dash buti

okay so it’s 5pm i just got home i’m too lazy to backread my dash but

i was thinking about that post i reblogged saying not to watch sense8 because lana wachowski is a racist, and i have to say it was really upsetting to hear that someone who made something i really enjoyed would blame me trans issues on me and people like me (esp considering my experience with ~trans spaces~ is that they’re 90% white afab people who want nothing to do with poc & trans women)

but actually it’s fucking hypocritical of me to say ‘hey don’t support this problematic creator’ when i still watch stuff that was written by joss whedon, i still watch achievemnt hunter & game grumps, i still read marvel comics, etc. etc. and looking at the notes on that post i can tell you a lot of the people who reblogged it watch media that was written/produced/etc. by people who’ve said gross shit and never apologised for it. it feels kinda fucked up to put a trans woman on blast for this stuff while still supporting these other people, you know?

and for lana wachowski’s flaws, it was damn refreshing to see a show with diversity that wasn’t just “5 dudes and a woman” or “6 white people a black person and MAYBE AN ASIAN??!? and also the poc are stereotypes” the different cultures and backgrounds of the characters were handled with a degree of honesty that i seldom see - esp not with white creators at the helm. seeing a trans woman actually PLAYED by a trans woman is rare as fuck, alongside not seeing her transness fetishized or made into a joke by the narrative. (a definite benefit of having a trans woman writing it) and the only way to have more diversity like this in the media is to support what already exists.

ftr i’m not saying you HAVE to watch it, if lana’s comments make this a no-go for you, or if the show in itself doesn’t appeal, then fine. don’t. that’s your perogative. i’m just saying it’s not right to write her off while so many of us support other content makers who are just as bad or worse when at least she’s trying to bring something different to the table. it just feels like veiled transmisogyny