• Khonjin: Gino of the Fratelli family, I have a desire for one large disc of baked dough topped with assorted food items such as tomato sauce, cheese, and pepperoni that has been dubbed "pep-pep-pepperoni pizza"
  • Gino: I have a strong dislike towards you Khonjin of the igiuL family, and therefore I shall not be serving you and I request you leave this establishment with great haste prior to having a metal bullet shot between your eyeballs.
  • Gay Spaghetti Chef: I'MMA MAKE-A DA PIZZA FOR-A MAH BOI!

anonymous asked:

Hey there I love your blog so much lol it always makes me laugh.... can ya tell me all ur Tank Dempsey headcannons?? (das mah boi ;-;)

Yay! I’m glad my blog makes you happy, that makes me super happy!! Of course my sweet annon, Dempsey is a babe.
- Has cried to the younger Richtofen before about how much he misses his daughter and actually opened up to him.
- He once got drunk on Nikolais vodka and starting making out with Richtofen 1.0..and once he remembered what he did he threw up.
- As a child his parents always ignored him, which made him angrier as he grew up, hence why he is angry sometimes.
- He cares for all his team mates, but he gets in fights with Richtofen 1.0 all the time over petty things.
- He does have a soft side but he never lets anyone see it really, he hates showing it.
- Sometimes he gets really homesick of America and wishes that nothing like zombies ever happened.
- He hates people who are sexist and will beat the living shit out of them.
- He hates vomit, so Takeo 1.0 throwing up everywhere was not a fun time for him.

- Doesn’t mind showing his soft side every once in a while, it shows he is human.
- He is a really sweet lover and will always sweet talk Richtofen (if that’s who you ship him with).
- He loves guns and knows way too much about them.
- He had a dancing competition with Nikolai 2.0, and Richtofen 2.0 and Takeo 2.0 were the judges. Dempsey won because he is surprisingly good at dancing.
- He has a fear of being alone, but he’s learnt a lot from Richtofen 2.0 since he spent a lot of his life alone.
- He is really good at charming people.
- He doesn’t get often angry but when he does it’s really scary. He even made Richtofen 2.0 cry accidentally once.
- He is very sweet sometimes and will be completely selfless for those he cares about.
- He has always wanted a car, since back then they were new and cool.
- He is defo bisexual cuz he’s too nice to care about gender.
- He loves camping and the outdoors

Sorry i can’t post anymore, I’m outside and my phone is on 1% so i’ll have to turn my 4G off now! Thank you for the ask!!

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whats up youtube uzumaki khan here I’ve just been told there’s a trailer of super smash bwothas with SHULK in it! i have not watched it yet I’m gonna do a live reaction of it right now, lets go. LETS GO. ffffFFFFFFFFFFFF SHULK IN SMASH BWOTHAS ders actually a trailer? who’s that? bowser? wheres shulk yo !!!!!!!!! DATS IT!!!!!!!! DA MUNADO!!!!!!!!!!!! yEAAHAHAAHAAAAA CMON OHHHH MY GOODDD yOOOHOOOO shhIET onsahe whites linknmoff….YEAHBOI SHUUuuuU LOOK AT THE GWAFICS DAS MAH MAIN CARWACTtttffFU YEAAAAAAH BOI SHULK THAHA SMASH BWOTHAS. THE MUSIC, IT KEEP ON POOCHES WAMA ZIIINIA ooOOOOOH MY GWOD SMASH BWOTHAS DA BEST GAME EVA. deDEDEHHEHEH (pounds hand repeatedly on palm) yoooooooooo baHAHAHAHAWHAWHAW. bbbbwAY GGOD. Monado, lend me your strength yo! The Mechon, Bionis… DUNBAN!!!!!!!!! IS THAT DUNBAN?!?!?! NO!!! uuUUUUUUUUmmyYYYYY god-people, we knew shulk was in-(gasp) ………..people, I need thIS GAME NOW WE KNEW SHULK WAS IN THIS GAME IT HASNT BEEN NOTHING CONFIRMED IT WAS JUST LEAKS, AND NINTENDO DID TAKE THE LEAK OFF, BUT NOW THERE’S ACTUALLY A TWAILER OF SHULK, MAH DUNBAN WAS IN THERE, AND YOU PLAY XENOBLADE YOU’LL KNOW WHY IM EXCITED, fu-shulk is my main cawhacter, hands down BRING ME ON YO WHO CARES IF WE DIDNT GOT STREET FIGHTER 5, WHO CARES IF WE HAVENT GOTTEN THE NEW TEKKEN, SMASH BWOTHAS IS ALL I NEED BWAH, CMON!