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playing DA:Origins like...
  • Warden: (◡‿◡✿)
  • Warden: what?! (ʘ‿ʘ✿)
  • Warden: alright that's it, hold my flower Alistair (ʘ‿ʘ)ノ✿
  • Alistair: I got your flower, go kick some ass ✿\(。-_-。)

Throw back Thursday!

Throwing it back to Sunday. When I may have went to my first Pride Parade. When I may have also been walking in said Pride Parade on Sunday with my Rocky Horror group dressed as Janet. 

Spoiler alert: It was a lot of fun! I was feeling sore for days (the beat from the cars in front of us was just too much fun not to dance to). So, there’s a fun story of stuff I do, lol. (I also got to see the last show on the You’re Welcome tour at the Fillmore, so stayed in Detroit for the day and went to an Arcade between Parade and Show. Long day.)

So. Much. Glitter. I still have some in my car, lol.

cat using supergirl airlines (begrudgingly cause apparently cat's afraid of heights but she has no better alternative since she's shit late for a meeting or something i dunno then they have a moment and oh right that whole j'onn j'onnz thing never happened and cat knows about kara being supergirl and she takes advantage of that of course but only on the rare occasions that people don't need saving)

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Mini gifts for @city-of-galaxies / @galaxiesmobians !! ;o; I saw you were feeling down and I wanted to surprise you with some art of your oc, Caleb. ;u; He’s really fun to draw, especially his hair. >o< I drew him both in my regular style and chibi. uvu I hope you like it! ;v;

Tabristair Masterpost

[Last Updated: 5.16.2017]

A chronicling of the life and times of Aeron Tabris, Commander of the Grey and Hero of Ferelden. Complete fics, short fic doodles, and everything in between.


Scenes from a War-Forged Courtship: Set during the events of Origins, with a finale set roughly two years after. Has its own masterpost, which the above link will take you to. [Last Updated: 4.24.17]

The Wardens at Weisshaupt: An ongoing collection of fic doodles set after Awakening, but before Golems and Witch Hunt. Warden-Commander Aeron Tabris is summoned by the First Warden to answer for her actions at Amaranthine and also struggles with the aftermath of all she’s seen and done. Now has its own masterpost, which the link now takes you to.



Things set after Origins and its DLC. They’re only very, very, very loosely in chronological order.