another headcannon with Nikki:
fRANK APOLOGIZING TOO MUCH like he’d apologize for stuff that aren’t even his fault
for example;
Frank gets slapped; “sorry”
Frank gets punched; “I’m sorry”
Frank gets hit by a truck; “Oh my I’m so sorry”
Frank gets brutally murdered; his last words: “I’m so dearly sorry it was my fault”
all I can say is frank is such a bean

Since people keep asking questions, I made you a list of Marvel heroes and villains who are NOT STRAIGHT in at least one of the many Marvel universes according to the Marvel wiki.

Angela (Aldrif Odinsdottir)
Anole (Victor Borkowski)*
Beast (Henry McCoy)*
Benjamin Deeds*
Black Cat (Felicia Hardy)
Bling! (Roxanne Washington)*
Bloke (Mickey Tork)*
Bouncer (Renata Da Lima)*
Captain Flame (Frank Cortez)
Colossus (Piotr Rasputin)*
Cullen Bloodstone
Deadpool (Wade Wilson)*
Destiny (Irene Adler)
Flatman (Val Ventura)*
Freedom Ring (Curtis Doyle)
Hulkling (Teddy Altman)
Human Torch (Jack Storm)*
Iceman (Bobby Drake)*
Inertia (Edith Freiberg)
Jackpot (Alana Jobson)
James Howlett*
Jane Smythe*
Jennifer Kale
Jonas Graymalkin*
Julio Rictor*
Karma (Xi'an Coy Manh)*
Karolina Dean
Lightspeed (Julie Power)
Living Lightning (Miguel Santos)
Machinesmith (Samuel Saxon)
Miss America (America Chavez)
Monsieur Mallah
Moondragon (Heather Douglas)
Mr. Fantastic (Reed Richards)*
Mulholland Black*
Mystique (Raven Darkholme)*
Northstar (Jean-Paul Beaubier)*
Phat (William Robert Riley)*
Pod (Aikku Jokinen)
Prodigy (David Alleyne)*
Psylocke (Elizabeth Braddock)*
Rawhide Kid (Jonathan Clay)
Ren Kimura
Riot (Heidi Sladkin)
Russian (comics)
Skein (Sybil Dvorak)*
Spider-Woman (Mary Jane Watson)
Stacy X (Miranda Leevald)*
Stryker (Brandon Sharpe)
Sunfire (Mariko Yashida)*
Superia (Deidre Wentworth)
Union Jack (Brian Falsworth)
Victoria Hand
Vivisector (Myles Alfred)*
Wiccan (Billy Kaplan)*
Wonder Man (Simon Williams)

The ones with asterisks at the end are mutants or might not be available depending on how character rights are distributed since they’re sticking somewhat to the MCU.


Anne Frank’s original diaries and writings with family photo albums

Touch Me (Part 4) WARNING: Smut

Frank was sitting on his bedroom floor strumming his second hand white fender when his phone vibrated. He immediately jumped up and snatched it off the bed, praying it was one of his friends…or anything to cease his current state of boredom. But no. It was better. It was Gerard.

“Hey Frankie, Mikey gave me your number. Do you want to come to a house party tonight?” Frank read the text, beaming. He wanted to go out more than anything and seeing as this involved Gerard he was hardly in a position to pass it up.

“Yeah sure. Pick me up at 8?” He replied quickly…maybe a little too quickly.

Seconds after sending the text Frank felt a wave of nerves rush over him. What if he didn’t know a single person there? He thought, panicking before coming to the (usual) conclusion that the best way to put his anxiety to rest was to get extremely wasted at the party. He flicked on his cd player and turned his focus to what he was going to wear. The content of his closet was virtually empty and contained: three pairs of black skinny jeans, a pile of band shirts, a few hoodies and a jacket. He wasn’t exactly spoiled for choice. He settled on the jeans, an old black flag shirt and his rugged converse.  

Time seemed to go awfully slowly that evening while Frank waited for his phone to light up with a text from Gerard saying he was outside. He paced around his room and began biting his nails, a bad habit he did when he was anxious. His mind was riddled with flash backs of him and Gerard, resulting in a very horny and frustrated Frankie. He was considering jerking off when his phone finally buzzed with that text. Frank grabbed his keys and slammed the door behind him. Outside he saw Gerard. He was parked opposite, with the windows rolled down and a cigarette between his lips. Frank smirked, eagerly looking forward to the night ahead.

“Hello.” Gerard said flirtatiously once Frank had hoped into the car and closed the door.

“Hello.” Frank replied, mimicking Gerard’s formal greeting and looking over to admire how ridiculously attractive he looked. He was wearing very tight black jeans and a similarly tight leather jacket.

“You look so good.” Frank mumbled, unaware that he was staring Gerard up and down.

“Frankie,” Gerard snapped, clicking his fingers in front of Frank’s eyes, “Focus.”

Gerard laughed as an embarrassed Frank quickly diverged his eyes.

The car was vaguely silent for the following 5 minutes until Gerard pulled up at a stop light. Frank took the opportunity to take hold of Gerard’s hand and slowly pull it over to rest on his thigh. Gerard averted his eyes from the road and looked at Frank.

“What are you doing Frankie?” He said, almost laughing.

“I’m really horny…Can you just?” Frank muttered, moving Gerard’s hand to the right so it was placed over Frank’s desperate crotch.

Gerard smirked triggering Frank to think he was about to get what he wanted but instead Gerard pulled his hand away and placed it back on the steering wheel.

“I’m not gonna get you off now Frankie, we have all night. You’re such a horny mess.” He chuckled shaking his head and starting the car again as the light went green.

Frank rolled his eyes and let his head lull back onto the seat.

When they arrived Frank’s main goal was to head directly over to wherever the booze was. The house was big and nothing like the houses in Frank’s neighbourhood. The driveway contained three flashy cars and from what he could see through the windows the house was already packed.

“This place is going to get so fucked up.” Gerard chuckled, sauntering up the path and ringing the doorbell.

A girl with bright red hair and a very revealing dress opened the door. Frank looked at Gerard and watched as his gaze dropped to her cleavage.

“Gerard!” She yelped, throwing her arms around his neck.

Frank raised an eyebrow. They seem familiar, he thought.

“Hey Emilia, This is Frank.” Gerard said, not reciprocating her affection. He grabbed Frank’s arm and pulled him inside.

“Who’s she?” Frank asked, curiously once they’d made it into the hallway.

“She’s just a girl who tries to hook up with me every time I see her.”


“Yeah well we’ve hooked up a couple times but-Frank this is irrelevant. I want to get drunk.” He nagged, changing the conversation.

Gerard grabbed Frank’s wrist again and pulled him into the kitchen. Inside Frank instantly spotted a half empty bottle of Jack on the table which was surrounded by hundreds of other red cups and abandoned drinks. He gently nudged through a crowd of people and poured himself a drink. Seconds later he turned around and to his surprise Gerard was nowhere to be seen. Frank didn’t feel like wandering around and searching for him so focused on getting himself nicely wasted instead. After his third, maybe forth drink he felt someone lightly touch his hips. He spun around and was graced with the presence of a guy he’d never seen before. Frank was slightly puzzled as to why this guy was touching him. Maybe he’d got Frank confused with someone else?

“Hey. I’m Carter. You’re Frank right?” The guy said, holding out his hand.

Frank peered up again and had to admit on second glance that this guy was extremely attractive. He looked at least 20. His body was crammed with tattoos and his hair was dyed a bright fiery red.

Frank shook his hand back, “Yes, ugh I’m Frank. Do i-‘

“Do you know me? No, someone just said Gerard was bringing his hot friend so I thought i’d introduce myself.”

Frank blushed at the compliment but word ‘friend’ burned in his mind. Why would Gerard refer to him as his friend? After everything they had talked about. If Gerard wasn’t willing to call Frank anything more than his ‘friend’ then why shouldn’t he flirt with this Carter guy? On that note, Frank hoped he hadn’t jumped to conclusions.

“So… you’re gay?” Frank blurted out and immediately regretted it. He sounded like a dumb 12 year old.

The guy laughed but didn’t sound mocking. He looked up at Frank and smirked, “Yeah…and so are you.”

Frank couldn’t argue with that so he kept quiet for moment and chugged his drink, praying he might loosen up a little.

“I like your hair,” Carter murmured, lifting his hand up and running his fingers through Frank’s hair for a brief moment.

The second his hand touched Frank, Frank froze. A sudden overwhelming urge to kiss this guy ran through him. Frank needed attention. Maybe it was the alcohol was kicking in? Either way, his sexual frustration needed to be dealt with and unlike Gerard this guy wasn’t ignoring him.

Carter seemed to read Frank’s mind and lent forward. He placed his lips onto to Frank’s and kissed him. Not softly but hard. He put his tongue in Frank’s mouth and listened as Frank groaned slightly in response.

“Do you want to go upstairs?” Carter whispered, after pulling away from Frank’s lips.

Frank nodded and followed Carter out the kitchen. As he was leaving he looked around the room briefly and caught eye contact with a group of girls who had clearly just witnessed the kiss. They smiled awkwardly and turned to each giggling. Frank didn’t care, it wasn’t as if he knew these kids. As he headed up the stairs he felt his head spin slightly and his body rush with the euphoric feeling of alcohol working its way through his bloodstream. Upstairs Carter checked a few rooms before choosing an empty bedroom at the end of the corridor. When they were both inside and the door was closed, Carter sat down on the bed. The room was dark except the ray of light from an outside street lamp.

“Do you have anything to drink on you?” Frank asked, ignoring the part of his brain that told him to slow down.

Carter pulled out a small bottle of vodka from his coat pocket and handed it to Frank. Frank took three heavy swigs from bottle before handing it back and wiping his mouth with his sleeve.

“Come here.” Carter murmured.

Frank didn’t feel even slightly nervous anymore. He tried to sit down on the bed but stumbled and tripped onto it instead.

“Easy.” Carter chuckled, steading Frank but holding his arm.

Frank didn’t hesitate and launched into the kiss. Carter didn’t hold back either, intwining his hand in Frank’s hair and tugging on it. Minutes later (to Frank’s joy), Carter was on his knees and unbuckling Frank’s jeans.

“You’re so hot.” Carter murmured as his hand found its way into Frank boxers. He wrapped his hand around Frank’s dick and squeezed gently.

“Yes.” Frank stuttered through a moan.

Carter didn’t delay and placed Frank’s throbbing dick into his mouth. He sped up almost immediately, letting his tongue swirl around while his head bobbed up and down. Frank was moaning loudly when he heard his name being called from somewhere in the house. At first it was vacant but it grew louder and Frank quickly realised it was Gerard.

“Frank!” He heard Gerard call again, his voice now closer.

A distracted Carter stood up again and looked at Frank, “What the fuck does he want?”

“I don’t know, ignore him.” Frank leaned in and pressed his lips onto Carter’s, tasting himself.

In that second the door swung open and the light flickered on. Gerard was standing in the doorway openmouthed.

“We’re leaving. Put your clothes on properly,” Gerard instructed, trying to stay calm.

Frank in his delirious drunken state had forgotten that his jeans were completely unzipped. He fumbled with the fly and was eventually successful.

‘Ta-da!” Frank laughed, oblivious to the tension in the room.

Gerard took hold of Frank’s arm and pulled him out of the room and down the stairs, not saying a word until they were outside in icy night air.

”What the fuck are you doing with Carter? He’s a sleazy fucking drug dealer.” Gerard yelled.

“He sucked my dick good though.” Frank slurred.

Gerard eyes flashed with jealousy, “You’re an asshole. Get in the car. You can stay at mine, i’m not taking you home in this state.”

“Gerard, you’ve been drinking, you can’t drive?” Frank mumbled, leaning on a wall in the garden.

“I only had one drink, I was too fucking busy looking for you.” He called, raising his voice.

Gerard began walking across the street towards the car when Frank stopped him in his tracks.

“Why did you call me your friend?”

“Huh?” Gerard questioned.

“You told people I was your friend. If i’m your ‘friend’ then you should have no problem with me hooking up with someone else.”

“Don’t be so immature. You did all that just to prove a point? You stuck your dick in some guys mouth just to prove you didn’t care?”

“No. I did it cause I wanted to feel something and because I didn’t want to tag along behind someone who thought I was just another game.”

“I don’t think you’re a game Frank,” Gerard said, sauntering over to where Frank was standing, “I don’t think that Frankie. I didn’t know what to call you okay? I didn’t know if you were comfortable with me telling people you were gay or we were…I don’t know…together. Are we even together? I don’t fucking know. And now you’ve hooked up with that douche. He just wanted in your pants.”

Frank hesitated, unsure of what to say next.

“Lets go okay? Get in the car.” Gerard grumbled.

Once they were both back in car Frank felt a little less dizzy. The car was completely silent except for the drone coming from the radio. After driving half way home Gerard suddenly pulled over into a desolate car park outside an empty 7-11.

“So this guy was good at head?” He asked abruptly.

Frank laughed, surprised at Gerard’s random outburst. “Yeah.” He smirked.

‘Better than me? No one is better than me.”

“Then prove it Gerard. Right now. You know I want you.” Frank pleaded, positioning his hand on Gerard’s leg.

Gerard placed his fingers into Frank’s warm mouth, “You want me?”

Frank nodded, closing his eyes tightly for a brief moment.

“You want me and only me?” Gerard added, his tone dominant.

Frank nodded again and let out a grunt which was quickly muffled by Gerard’s fingers.

“You’re mine. Only I get to taste you.” He pressed his fingers further into Frank’s mouth and Frank gagged in response.

Gerard began unbuckling Frank’s jeans with one hand. Once they were unzipped he allowed himself to find his way into Frank’s boxers. Frank tried to say something but Gerard pushed his fingers in deeper.

“Shut the fuck up Frankie.” He commanded.

Gerard wrapped his hand around Frank’s throbbing dick and began to stroke it softly.

“Ughhh.” Frank mumbled.

Gerard took his fingers out of Frank’s mouth and wrapped them around his neck instead, “Didn’t you hear me? I said shut the fuck up. Don’t make a fucking noise until I tell you to.” He ordered.

Gerard lowered his head, turning his full focus to Frank. He looked up to watch Frank who was biting his lip, trying everything to stay quiet as he felt Gerard’s wet tongue glide up his length. Gerard teased him briefly before placing his mouth around Frank’s rock hard dick. He wanted to make Frank cum, harder and faster than any other guy could. He pushed his head down, feeling Frank hit the back of his throat. He proceeded to move his head up and down in perfect rhyme and listened to Frank’s heaving, frustrated breathing. When he felt like he felt like Frank was hitting his climax Gerard lifted his head.

“Moan my name.” He commanded, before placing Frank back into his mouth.

Gerard sped up and Frank did as he was instructed, a series of incoherent grunts and moans spilling from his mouth.

“Gerard.” He groaned, his eyes rolling back. He repeated Gerard’s name over and over again as he came hard down Gerard’s throat.

Gerard swallowed every drop. He wiped his mouth with his sleeve and sat back up. Frank was panting and his hair was damp with sweat.

“I told you no one was better than me.” Gerard smirked as he watched Frank.

Frank moved his wet hair out of his face, “Shit.” was all he managed to say.

Gerard started the car up and glanced over at Frank, “Lets go home…Oh and Frankie…I won’t refer to you as my ‘friend’ from now on. You’re not my friend, you were right. You’re my boyfriend.”

Pet Peeve: People who brag about how they “Love” foreign music because “It sounds prettier than English” and “It’s better when I don’t understand the lyrics.”

I got a post like this because I follow Frank Wildhorn tags.   No, it’s not “Better” to miss out on half the song and it’s meaning because of your own willful ignorance. Yes, the German Dracula sounds nicer than the English version, partly because of the great vocals and use of electric guitars.

However, I would not like Zu Ende if the lyrics translated to Dracula singing “Oh, shit, It’s Van Helsing! Oh, crap!  I just soooooiled myself!” and Van Helsing replying with “Raaaaaaandom nonsense words!  ooooh!  Oooh!  Ooooh!”   

Sometimes the words really, really, really are important and are the basis for the emotion and context of the song.  To ignore them just because you aren’t familiar with the language diminishes the song. 


A/N: Here’s Chapter 3 to my TRR behind-the-scenes fanfiction series! Many thanks to Hana Lee @lizzybeth1986 for helping me with this one. You’re a walking-talking Liam wiki, girl. 😍 
I wanted to finish this series before TRR Book 2 is released, but the chances of that happening are slim now. Work and school are just… sigh. 
Anyway, this chapter is dedicated to the lovely @liamsprincesschoices for our always entertaining conversations. 😄 
Tagging @liamfanfiction and urging you to do the same whenever you write a Liam fic. Thanks! 

Pairing: Liam x MC 
Books: The Royal Romance, LoveHacks 

Chapter 1: Once Upon A Time 
Chapter 2: Welcome to Cordonia 

Chapter 3: Reunited 

What the hell was wrong with these women? 
Acting like they were on a European version of that show… what was it called, what was it called… yeah!
Mr. Bachelor.
Riley hated it when girls were mean to each other. That too over a boy.
Granted that Liam was no ordinary “boy”, but that still didn’t justify the Testy Three’s behavior towards Hana.
“You sure you’re all right?”, Riley asked her.
Hana looked up and smiled,
“Yeah. I’m sure. Thanks again”
“And again, you’re welcome”
They made their way back into the ballroom. An orchestra played faint music, perfecting the ambiance. People mingled. Riley’s eyes sought Liam among the crowd.
“Riley, look”, Hana said.
On following Hana’s gaze, she found Liam standing in the center of a small crowd of really old, really rich looking men. Her favorite Prince seemed attractive to her even while he simply… talked. Hana, bless her heart, told her with much excitement,
“He keeps looking at you”
And sure enough, Riley caught Liam sneaking a glance towards her. Her stomach seemed to flutter inside as he gave her a small smile. It only reached the corners of his mouth, but there was genuine happiness in his eyes.
Riley blushed and smiled back at him.
“Aw”, Hana cooed at the wordless interaction.
Riley had to look away from Liam when her little clutch vibrated. Her phone did actually. She checked and saw Dani was calling.
“Hana, excuse me. I have to take this" 

She had caught him staring. Not his fault she was so beautiful. 

Liam gave Riley a sheepish smile before turning his attention to the Duke.
How was he supposed to keep a stoic face, to go on and greet people like nothing had happened?
She had stood right before him and he hadn’t recognised her. The mask was between them but he should have been able to tell that voice from anywhere.
"And how does a Prince greet a beautiful mystery woman?”
This Prince, if he could, would have swept that mystery woman in his arms and shown her just how happy he was to see her.  
“…of course, Your Grace, the economy has been…”
He was afraid he would lose his mind and just yell at the withered old peer before him.
“She’s here! Look! Can you believe it?! Cause I sure can’t!”
However, he managed to end that conversation without referencing a certain American. 

Before he could catch his breath, another noble was upon him.
Out of a sense of duty, Liam truly tried to give his undivided attention to each guest that approached him.
But he felt as crazy as only a teenager could.
The girl he liked was in that very room. She had traveled halfway across the world for him. And she had asked him how he was holding up.
“…do like poodles”
He nodded at Lady Penelope, but his eyes scanned the room for Riley.
Where was she hiding? 

Sisterly instincts kicking in, Riley forgot everything else and sought some privacy for the phone call.
Why was Dani calling? Did something happen? Was Mr. Burns okay?
“Hey yourself, you wily minx!”, Dani exclaimed.
“What are you talking about? Is everything alright there?”
“Everything’s fine! I just listened to your voicemail now and had to call back. You better send me a pic of you in that dress”
Okay. Phew.
“I thought you might be taking your afternoon nap”
“I am too excited to sleep! Did you meet Liam? What did he say?”
Riley smiled, recalling their meet and greet from just a while ago.
“I did. He seemed happy to see me”
“Just happy?”
“Okay. Elated”
Wincing, Riley held the phone away from her ear while her sister squealed.
“Oh my god, he is so adorable, Riley! Do not let this one go. You hear me? He’s like a precious plushy!”
“Actually, I might have underestimated the competition. Yes, there is actual competition among the girls here to be picked as Liam’s bride”
“So what? Screw them. Liam likes you”
“It’s not that simple”
She tried not to think of his face when he had told her - 
‘We’re not in New York anymore’
“And the other ‘bachelorettes’ are here to win. They could use a fresh coat of personality, but they do have a lot going for them”
“That is so ridiculous. You have much more to offer than they do!”
“Like what?”
“Well, flash Liam your boobs and he’ll kick the girls out in a heartbeat”
“You’re disgusting”
Dani burst out laughing at her own joke. And because her twin couldn’t see it, Riley allowed herself a smile too.
“Look, sis. You’re not there to compete. You’re there for an adventure and to follow your heart. Do not, I repeat, do not overthink about your future there and the possibilities and probabilities of you winning. No calculations at all. Just relax and have a good time”
For all her carefree exuberance, Dani made her feel foolish sometimes. Riley sighed into the phone,
“You’re right”
“As always”
“I almost forgot to tell you. This girl here, Olivia, she is like a Cordonian Amy. Remember Amy from college? Collins’ girlfriend?”
“Ew. You have another Amy there? Wasn’t one enough for this world?”
“Apparently not. I swear, she is such a brat. There’s this other girl called Hana, really sweet and friendly. Olivia had the audacity to insult her in front of everyone. For no reason at all! I tried so hard not to get involved but I couldn’t just keep quiet”
“Oh man. This is just like the time you told Amy off, remember? She used to make fun of Harper, the religious girl from Ohio?”
“Yeah. I remember Harper. And I remember getting mad at Amy. She kept away from Harper after that. It was a good day”
“You scared Mark too. He came rushing into our dorm and was like - 'Your sister just got right up into Amy’s face and put the fear of Spencer in her. I was terrified and turned on at the same time’
“Mark”, she laughed, “I never understood why a good guy like him stuck with Amy”
Dani’s tone changed,
“Yeah. Me neither”
She said before Riley could speak,
“Anyway! You have fun at your Masquerade ball. Make sure you show off your charm to Liam, if not anything else. Hey, do you want to read this test piece I wrote? It’s got great advice. I’m calling it 'Nine Ways To Make A Lasting Impression On A Guy’
“I’ll manage without. Thank you. Take care now, okay? I’ll talk to you tomorrow”
“Yep! Knock 'em dead!”, Dani hung up.
Before Riley could put her phone back in, it vibrated again. The caller was -
“Frank”, she grimaced. 

Liam stifled a yawn. Poor Penelope seemed duller with every word, which was a pity since she was comparatively less artificial than the other ladies at court.
“No, I’m afraid I have never had a poodle”
He was looking at Lady Penelope’s eyes and found himself thinking about Riley’s.
Pretending to smile at something his companion said, Liam actually smiled at something he had just realized.
Maxwell hadn’t just brought Riley into his life.
He had brought hope. 

Riley answered and put the phone to her ear. Frank started yelling the second he heard her.
“Spencer, this better not be true! You dare to bail on me on the busiest day of the month?! I could fucking sue you! There are a thousand other stupid waitresses like you in Brooklyn! I will have you replaced in an hour if you don’t get your ass to work and apologize!”
As calm as could be, Riley replied,
“I hope you do sue me, Frank. It would be good practice for me. Oh, wait. I never told you I’m almost a lawyer, did I?”
The voice on the other end mellowed down significantly.
“Lawyer? You?”
“Mm-hm. It will be such fun to slam your sadist, egotistical ass into the ground. Off the top of my head, I can mention at least 7 health code violations in that shit-hole you call a bar. You do know what happens to bars that have rats, right?”
“You wouldn’t da…”
“I would, Frank, because I have had enough of your shit. Now you do me a favor. Go on in the back. Put on an apron and start busing tables. Cause I’m out. Buh-bye”
She hung up.

'That was… quite the rush’
Had she forgotten how much she loved putting jerks in their place?
Riley’s heart was racing.
‘Wow. It’s like an adrenaline rush’ 
Ever since the “incident” at school, she hadn’t even raised her voice at someone. Life seemed to say it would be okay if she kept her head down and let things be. But this is who she was.
Fighting for herself, for the things she wanted, for the people she cared about.
Maybe Dani wasn’t just being supportive. Maybe it was Lady Riley Spencer whom all the suitors ought to be afraid of.

With a sated smile, Riley put the phone in her bag and turned to enter the ballroom again. Maxwell was at her side in an instant.
“There you are!”, he exclaimed. 
She saw Liam talking to one of Olivia’s sidekicks.
And she smiled.
“It might seem rude to cut in, but…” 
No more rolling over. That dance with Liam belonged to her.
“…I know what to do”, Riley smiled again. 

To be continued.

É cara, ela pode até não ter aquelas coxas, ou aqueles glutéo tão desejado, mas é ela! A mulher que realmente se importa com você. Aquela que quando pergunta “você está bem?”, não pergunta por educação, mas sim por preocupação. Aquela que está presente na sua vida, aquela que te da conselhos bons, que te apoia e que tenta te conquista com toda a perfeição do sorriso dela. Mas você, só tem olhares para o que agrada a carne e não a alma. E acaba perdendo a lua olhando para as estrelas.
—  Maickom Frank
Which Big Brother 18 Houseguest Shares Your Zodiac Sign
  • Aries: Natalie, Tiffany
  • Taurus: Da`vonne, Frank, Victor
  • Gemini: James, Paul
  • Cancer: Bridgette, Nicole, Zakiyah
  • Leo:
  • Virgo:
  • Libra:
  • Scorpio: Corey, Paulie
  • Sagittarius:
  • Capricorn: Michelle
  • Aquarius:
  • Pisces: Jozea