thoughts on yesterday's episode (aka why Fellowes is a horrible writer)

Recap: Sybil’s goes into labor. Flopbert brings in Sir Floppip to replace Dr. Flopson, who recently (a few episodes ago, but in Fellowes-verse two years ago) flopped and misdiagnosed Flopthew’s penis. Cora, being the unfloppy wife and mother that she is, says that Dr. Flopson must stay because he has know them all their lives. Flopbert acquiesces, and the two floppy doctors soon begin to clash on their medical diagnoses. Sybil gives birth, insists to her mother and sister that her child be raised Catholic just in case any of the flops try and convert her, and everything is happy. And then the thing happened. Oh, also there was /drama/ with the new maid, Bates may be freed from jail, and Ethel now works for Mrs. Crawley. But who actually gives a shit?

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