Hawke will always have a special place in my heart and nothing angers me more when  I see the character disparaged due to being human. I get it. We all get it. We are supposed to hate everything human in these games and and dwarves and qunari are not too far behind. Let me stress I  know  there a fans who do not share this mindset and they are very respectful  but they are few and far in between.

I loved playing Tabris and Brosca in Origins but Hawke is just as special to me.  Dragon Age 2 was a great game and Hawke was a wonderful character whether you played a male or female version.

There are also plenty of others in this fandom who consider their Hawkes just as special

People have the right to play these games how they want but I wish people  would not disparage Hawke just because they hate humans and I really wish please would stop trying to dictate to us that we have to hate Hawke because it was the only choice. I would have no problem plying these games if they offered a single choice of an elf, dwarf, or qunari and a human again if the story was just as good.

Sorry for venting but I’m just tired of it.

Ho capito che alla fine é tutto un gran “mettere da parte”.
Mettere da parte l’orgoglio, quando dall’altra parte c’è una persona cara che non vuoi, non puoi perdere.

Mettere da parte i ricordi,quando ti ci attacchi troppo e scordi di vivere per davvero.

Mettere da parte gli ideali, se c’è qualcuno che, nonostante atteggiamenti che non condividi, ha bisogno di te e tu hai bisogno di lui.

E poi mettere da parte il cuore, l’affetto, l’amore, se il destinatario ha deciso di mettere da parte te.