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  • Hubs: Your mind is always wandering, you're never completely present in the moment.
  • Me: [thinking about plot for the next chapter, wondering if I should start a new playthrough, debating who to romance next]
  • Hubs: See! You're not even listening to me!
  • Me: [Are mages able to use magic because they're more aware of the Fade? If that's the case, then what would happen if a non-mage was exposed to a rift for a long period of time? How exactly does possession work? What's the difference between Flemeth and Anders?]
  • Hubs: [resigned sigh] What are you thinking of?
  • Me: Nothing.

If the Assassin’s Creed characters had tumblr. [ pic/gif credits (x)(x)(x) ]

Dragon Age Version
Mass Effect Version

  • Jungkook: Name some superheroes.
  • Taehyung: uh, batman, iron man, Spider-Man, superman...
  • Jungkook: Now, what am I?
  • Taehyung:
  • Taehyung: MY MAN
  • Jungkook: DAS RITE *Finger Guns™*
Fenris Theory

You guys…

So I was recently watching party comments/reactions for certain thingies for DA2, and I came across a very crazy realization.

So when the whole party is being blood magicked by Idunna, the craziest things happened. So like - when Hawke asks these guys what the hell is wrong with them because they’re telling him to take it easy on her, all of the party members are like - naaaahhh just be gentle, she’s nice and we shouldn’t be hard on her - ALL EXCEPT for the mages…

…and FENRIS.

So I was like - DA FUCK. All the mages are like - “Woah, what the hell am I saying, this lady is doing something weird, Hawke.” And everyone who isn’t a mage is like - “take it easy, she’s had it rough blah blah”, EXCEPT for Fenris! When Hawke is like, “what the hell is wrong with you?” Fenris is like “I-I don’t know, be careful.”


Why is he the only non-mage who doesn’t get fooled or enchanted (all the way) by this blood mage?

Obviously the answer is because he has those markings - BUT do you realize what this means!? You guys - this means Fenris’s connection to the fade is as strong as a mage’s.

Those lyrium markings don’t just affect his physical abilities, but his entire body is wired like a mage’s. He’s just as connected to the fade - Fenris just isn’t marked by lyrium - he IS lyrium. Woooaaahh. So basically - because lyrium exists in the fade just as much as in reality - his abilities actually give them the ability to phase into the fade.


He’s phasing in and out of the fade!


That also means that if he basically has that ability, then he should be able to physically travel between the two worlds. HEHEHE.

This also means that if he is lyrium, he should be able to hear and understand the song of both blue and red lyrium. (I’ll get to that significance another time).

What this also means, that if you for some insane reason, chose to have your Hawke “die” in the fade (the creators said that whoever was left in there isn’t necessarily dead) then Fenris is actually the only person (now that the Inquisitor had their arm chopped off) that is capable of saving him.

If Fenris is this perfect blend of a living lyrium catalyst, he could successfully enter the fade and get Hawke out of there. I firmly believe that if that was studied more than he would be able to do it. As Danarius had wanted of his slave, Fenris was basically a limitless supply of lyrium for his magic.(Again, how this is done I will get into another time).

Another thing that made me stop and turn to look at Fenris a couple times is his insane ability to feel the veil. Though they could be just offhand comments, I somehow doubt that. The example I’m referring to here is his comment as you walk on the Bone Pit for the first time. Fenris says: “Many slaves died here, their cries linger in the stone.” But if you recall from any Dragon Age lore, we all know that the veil is thin where great tragedy struck, such as war, murder, and of course the slaughtering of many innocent slaves. It’s obvious that what Fenris is “hearing” is the cries of the spirits who are mimicking the deaths of those slaves that were slaughtered. But the only way one could hear that, would be if they could actually feel the veil, much like any other mage who is attuned to the Fade. Fenris is just as attuned to it, and he shows this time and time again.

Of course he could just be being epic, but again, I doubt that, as that’s a pretty amazing comment for someone who isn’t a mage.

I’m also piecing this together in the aspect about this - after Fenris sleeps with Hawke, he says he’s was able to recall his memories. I think by now that us FenHawke shippers have a canon that Fenris’s markings light up during “intense” moments, but think about this. What if the reason why Fenris is able to recall his memories at that time is because his lyrium is allowing him to brief the fade? What if those markings bring him ever closer to the fade, to a point where spirits would begin to take the shape of his memories that he so desperately wants back? That would explain why he was able to recall those memories, even though his mind had been wiped, and also why he immediately forgot them once they had stopped.

Now, I know you must be thinking “wait - wouldn’t that mean that Fenris would be able to recall his memories every time he lit up to tear someone’s heart out?”

No, not necessarily.

I’m a huge fan of the idea that spirits of compassion, though rare, tend to seek those that are searching and looking for something. While Fenris fights, that’s obviously not pleasurable, and his mind isn’t focused on the things he wants.

However, I believe that while he and Hawke slept together, that was a moment of intense want. He wanted something, and his mind was in a place where coupled with that intense emotion, his lyrium linked to the fade. In this instance, it wouldn’t be too surprising that a spirit came along and generously allowed him to recall his memories.

I like this theory, and I think that, out of some of the ones I’ve heard, this is nicely simple and would explain a lot of his power.

I’ll keep adding to this if I find more proof!

(Also, if you’d like, I’ve posted a theory on how this plays a part in Hawke’s rescue. Check it out)

Inquisitor As A Companion Meme

InKid-quisitor as a Companion
Kid Varian

Warning: Itโ€™s long under the cut
Edit: Re-Made his Companion Cards & Character Icons

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“Hello, wife.”

“Hello, husband.”

I had an urge to draw Cullen and Tessa’s daughter and Alistair and Eryn’s son together all of a sudden because babies are precious. And I had people asking about Sophie’s SO so I decided to draw him. 

Nervous Energy

Sometimes I’m great with titles, sometimes I’m not. Forgive me. A while back, I did a ficlet challenge. Awkward Attempts at Kissing became a clear favorite and several of you have asked me to continue with the story. I’ve got a few other things I’m working on as well, but I hope you like it! Thank you @diversemediums for helping me proof it!!

Anonymous asked: What was teenage Jamie’s thoughts on working up the nerve to ask Claire out ?

Claire. Elizabeth. Beauchamp.

The most beautiful girl I’ve ever seen. She’s smart, kind, has a smile that lights up every room she’s in, and I’m fairly sure I’m in love wi’ her. At least I think so. I canna stop thinkin’ about her.

She’s joined the drama club, drooling after that bloody Kevin O’Hara. But I ken he’s got his eyes fixed on Kitty, so I just need to wait.

I almost spoke to her today, almost asked her out. I’d taken the breath, practiced my words, and then she walked by. She smelled like vanilla and herbs and I couldna speak.

Someday… someday I’ll speak wi’ her. I’ll tell her she’s beautiful. I’ll tell her that I’ve no’ looked at another girl since the day she walked into school. That I want her to be the only girl I ever date.

I’m reading a book, waiting for my Da to come pick me up and take me home. The door behind me slams open and I turn around.

Holy Mary mother of God, she’s beautiful when she’s angry.

“That rotten little bastard!”

She hasn’t seen me, doesn’t know I’m sitting right there. I freeze, afraid that if I move, she’ll run away.

“What the hell has Kitty got over me?!”

As I watch, her hands go to her hair, which has escaped the braid she’d put it in. I live for the days she lets it down. The other girls put so much into their hair, wear so much makeup you canna tell what they’re supposed to look like. But no’ Claire. Never Claire.

“Jesus H. Roosevelt Christ!” she yelps.

She’s seen me. Damn! Those incredible amber eyes of hers go wide and I put my book down.

“Hello, Claire.”

Is that my own voice? Christ! How do I sound so calm? I’m sure she can see how hard my heart is beating.

“You know who I am?”

Of course I do!

“Aye. I canna help but notice ye seem a bit upset.”

“Oh, um… y-yes.”

She canna meet my eyes. Probably for the best. I dinna need her to see how red my ears will turn.

“Do ye have any plans on Friday?”

“Uh… No?”

I hear my Da’s car pull up. I have to speak quickly, get this over with so I can leave before she sees my red face.

“There’s a new film out in the cinema. Would ye like to come out wi’ me?”

Please say yes. Please say yes. Please, for the love of God, say yes.

“What for?”

I smile at her. I canna help it. She’s flustered and angry and her cheeks are red.

“A date.”

Holy God. Did I just say that? No! That wasna what I meant to say! No no no! She’ll think I’m-


“Jamie lad, come on, then!”

I must be smiling like a loon. I feel like I’m smiling like a loon.

“Meet me at four-thirty?”

“Wait… You’re not kidding, are you?”

“O’course not! I want to go out wi’ you.”

Shut up shut up shut up!

“Jamie Fraser!”

I grimace. Da is getting angry.

“So? Will ye go out wi’ me?”


“James. Fraser! Dinna make me get out o’ this car!”

I stare at her, pleading.

“Alright. I’ll meet you at the cinema at four-thirty.”

“I’ll see ye tomorrow then, Claire.”

Before Da gets properly angry, I jog over to the car. I sit down in my seat, dumping my bag in the back. Claire is still standing where I left her, her mouth hanging open as we drive by.

“Does she need a ride, lad?”

“No. Her uncle will be here soon.”

Da’s face breaks into a grin. Damn it.

“Ah. So that’s her then, is it?”

“Her who?”

“Dinna play coy wi’ me, son. I ken ye’ve had yer eye on a lass for some time.”

Folding my arms over my chest, I look out the window. I willna talk about it.

“Have I told ye how I asked out yer mam?”

“Aye, ye have.”

Ignoring me, as he usually does wi’ this story, he continues.

“She was dating that Grant lad. But she didna love him. So when I asked her out for a coffee, she accepted. Broke up wi’ him that verra night.”

“And then she called you and asked you out to lunch, where she paid and wouldna let you pay,” I said in a flat voice.

Da laughs as we keep driving.

“Did she say yes, then?”

“Aye. She did. I’m taking her out to the cinema tomorrow night.”

Da’s face becomes suddenly serious.

“And ye will behave as a gentleman ought. Ye willna take advantage of the sweet lass, aye?”

“Da! I’d never!”

“I ken the temptations when yer at the cinema. It’s dark and no one will see ye.”

I groan and throw my head back on the headrest of the seat.

“Da! I’m no’… I’ll no’…” I stumble over my words. “Da!”

By now, Da’s laughing so hard he has to wipe the tears from his cheeks.

“Christ! Yer as easy as Willie sometimes. I ken the sort of man ye are, Jamie. I ken you’ll treat the lass wi’ respect. But… Just to be sure, Murtagh will go wi’ ye.”


Da pulls down the drive to Lallybroch.

“It’s either Murtagh or Willie.”

Oh God. Not my brother.

“Fine. But I canna pay for three tickets.”

Da chuckles.

“I’m sure Murtagh can afford his own ticket to the cinema. Tell me who the lass is?”

Turning the car off, Da turns to watch me.

“Claire. Claire Beauchamp. She’s the smartest girl in my year. She tutors some of the other students in science. I dinna think she’s ever failed an exam. I ken she lives wi’ her uncle, though I’m no’ sure why. She sits with Amy and Geillis at lunch. And when she laughs, her eyes light up, like colored glass. I’ve never seen eyes like hers, Da. And her hair…”

I trail off, realizing Da’s just starin’ at me.

“I think ye are smitten, Jamie my boy.”


“Ye’ve fallen for the lass. The look on yer face is the same one I have when I look at yer mam.”

I bury my face in my hands.

“What am I gonna do, Da?”

“Weel, first thing ye dinna breathe a word o’ this to Willie. He’ll gi’ ye hell for it, same as he did Jenny when she started dating Ian. Second, ye tell yer mam. She’ll be heartbroken if ye dinna tell her.”

I nod, heaving a great sigh.

“Aye, I’ll go tell her.”

“Other than that, ye be the man we raised ye to be. A kind and respectful man, who kens how to treat a woman the way she deserves.”

Da clapps me on the shoulder and gives one last smile. I grab my bag from the back and head inside.

I probably wouldna get any sleep tonight, but that was alright. I had a date with the prettiest girl in Scotland. Nothing else in the world seemed to matter.

So I started listening to Hamilton

I’m only three songs in but, uh…

👌👀👌👀👌👀👌👀👌👀 good shit go౦ԁ sHit👌 thats ✔ some good👌👌shit right👌👌there👌👌👌 right✔there ✔✔if i do ƽaү so my self 💯 i say so 💯 thats what im talking about right there right there (chorus: ʳᶦᵍʰᵗ ᵗʰᵉʳᵉ) mMMMMᎷМ💯 👌👌 👌НO0ОଠOOOOOОଠଠOoooᵒᵒᵒᵒᵒᵒᵒᵒᵒ👌 👌👌 👌 💯 👌 👀 👀 👀 👌👌Good shit

I Can Be Sweet... Maybe? (Pete Dunne imagine)

I have a request for Pete Dunne! His girlfriend is a little depressed and he’s not sure what to do. Because he wants her happy, he will do whatever it takes. So he has to get in touch with his softer side.

Tag List (Tell me if you want to be tagged in my stuff): @flawlessglamazon @neeadinghugs @theelitevillian @hoodgirl163

Warnings: depression, cursing, eh, nothing else really

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

“Luv, Tyler and Trent are here and they want to know if ya still up for the lunch ya set up a couple days ago.“ Pete grumbled as he leaned against the bedroom doorway. She waved a hand at him from where she laid on the bed where she had been all morning, not moving a single bone.

The blond sighed at his girlfriend’s response and turned on his heel,only to jerk backwards when he saw that his best friends was standing behind him, with their arms crossed over their chests, scowls painted on their faces. Pete rolled his eyes and asked,“Jesus, ya fuckin’ wankers gon’ drag ‘er out of bed?”

“Yep, and she isn’t gettin’ out of dis.” Tyler grumbled as he and Trent slid past Pete into the room before the youngest flopped onto the bed besidr her.

“Luv, what’s wrong? Ya never like dis.” Trent asked, stroking her hair after Pete walked into the living room. She turned to stare up at him with tears streaming down her face then she smiled weakly and answered, “I’m fine, I swear.”

“Darlin’, ya’re anything but fine. Was ’t Pete? I swear, I’ll rip his bloody head off!” Tyler swore,standing up to storm up to the always angry blond man, but he didn’t get far. Y/N grabbed his wrist and yanked him down onto the bed then declared,“Relax, you guys. I’m just… depressed. No big deal for you guys to throwing a fit over.”

Trent and Tyler shared identical looks then looked down at the poor girl in middle of them before kissed her hair stated we let you slip out dis one.“

“Thanks, Trent, I owe you one.” she murmured, laying her head back down on the pillow. Tyler covered her up then they headed out to where Pete was chilling in the recliner, stretched out in content before Trent reached up and shoved him backwards, Pete flailing as he shrieked a little.

“What da fuk!” Pete shouted, jerking up onto his feet. Tyler shook his head and Trent stated simply,“Ya stupid bastard.”

“What da hell did I do this time!?” Pete exclaimed, throwing his hands up. Tyler shushed him and motioned towards the front door then hissed,“ Let’s go grab lunch and we’ll explain.”

The three men known as British Strong Style walked into a Chinese restaurant then settled in a booth. Tyler turned to Pete and said,“She’s depressed,mate. Ya need to help ‘er.”

“What da fuk am I supposed ta do then?” Pete demanded, his regular sneer painted across his face. Trent shook his head and lowered his voice so no one would be interested in their converstation,“Ya help ‘er through it. Ya let her know how ya really feel about ‘er.”

“I usually show ‘er that I love ‘er through sex.” Pete grumbled, shrugging. Tyler shook his head and stated,“Nah,nah,nah, mate, ya gotta go at ’t from a different angle. A sweet one.

“Are ya fuckin’ tellin’ me that I gotta be… sweet?” Pete demanded. Trent chuckled and brushed his hair out of his face then replied,“Damn straight, ya fuckin’ bitch.”

“Shite, mate, I dunno if Pete Dunne has a sweet body in his body.” Tyler roared with laughter, his entire body shaking with the motion. Pete leveled Tyler with a dirty glare then growled,“What the fuk do ya know about bein’ sweet?”

“Pete, Tyler is a hellva lot sweeter than ya are. Maybe ya can take some advice from him.” Trent suggested, chuckling. Pete tapped his chin and grumbled,“Well, it’s betta than hunting down some fukhead to help me!”

Tyler cheered and leaned in close then begun giving advice to Pete. Granted, he rolled his eyes, but he took mental notes on every thing that Tyler said.

“Thanks, mate.” Pete grumbled before Tyler and Trent got in the car. Tyler nodded and shut the door before Pete turned on his heel and started his way up to the stairs, fingers tight around the carryout boxes and flowers in his hands.

When he steps into the apartment, it smelt like jasmine, which meant she was awake and possibly out of bed.

“Babe? I’m home!” he called out, shutting the door with his foot. Her head peeked out and he lost his breath. Even though she was dressed like she hadn’t showered in a couple of days, she still looked as stunning as ever.

“Hi,baby!” she chirped,kissing his cheek after he hid the flowers and food behind his back. He grinned at her then stated,“I-I have a surprise for you.”

Her eyes widened as he held up the flowers and set the food down on the counter then stated,“Luv, I know you’ve been sad lately and… and I want to help you through it. I may not be able to do a lot but I can sure as hell try. I’m here for you.“

She closed her eyes and sobbed, falling to her knees as she covered up her face then she murmured,"Pete-”

“No. No more pushin’ me away, luv. I’m here for ya. Ya and me, we’re together till da end of the line. I love ya,Y/N.” Pete said, sinking beside her. She cupped his cheeks and kissed his lips several times while murmuring she loves him so much. He gripped her chin then full on kissed her,tongue and all.

“Thank you for the flowers and food.” she laughed against his lips. He smirked and replied,“See, I can be sweet.”

guys i met michael finally after so many years and i’ve had the best few days with amazing people in an amazing place and i’m just so !!! right now

Got7 in a Group Chat
  • Jacks da king: you guys should appreciate me more!
  • Hit the Spot Yeomy: no
  • Jacks da king: I AM OLDER THAN YOU
  • bam dat dab bitch: he said no that is not disrespectful
  • Hit the Spot Yeomy: FACTA TELL EM BAMS
  • bam dat dab bitch: ...
  • Hit the Spot Yeomy: ......................
  • Mork tana: wtf jackson
  • Jacks da king: so you cuss now???
  • Mork tana: I've always cussed whats up?
  • Park Gae: *lurks*
  • Jacks da king: I AM LEAVING ALL OF YOU

🌲🌨//NORTH DREAM UPDATE: 02-12-2017


north is still a work in progress! it’s snowing today in town and irl

this dream update includes:

  • new landscaping
  • completed house interior
  • goodies and clothing for dreamers

thank you for visiting! feel free to tag me in pictures/give feedback ❄️


EDIT: forgot to put the DA what am I