Flowey was bored. Bored, bored, bored.

He groaned, pressing his leaves to his face. It was a horrible day full of nothing but disappointments. The so-awaited new human was busy bawling on the flowerbed and didn’t seem likely to move from the spot any time soon. The power of Saves and Loads was oddly irresponsive. The life in the Underground was going the way it always did. All the same monsters, in all the same places, doing all the same dance for the millionth time.


The flower made a grimace, feeling a bit betrayed. Come on! He never knew his life could be more hellish, but surprise! Nothing ever changed in the Underground. People got happy, and nothing changed. People died, and nothing changed. A human fell, and nothing changed! That last bit was the biggest drag. He had been kind of hoping that they would be more fun…
Weird. There was that fleeting something, like a vague deja vu, that somehow filled him with unusually intense bitterness when he thought about the human.
…Maybe that was because they were such a crybaby. Yeah.

Well, since the day was ruined anyway, Flowey decided to get a little fun. You know, just a little. It probably would not even end in murder. Though it was unlikely, since he was in quite a sour mood.

Sighing, he disappeared underground, looking for possible victims playmates. He had a full set of those… but he wanted some difference, someone fresh, someone funny, someone who he never really toyed with before, someone he yet had to push to their personal edge…


He knew just the right person.

The child is sitting at the porch, lazily kicking their feet in the dirt. The sun is bright. The air is warm and a bit humid. Withering sunflowers nod to their thoughts at the fence as the wind passes them in slow waves.

I have an idea, I say to them.

Riskie looks up at me, then pats the wood next to them. I ‘sit down’ to indulge them.

[ WHAT KIND OF? ] they sign. Not a speaking day? Probably. Or maybe they simply don’t want to alarm anyone by speaking to thin air.

Asriel, I tell them.

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Ich ertrage diese Einsamkeit so oft nicht, aber wenn ich mal unter Menschen bin, breitet sich Hass in mir aus, weil mich diese Dummheit mancher Menschen aggressiv und traurig macht, wenn sie einfach urteilen, ohne dasd sie jemanden oder mich kennen.
—  Sommersprossenliebeblr

Demi Lovato im Interview: “Was mir geholfen hat, war die Liebe zur Musik“ I DASDING