das bae for u


“Are you not with us?”

“No. Not if us means him.”

Burdens (Heirs! Lee Hyo Shin)

Type: angst/fluff !warning!

Request: Hi! Can I please have a Heirs scenario for Kang ha neul (Lee hyo shin) , where u and him where together but u broke up with him and after a while of ignoring each other he hears a rumor of u being in the hospital for attempted suicide, but u still ignore& push him away when he is clearly worried about u, but in the end u where only pushing him away cuz u thought u were a burden on him, sorry if its really sad but can u please end it with a lot of fluff? Like just the end please! (Amd oh my godd kang ha neul is DA BAE!!) than u :* :D

“I just think we’re drifting apart” Hyoshin tells you hoping you would understand he wanted to talk about things. He’d realized you would barely make an input into the conversation or when you would be in the same room and seem a million miles away from him. You didn’t even look at him “alright then I’ll make it easier on you. I don’t want to be together anymore” you spoke. To his shock you simply turned from him and started walking away from him not letting him say anything else, you didn’t want him to see your tears which were wiped as quickly as they fell. He never got a look from you when you guys walked passed each other in the halls or when he would attempt to talk to you a few times you wouldn’t respond to him. He began to ignore you and threw himself into his class work and into the studio so he wouldn’t be reminded before long he didn’t even realize you hadn’t showed to school for more than a week. “Have you seen Y/N?” Bo Na asked him as she entered the broadcasting station, he turned to her and raised a brow “we broke up weeks ago. I havent said a word to her since then. I dont care” he spoke hurting himself slightly by those words, he really did care.

“I wonder if the rumors is true then” Bo Na says “rumors?” he asks “someone says they heard from their parents that they saw Y/N in the hospital” she whispers and even looked around just in case before she started talking again “they said she was under suicide watch” she continued. His eyes widen slightly “what? When?” he asks “like two days ago” she tells him “she won’t even answer her phone” Bo Na pouts “I hope she’s alright” she mumbles. Soon she left to find Chanyoung to see if he heard anything and Hyoshin links his hands together as he begins to drift into thought.

He got up and picked up his bookbag and began his journey out of the school even though many people questioned his leaving he didn’t stop. He quickly hurried to his car, hoping the rumir was a big lie and you were just sick and when he got to your house and your mom opened the door and saw his teary eyes “is it true?” he asks as she let him in “she’s in her room” she says as he rushed up the stairs to your room. He knocked on the door before he opened it “Y/N” he whispers as you didn’t even look at him. He looked you over and a frown came to his face as he saw your bandaged wrists “you didn’t please tell me you really didn’t try” he says as he walks closer to you “get out” you told him still not looking. He froze “what?” he asks “leave I don’t want to see you” you tell him “Y/N please I’m worried about you” he says as his tears began to fall. You remained silent and he wiped his eyes and started walking out quickly so your mother wouldn’t see him like this.


Coming back to school was hard as people were whispering about you “Y/N you’re back” Bo Na says while you gave a small smile. “Are you alright?” Chanyoung asks as you nod “I’ll be fine” you say plainly as they both begin looking you over for marks you cleared your throat and opened your locker. You felt someone standing at the other side of locker, you closed your locker to see Hyoshin standing there “are you-” you walked away from him almost instantly breaking his heart. He felt his lip quiver before he rushed to catch you and instead of grabbing your wrist like he normally did. You stopped as his hand held your arm.

He wrapped his arm around your shoulders tugging you close so your back was pressed to his chest and sighed in content at your body being close to his again. “Please stop running away” he whispers, he heard your shaky breath. He let go of you before grabbing your hand and began tugged you up the stair to the roof. By the time you guys were up there you were in tears “why won’t you talk to me? What’s wrong please?” he asks “we aren’t together anymore. It doesn’t matter” you tells him. “It doesn’t matter if we are still together or not. I still care about you and your health” he tells you. 

He wiped your eyes before he pulled you in for a hug “why did you do it?” he whispered “It’s so hard to be happy. I’m trying so hard but nothing is working anymore” you tell him. He buried his face into your neck hugging you tighter “please don’t leave me. I will do whatever it takes to make you smile again for real” he says shakily. “It didn’t save me and it’s not going to save you. My life would be horrible without you here with me” making your eyes well up again. “I never wanted to stress you out you’ve already been through hell and I couldn’t drag you down again so I thought going away was easier for me and for you. Its not at all” you tell him as he clutches you closer to him. “It would never be easier with you gone” he whispers. He pulls away looking at you before leans in and kisses you. He wasn’t going to let you go this time, never again.

Korean verbs pt. 1:

1. 오다: (oh-da) to come

2. 마시다: (ma-si-da) to drink 

3. 먹다: (meok-da) to eat

4. 주다: (ju-da) to give

5. 가다: (ka-da) to go

6. 듣다: (deud-da) to listen

7. 배우다: (bae-u-da) to learn

8. 만들다: (man-deul-da) to make

9. 앉다: (an-da) to sit 

10. 자다: (ja-da) to sleep

11. 씻다: (ssit-da) to wash

12. 쓰다: (sseu-da) to write

13. 울다: (ul-da) to cry

14. 갖다: (kat-da) to have

15. 웃다: (ut-da) to laugh

*Notice that some verbs also have and adjective form (whichs describes something the subject is doing) while the verb form is the action itself. First we have to think what do we want to do; if we want to describe something we should use the adjectives but if we want to say something that happened, its happening or will happen then we surely have to use the verbs. 

**Also all this verbs are in dictionary form (hence the “다/ da” at the end) so to change them there are rules to follow and verbs with similar vowels before the “다/da” end up being conjugated the same way (with the same ending). I will make a proper post about the conjugation.. 

Enjoy learning!! 

HAPPY BURFDAYYY TO TOBIN HEATH aka. my idol, my fave, my love, my wife, my bae, my..u get what i mean xD

I literally have so much things i wanna say about how incredible and special she is but let’s just say “We all have those people in our lives that inspire us to be better and make us feel alive. Tobin was one of those people for me.” 

So….Thank you Tobin :’)

Marhinki Fanfictions are always like

Mari: Om gog I broke up wit Petur lol *cries*

Sohinki: Omg i wana confess mah fellins 2 mari

Mari: Let cuddle

Sohinki: Yass bitch *Kisses ur 4 head* I luh u

mari: me 2 lol *knocks the fuck out sleeping on shonkis chest n shit*

Sohinki: Das bae.

Mari: Om gog lets kep it a c kret betwink u and me so no body knows lol

Sohinki: das gr8 lol