dasey fanfic

fic; flip the scripts- dasey, oneshot

title; flip the scripts
author; silver tears and wasted fears
category; life with derek
genre(s); romance, humor
pairing/character(s); derek/casey
rating; T
word count; 1,581
summary; “If you’re just the right level of intoxicated, (they would be) and just the right amount devious, (he always is) then you can slur so that kill as in "God, I could just kill you” sounds like kiss as in “God, I could just kiss you.”

Preview of a Dasey fic I've been working on...

She opens her mouth to speak, but realizes there’s nothing she could possibly say in this situation that would make sense.

Out of all the ridiculous-

Of course she opens her textbook and starts studying. Of course Derek catches her in the act. Because that’s how her life is destined to play out, isn’t it? She can never win.

And now a day of downright torture is in store for her – a day in which she must abide by Derek’s utterly embarrassing and absurd rules, all because she lost a bet.

Derek gives her a smirk as she presses her lips together, opens them, and then shuts them again like a fish out of water. She glares at him and finally finds the right words to say.

“You drive me crazy.” she spits out venomously, and this has him rolling on the floor in a fit of laughter.

Because when she lost that stupid bet, the punishment he administered on her was to only speak in Britney Spears lyrics for a day.

Why am I writing a Dasey AU when I have two other Dasey fics to work on?

“I just hope to god you never see me in my underwear again.”

“Ditto. God, it’s like a freaking jungle growing on your legs. I think it’s about time you invest in a razor. ”

“It’s the winter. I haven’t gotten around to it…”

You’re obviously not getting laid.”

“Neither are you! Why don’t you leave me alone and go wank off in your bedroom to feel better about your pathetic life?”

“Wow. Screw you, Case.”

“I already have!”