das album

  • Hogwarts student: did you study for Flitwick's test?
  • Dumbledore's Army: Study??? 🤐📚 I don't have the time 🕞🕚🕟 I'm too busy taking down 👊💪 Umbridge 😡😩😭 have fun in the stands 😤👋 while I take a stand 🤘👌🏆 Potter 3:22
the white album explained (part 1)
  • back in the ussr: the beatles are the red beach boys (they forgot their sunblock)
  • dear prudence: "hey prudence farrow you haven't eaten in days stop meditating won't you come out to pla--wait omg stay there i had an idea" -john lennon
  • glass onion: can everyone shut up paul isn't dead (yes he is)
  • obla di obla da: life goes on, brah (still the red beach boys)
  • wild honey pie: george's wife wanted to end the beatles
  • bungalow bill: john tries to get yoko and the other beatles to hang out with each other
  • while my guitar gently weeps: george likes eric clapton
  • happiness is a warm gun: the beatles take a break from the hippy shit and preach violence
  • martha my dear: paul likes his dog
  • im so tired: oh john can't sleep at night, but just the same, i never weep at night, i call your name
  • blackbird: paul is a little late to the civil rights movement but that's what dying can do to a guy
  • piggies: reverse animal farm (regular farm)
  • rocky raccoon: he was a fool onto himself
  • don't pass me by: ringo,,,,good job
  • why don't we do it in the road:
  • i will: he will
  • julia: john writes a song about his mom à la paul style
Portami al museo, regalami un set di pastelli, guarda con me i dipinti nelle gallerie d'arte, scegli i colori giusti per questo disegno, poggia sul mio dito il tuo e scattiamo insieme questa foto, prendimi per mano e andiamo in libreria, studia con me questo dipinto, sii per me fonte d'ispirazione, portami al Pantheon, regalami una margherita, ama l'arte ed io amerò te.
Und manchmal sehen wir uns bei Leuten, die wir beide kennen. Aber anstatt wegzurennen, schaut man sich heimlich an, weil man sich nicht mehr kennen lernen kann.
—  AnnenMayKantereit, Wohin du gehst