das schwarze auge

Madalena Seelenrufer (”soul/spirit caller”), my bard, amateur seeress, and occasional unwilling bridge between life and the Beyond. Would appreciate weird shit staying away from her once in a while, so she can just write the gayest love songs about beautiful girls all day, thank you. As that never happens, she is instead about 172% done with everything, always.

Slightly blurry, just click on it.

So lately out campaign came to an end and it was time to say goodbye to Marcian who knew his time was over as soon as they reached their goal.

After the endfight he got badly wounded and - of course - anybody dashed to him in intent to save his life but he refused any healing potion. He did a lot of things utterly wrong and punishment of the Inquisition is the only thing that awaits him so it would be better for anyone (even the heroes) if he dies now before they get involved into his problems.

Sleep well in Borons’ arms, Inquisitor.


Sachen loswerden Teil 4: DSA Abenteuer. 

Je nu… hier bin ich mir echt nicht sicher. Einerseits versauern sie seit einigen Jahren in Kisten im Keller. Noch mal mitschleppen ist also so eine Sache. Andererseits stecken auch viele Erinnerungen drin. 

Es ist übrigens nur eine Auswahl. Da gibt es noch viele, viele mehr…

Hin- und hergerissen ich bin. 

Why I feel so alone.
  • Since my first DSA-game nobody understands my love for dwarfs.
  • me: ... and omg, FINALLY a film abaut dwarfs! So much DSA-feels!...
  • friend: I hate dwarfs.
  • me: I hate you too.
  • friend: They don't even have women.
  • me: Sure they do, but they are often mistaken as men 'cause of their beards.

165 pages of awesome. A little private project which started with a Roleplay-Adventure. Some weeks ago the player of our knight , Thisdan, came around with a private matter her character needs to solve.

Of course I needed to grab this opportunity to drag a character into situations he needs to make life-changing choices for his own. Because I love when some “character” slowly developes into a true hero.

My player might say I’m sadistic. O no-oh-oh! I just think nobody becomes a hero when you throw cotton-balls at them. ^______^

The story of the knight who searches his own place in this world seemed to be catchy enought that the player invested tons of time into writing down what Thisdan has gone throught this adventure.

Since I can’t just sit aside when someone starts to work a serious amount on something I just drew a little Cover in my spare time. PDF’s without Covers are “naked” in my eyes. Well, then it started to escalate and I designed also an Emblem besides a backside and why not printing it anyways?

And mugs. Because mugs are awesome. 8D

It’s damn precious if you got someone as a friend you can collaborate so easily with and no ass-kicks are needed. °v° I experienced it totally different with some people I did collabs with.

Thanks that we were able to write together.

Thanks you appreciate my skills as an Artist. ^v^

(No, this is no official publication. It’s private - and also JUST in german)