Her hood pointed downward in his direction, and her hand covered his entire head when he got close enough. “Finri Otula- it it finished.”

With her words, Vegeta felt an enormous power course through him at an electrifying rate, causing him to scream out as it raced through his veins, changing the very core of his DNA.

He could feel his muscles expanding, his heart rate increasing. His pupils dilated, his flamed hair spiked upwards, a golden hue radiating around his peripherals. He heard Bulma gasp behind him, but he was so taken with his new found strength that her sounds became white noise.

Onra removed her hand from his head and the power left him, his body returning to its natural state.

“What… What happened!? ” he asked irately.

“It is unlocked inside of you now, Saiyan Prince. Your job now is to find balance to control the power. Remember that balance keeps you in control.” She hovered back to the center of the pillars, dropping down to the water. “Votuli Rihad, Bulma.”

Votuli Rihad, Onra,” Bulma repeated.

Onra nodded, and then her spirit changed back into the rock, as if she had never been disturbed in the first place.


Ten hours.

It has taken Vegeta ten grueling hours. Hours spent with zero rest, no food of any sort, and only the smallest of time allotted for bathroom breaks. Ten hours of painstaking trials and failures.

But he had finally done it.

He emerged from the small confinement in the pod where they slept, making his way to the swivel chair that sat in front of the dashboard. Bulma was sleeping in it, her arm draped over the back, her cheek resting in the space of her elbow.

Had she been waiting for him?

He hadn’t even so much as uttered her name since they arrived back to the pod, he being so caught up in his new found power and she anxious to see if he could abide by Onra’s words. Their very fate depended on it, leaving both parties isolated until results were seen.

“Bulma, ” he said loudly, waking her abruptly from her slumber.

She shook her head as she let her eyes drink him in, the lull of sleep still tugging on her brain. A smile widened slowly across her face, and she stood up from her chair, knocking it back.

“You did it! You really did it! You found the balance! ” She lunged at him and threw her arms around his neck before pulling away and shaking her wrists. “Ouch. And you’re scalding hot, too.” She peered into his turquoise eyes, her face radiating with delight as she let her vision become accustomed to this new, golden haired Vegeta.

“Now to move onwards with the plan,” he replied, his voice sounding more sure, his fingers itching for the fight with Frieza, “we are heading back to Vegetesai?”

She nodded. “We should arrive the same time as him. And that is when you can plan your attack.”

“Good.” He looked down into her blue eyes, full of pride and joy at his accomplishment, and it brought back the darkness and the Phantom who taunted him.

What would you do if she were gone?

What would he do?

This woman, who should have been nothing more than Frieza’s whore of a pet, had suddenly dug a little hole on his isolated space, a space that he had thrown away when he watched his mother burn in fire.

She helped him, gave him guidance, and now because of her, he had achieved what no Saiyan had ever been able to before: become the Legendary.

Should he thank her?

He turned away from her, unable to stand the comfort of having her so close. “Bulma, ” he said lowly, “where will you go?”

He didn’t need to turn around to hear her frown as she replied, “What do you mean?”

He grit his teeth. He really didn’t want to have this conversation, but the dammed phantom had unlocked more than just his superior strength. “After Frieza is defeated,” he continued, looking at her over his shoulder, “where will you go?”

She looked down to the floor, anxiously caressing one of her arms, her voice becoming small. “I don’t know.”


Vegeta breathed deeply, hoping she would be more forthcoming than that. If she didn’t know, then he guess he didn’t either.

He was about to turn away, throwing his hands to the matter, when her tiny voice found home in his ears.

“Can I stay with you? ”

He caught his breath, swallowing.

So she did want to stay with him. He relaxed a little at her question, although it opened a new worry in his chest. Did she know what she was asking? Did she realize what staying with him could mean?

“What would you do, if you stayed with me? ”

“ I don’t know, ” she shrugged, turning to look out of the window, “help you, maybe. After Frieza is defeated, everything in the foreseeable future is hazy, like I’m not meant to know what’s beyond that.” Her eyes slowly found the muscles in his back and she willed her feet to walk towards him. “Or unless decisions still have to be made.”

Something in her tone coaxed him to turn around finally and he saw fear in her eyes at the unknown. Was she referring to his decision?

His eyes refused to land on hers, so he made contact with the bridge of her nose. “Staying with me would mean that you would cease being a whore. Anyone’s whore.”

“Thats okay,” she chuckled lightly, “it’s not like I like it. Frieza made me do it to earn him money, but if I had a choice I’d study the stars.” Her eyes shone at her admission, and Vegeta finally looked at her.

“Staying with me,” he said in a deep, velvety tone, “would mean that your loyalties lie directly to me.”

“Okay. ”

“In and out of the bedroom.”

She shook her head in a happy sort of disbelief, as if she was wanting to hear those words but never expected to hear them. “What are you asking me, Vegeta?”

The way his name sounded with her accent was mesmerizing, as if she had birthed the name herself. Never had he heard it sound like honey so sweet before. “I’m not asking you anything,” he said bluntly, trying to regain his own control, “I’m providing you a choice in the matter. But if you want my protection, then those are the requirements.”

He watched as thought danced across Bulma’s features, and for a brief moment his stomach sank. She was going to tell him no, that she refused to go from one servitude to another. Even though his loyalties to her would also be a part of the contractual deal, he braced himself to understand her placement, although his Saiyan jealousy wanted to mark her as his territory.

She reached out and placed a hand on his shoulder, leaning her head back so that she exposed her neck. He watched her in confusion, noticing the nervous way in which she swallowed.

“Is this right? ” she asked, voice barely above a whisper.

“ What are you doing Bulma? ”

Her eyes traveled to his. “ I remember hearing that Saiyan men require the female to surrender her neck in submission, if they agree to becoming loyal. Is that right? ”

She was certainly smart, that’s for sure. Spending enough time in the chambers of Saiyan men had to teach her something. Instinctively, he ran a finger down her pale flesh, making her shiver, and he smiled.

“Yes, little female, that is correct.”

“Okay, ” she breathed out, “then we have a deal, if you want to make it official.”

He studied her face to see any error of the truth and came up empty. So she was willing to fully submit herself to him?

“I hope you realize the weight of your words, Bulma. ”

She nodded, swallowing hard again. “I’m ready.”

As soon as she said it, his lips found the base of her neck, sucking against the skin. She sighed, running her fingers through his hair. He ran his tongue around where his lips had been, and then he pierced the flesh with his canines, making her breathe out a mixture of pain and pleasure.

Her knees began to sink to the floor and he followed, alternating between kissing and biting, tattooing his name on her flesh. His eyes searched for her face as he continued his ravaging of her throat, and was displeased to see her eye lids shut tightly, trying to mask the pain she was in. Wanting to soothe her, he ran a hand down to her panties, pushing past them to run a finger over her clit, rubbing the nub in small circles.

She moaned then, momentarily forgetting the pain that he was producing on her neck, and bucked her cunt against his hand. He rubbed his fingers faster, trying to lick the blood from her wound clean. Bulma mewled at his touch, her songs of pleasure giving him a quick boost of the ego.

When her wound was finished, he brought his face up to meet hers, kissing her flushed cheeks as his fingers continued their massage. His hand was wet from her juices, and her lips were parted slightly as she moaned, her head thrown back, her eyes shut.


“Look at me, ” he demanded, removing his hand from her panties. She did, her eyes half lidded, her arousal wrapped around his finger like the gloves he discarded.

“I want to watch you cum.”

He removed his training pants quickly, entering her as soon as his swollen cock was set free. She did as he requested and kept her contact locked with his, wrapping her arms around his neck to bring his forehead closer to hers. She panted against his lips as his hips moved inside of her, slowly bringing himself out only to push hard back in, and she squealed every time she felt him thrust.

He held her weight up with one arm, the other kneading her breasts, his strokes still continuing their deliciously slow thrusts. “Vegeta,” she whispered, tears forming around her eyes, “Please. Harder.”

He chuckled as he watched her unable to take anymore, and quickened his pace, her breasts moving with their rhythm. He pumped inside of her like she would deteriorate if he didn’t, and he panted along with her, sweat perspiring on his forehead.

“Am I yours? ” she asked breathlessly, a hand reaching down to rub her clit as he pounded into her, the sounds of smacking flesh filling the pod.

He grunted and thought of how to answer that, his words getting tangled with his own arousal. Never in his life had he wanted to protect something with everything he had in him. Not since his mother, and she had been cruelly taken from him. The anger of knowing that the one thing he loved in this galaxy was taken away by some asinine illness had caused him to rupture with power, and ascend all on his own.

But anger was the accelerant. It did not keep the fire burning. And if he didn’t want to be consumed by it, then he had to figure out how to keep the flame safely lit.


The solution to loss, the healer of sorrows, the breaker down of walls. Things that he had declared as a monstrosity now helped him become the strongest warrior in the galaxy.

Because of her.

She was the balance.

So as he looked her in the eyes, watching as a gut wrenching orgasm possessed her, before his orgasm swept him away in its fury, he answered her under his code of honor as a prince:

“Yes. ”



This piece was written for the February 2017 Smutfest Day #5: Dom /Sub, hosted by the Prince and the Heiress community.

(Also an abundance of playing Zelda inspired this chapter and for that I am sorry :3)