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Dragon Age Purikura ( プリクラ) / Part 2!

I spent way more time on this one than I had planned because I kept redoing parts of it, but here it is, my next ‘Dragon Age Purikura’ illustration. 😀 After I did the first one of my Warden and Alistair, I needed one with Cullen and Inquisitor Trevelyan together this time. (Of course she added lion sticker decorations to the photo, even though Cullen requested she “use anything but that.”) 😒 heheh. Awww, c’mon, Commander, photo booth pictures are supposed to be cute!~  😋 I intend to make even more of these silly things because they’re so fun! 😉

I mean like in those old movies were the husband kisses s wife goodbye before heading out to work.

I didn’t know this ship was everything I needed.