Two things I will always wonder about the Dragon Age Universe:

1. What is Anders’ real name?

2. How the fuck do Qunari sleep with those giant-ass horns? Like seriously??? I need to know, Bioware!!!


May the Fourth be with you. This is my Jabba the hut cosplay. It took hours of sewing and creating and is definitely not just a blanket wrapped around me. I’m a serious costumer.

Patch 7 Released for DAI

Patch 7 has been released!

It contains a lot of resource files that will be used not only in the Dragonslayer MP DLC, but also some for the Black Emporium DLC. In other words, this appears a mandatory update for those who want to use the Black Emporium.

Assume it will break your mods. It is confirmed that the most recent Mod Manager doesn’t work.

Just a quick PSA.