Hair Care + Products

So I get a lot of people asking what I do to take care of my hair, usually strangers and usually in real life more than online because yes, my hair really does look like this IRL ;D

As I’ve said in my hair dye tutorial though, even with the right products/habits, when it comes to lightened/bleached hair, less is more. Do the things that will keep your hair healthy, but in moderation, because nothing, NOTHING beats your hairs’ natural oils. At the end of the day, everything you do for your hair should be to boost them, and protect the strands.

And hey, in doing so, your color will last longer, because you’re not stripping it (and your oils) away!

So, here’s what I use.

Shampoo: I cannot stress this enough, I only shampoo my hair once a week. I condition almost daily, but actual shampooing? Minimal, and concentrated on my scalp. That’s a good rule of thumb for pretty much everyone, shampoo goes on your scalp, conditioner goes on your lengths. Clear is the best I’ve found, it’s simple and inexpensive. Don’t be fooled, usually the most expensive shampoo/conditioner systems have formulas that mask and lock in damage with silicone. It may make your hair FEEL nice, but you’ve really done it more harm in the long run. Pantene is one of the WORST in this regard! Keep it simple, keep it cheap, use small amounts. (that bumble & bumble was a gift I use every once in a blue moon, when I wanna feel beachy….it’s actually not that different in quality tho)

Protein: This one you can shop around for, I personally have the means to buy Redkin’s. so I do! Once a week month* I spray my treated lengths with their CAT formula, leaving it on for 4-5 minutes while I shave my legs, whathaveyou. There are other less expensive treatments at the drug store though, look around. Few things help rebuild lightened strands like a good solid protein treatment.

Leave-in Conditioner: Better than any other detangler and pretty much any brand out there is good! After every shower, not matter how much or how little I’ve done to my tresses, I spray ‘em down with Way To Grow and regret nothing.

Heat Guard: This is the one case where I will swear up and down by one brand, and that’s Redkin Smooth Down. Yes, it runs about 18$ a bottle. HOWEVER, I use heat to style my hair once, maybe twice a week? A bottle lasts me a solid year. I have tried a lot of different brands for a lot less, and all of them only leave my hair feeling greasy and still damaged. Smooth Down requires all of one squirt, and my hair feels just fine afterwards. If you heat-style at all (especially if you’re doing the smart thing, which is to limit heat-styling to the bare-minimum) it’s worth it. 

Oil: No matter what is or isn’t in your budget, if you’ve got oil, you’ve got one of the best things you can do for your hair. Once a month I wrap up my hair in olive, coconut, or avocado oil and leave it on for at least an hour, rinsing it out with conditioner afterwards. So soft, so luxurious, srsly send your poor hair to the spa. I also have a rather expensive argon oil mask I use once a week, but that’s to repair the damage of misguided, over-use of protein XD

Vitamins: Really, you should be taking ‘em anyway ;D But I especially see results in my hair and nails, when I keep up with my fish oil and multi-vitamins. CVS specifically sells a Hair, Skin & Nails formula that’s not unlike prenatal vitamins only, yanno, without the odd looks you get buying them along with your booze and soft cheese.


Again, this may sound like a lot, but it’s really not, especially used in moderation! I only find myself buying hair products every few months at most. What your body does naturally only needs a little bit of help, even after you’ve done something so unnatural to it ;)

*once a week is toooo often, learn from my mistake! It can lead to breakage!

Big Brother!Seventeen reaction to you kissing another member

“Gif reaction to seventeen being your brother and seeing you kissing another member” 

Seungcheol: *tries to poke out eyes* “MY EYES” 

Jeonghan: *side eyes you* “okay as much as i love you id like to not watch you tongue down my sister k thanks” 

Joshua: *queue dangerous church oppa* “having fun there?” 

Jun: *looks around* “he’s not serious is he…..” 

Hoshi: “You have a 1 in 10,000 chance of living” 

Wonwoo: “this boy tryna get killed, Mingyu hold my cheeseburger” 

Woozi: “Good God y/b is a horrible kisser” *y/b = your bias*

Seokmin: *completely unphased* “ahh aren’t they cute”  

Mingyu: “keep kissing her i da- wait my hair.. I dare you!”  

Minghao: “i rather choke on my food then watch you swallow her” 

Seungkwan: “NO!”

Vernon: *remembers he lives with the member* “nah its good keep kissing her hahah she won’t like you with no hair” 

Dino:  *whipsers* “just wait till your sister comes….hyung”