“I’m sorry” I tell you, poor Darzie, yet part of me knows this delighted you. Perhaps even you had started it somehow, would you be happy know it's successful? The gas mask is on my face, I can’t resist uttering “are you my mummy?” then pull the trigger, let the fire spray out, dousing you. I knew the Darzie I knew was gone. Replaced with a Cordycep like hive mind. But I had been there when it happened…

You were excited, you had some of us gathered that you could trust at least a little. You had successfully mutated a strain of fungus to adhere to mammals, you said, and whisked away the curtain. 
Mice, Chipmunks, Rats, Squirrels, Rabbits, cats, even a Dog. You tell us, as you point them how the strain has progressed. It spreads slowly, like the fungi you have often studied. You explain how it makes them almost Zombie like, and express this with the Mice. They seem all dead at first, many nothing but fuzzy white blankets as much as the chipmunks are. Then one opens its eyes, they flash in bright, traffic cone orange. I remember what I had learned before, that’s the nutrient feeding rod inside the body. 
You pull on gloves and reach in to remove a squirrel which sits weirdly docile in your grip. It chitters, looks around, scrubs it’s ears. Aside from the weird dull orange in it’s eyes, and the the delicate mushroom sprouting from between it’s ears the creature seems quite normal. Further you tell us that it is technically Zoonotic. Some don’t know what this means…but I do. 
Hesitantly I ask, “So…it transfers to humans…with the same or similar effects? How do you know that?”
You smile, impressed perhaps someone understood what Zoonosis was. You have it, you explained. You can feel it inside of you, trying to gain control. However, unlike Ants, insects and small creatures it has a harder time gaining control of larger, more complex mammals. 

You point at the Dog, and the cats which show little affect. Replacing the squirrel. You tell us gathered that it has actually helped you become stronger functioning. More physically fit and even quicker thinking. You theorized that it is becoming Symbiotic rather than parasitic like it is to the smaller creatures. 

It was six months later you were showing strange signs. 
Another six months and you were hardly the Dazie we knew and loved. You were aggressive, very fast, and spent a lot of time in public places, especially around foods.
It was only another three months though that I found myself beside you, holding your hand as you look at me with your oranged eyes. “I was working on a fighting measure, just in case” You told me. I could see you in there, in some ways. These final moments seemed to bring back the old Darzie. You had not developed a proper killing agent for it though. At least not for you. I’m wearing a mask over my face, and you point overhead at a bottle, with a blue thick liquid in it sitting on a piece of paper. You explain to me how that’s the best you found, but it was too late for you. I hug you gently, wary of the strange fungus that adorns you, but with the mask on it’s harder for it to reach me.
“I’ll get it out there, don’t worry.”  

Your orange eyes are fading to white. You nod, but then you’re gone. 
At least I had thought so then. 
I had drunk some of your counter fungus. It tastes like strange sweet candy. I don’t know if it works, but I’ve not caught the Hybrid Zombiefungus yet. I drink it every now and then to be sure.

Where I failed was spreading it around. No one believed me…until it was too late. 

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for the describe your ocs meme - 3, 5, 6, and 9 for both Remy and Tala?


3. Their usual hangout
Any place she can kind of curl up in the shadows, or layout and maintain her weapons. Though she does develop a bit of a soft spot for Matt’s couch on the ship, and his lab later.

5. Their table manners
She has pretty decent table manners, chews with her mouth closed and such, but she does put her elbows on the table and such. Eating alone, she’s much more reserved. But eating with her friends she’s extremely social. If it’s just Matt and her, it’s a calm, quiet affair, but usually overly cuddly.

6. How they interact with their pets
She’s a good pet mom. In SR2, when she found the Horsemen (her 4 Doberman Pinschers which were being sold out of a box on a corner shortly after she came out of the coma). The four of them are well-trained, well-fed, exercised, and socialized. Yes, Conquest (the white female) is a little irritable and can be almost viciously protective, but she is not out of control. She’s very smart and very close with Remy. She knows Remy is the alpha and takes care of them.

Remy really loves these guys. From the first time Death peed on her and famine tried to climb in the food bowl, she was enamoured :D. They are each sweet little morsels with personalities all their own.

9. How they would receive a gift
Remy tends to get flustered when she receives gifts. She’s always pleased and appreciative, but never really knows quite how to respond. She will sometimes stammer or just seem kind of aloof, but only because she’s not sure what to say.


3.  Their usual hangout
Anywhere she can plug in her computer if it needs charging. If it’s fully charged, she just needs a comfy spot to curl up. Though she likes to use multi-monitored desktops as well, usually while curled up in her comfy chair.

5.  Their table manners
She has rather proper table manners. Her father was a bit of a stickler about politeness at the table. And going to really prissy dinners with her mother, imparted some quite proper manners.

6.  How they interact with their pets
Tala’s had a few pets, mostly all before she was 12. Once she went to school she stuck to fish. She had a hamster once, but her course load and studying didn’t allow her to properly care for it. She’s aware enough to know that she couldn’t do right by that pet, so she took him home and gave him to a cousin. The fish, however, did well though. 

9.  How they would receive a gift
Tala would get giddy. She’d be really enthusiastic receiving, opening, and discovering it. Her reaction would fall along the range of excited–from giddy smiling to potentially graspy hugs, maybe kisses for close friends or lovers.

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Mam przyjaciela . Znamy się dopiero miesiąc a ja czuję coś do niego.. Coś więcej.. Nie wiem co mam zrobić. Boje się że pozna kogoś i wtedy nasza przyjaźń upadnie. Boli mnie to. I nie wiem co mam zrobić. Kocham go bardzo.I nie po przyjacielsku.Pomóż.

Ta świadomość rani Ciebie i Twoje uczucia. Wiem, że Ci z tym ciężko i trudno Ci się przełamać na rozmowę. Ale może trzeba z nim o tym porozmawiać. Ujawnić uczucia. A jeśli czujesz, że on nie darzy Cię większym uczuciem. Możesz z nim porozmawiać w sposób ‘co by było, gdyby jedno z nas się zakochało w sobie, co by było wtedy z przyjaźnią?’. Spróbuj chociaż w taki sposób jak narazie. Nie możesz tak w tym tkwić bo to Cię rani, chyba czas żeby podjąć jakąś decyzję. Wiem, że to nie jest taki proste. Ale dałabyś radę tkwić w tej przyjaźni z tą świadomością, że nie możesz być kimś dla niego więcej? Musisz to przemyśleć na spokojnie. Możesz pisać jak coś.

Technicolor Geek Chic | Saints Row RPG | Coming To

Summary: Tala’s first few days after being let out of the tube are a bit of a struggle.

a/n: Thank you to @celesteennui for betaing and, of course, the use of her characters. Note: I wrote this with no idea how any of this is supposed to play out. I just wanted to write Tala in this world and this happened. So … here you have it.

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Tala, Around the World in 20 Years


Birth - 2 New York, New York

2-3        Paris, France

4-5        Berlin, Germany

6-7        Rome, Italy

8-9        Seoul, South Korea

10-11     Berlin

12         London

13-14    Busan, South Korea

15-16    Milan, Italy

17-18    Brussels, Belgium

19-20    Seoul, South Korea


4-12       Primary & Secondary School: Lawton Academy of Arts & Sciences

                               Vocal music program, since grade school

                               Technology program stand out

                               Played soccer a few years, still enjoys a good pick up game

                               Participated in the Archery Club

               Private tutoring & accelerated curriculum

               Graduated high school at 12

12-15     Undergraduate: University of Passau, Germany

15-21     Masters & Doctorate: Carnegie Mellon University, Societal Computing


As a child she spent the school year in Lawton, OK with her father (from the age of 2).

During Winter Break, the whole family would spend those few weeks together in whatever city her mother was based in at the time.

Every Summer, Tala lived with her mother wherever she was working at the time. They always returned to Lawton in July for Comanche Homecoming—Tala participated as a dancer and singer, carrying on the family tradition.

Tala Tidbits

Tala lacks trust in her own feelings. Her abilities … No, there’s no doubt there. But her feelings are untrusted. She’s certain about the head. The heart, despite her kindness and romantic nature, baffles the shit out of her.

A fun-loving, mischief maker, Tala likes to play pranks on her friends, but keeps to harmless silliness. This penchant was developed in large part as a response to the social situations she was exposed to as a result of her accelerated education.

Music is a huge part of Tala’s life and has been since her childhood. Her father instilled a love and respect for music into his only daughter.

Envy: For Tala envy can act as a catalyst to strive for a certain goal.

Italian: The first summer she spent in with her mother in Milan, Tala developed a pretty beefy crush on a neighbor who spoke not a lick of English. So she asked her mother for language lessons. By the time she learned enough of the language to speak to them, she witnessed a sweet little kiss in the garden where her own crush started. Even so, she resigned herself to just working on her Italian that summer.

Her socks are often vibrantly colored or covered in obscure designs. She has a vast collection of video game related socks.

She likes to keep her nails painted. Her go to manicure is rainbow colored with molecules in black.

Makeup: She only wears lipstick/tinted lip balm, eyeliner, and mascara regularly. Occasionally, she’ll add shadow, but that’s quite rare.

Tala likes to wear fingerless gloves, mainly slouchy ones, or ones with silly designs and fun colors.

She owns one denim jacket which she took great pains to slash and distress just the way she wanted. She also distresses her own clothing. Buying something she likes the fit of and making it her own. Her wardrobe is rather simple: t-shirts, sweaters, jeans, and a leather jacket. She always carried a bag—usually some goofy/geeky messenger back or a character backpack. She will mix up the jeans with an occasional pair of plaid pants.

While she is a shoe horse they are almost all Converse. She really likes unique, bright, and fun designs. Also she always has some heavy boots, usually covered in buckle or chains, keeping it kind of funky.

twistedsinews  asked:

Cinq: 30. 43. Furia: 12. 46. Ravi: 06. 48. Remy: 02. 09.; Tala: 32. 39.; Wei Sheng: 20. 24.; EVERYBODY: 27.

Get to Know my Character


27. If your character was going to get arrested, what would be the most likely reason for it?
Various RICO infractions.

30. When it comes to the arts (music, film, theater, etc), what does your character like?
Cinq likes to see live music performances. He’ll give anything a go, especially if friends suggest it. 

43. Does your character have a switch that changes aspects of their personality whether they are around friends, family, etc. Is there someone who gets to see their true self?
Cinq is a little more gruff


12. Is there some particular talent, skill, or attribute that they simply could not give up?
There are several, most notably dancing and driving.

27. If your character was going to get arrested, what would be the most likely reason for it?
Grand Theft Auto.

46. What is some random affectionate thing that your character always does to their lover?
Touching them–holding hands, gentle caresses, some kind of physical connection to their lover.


06. Do they have any hobbies that their lover finds unusual, odd, or otherwise annoying?
Her shopping hobby. Though I wouldn’t call it a hobby, she does.

27. If your character was going to get arrested, what would be the most likely reason for it?
Armed Robbery.

48. Is there anything in particular that would ignite your character’s jealousy? Or does your character not get envious?
She doesn’t get jealous per se, though she does experience envy. Like when she’s watching Johnny with Matt, she envies both of them–Matt for being the center of attention and Johnny for getting to lavish attention on him. But it’s not poisonous jealousy, but a desire to be a part of it rather than a voyeur. Of course there are times that I enjoys that spot.


02. What is one of your character’s biggest insecurities? Are they able to hide it easily or can others easily exploit this weakness?
She doesn’t trust people, nor does she open up to them. Sometimes her inability to open up to people creates communication problems. Even at the simplest levels.

09. Do they have a favorite season? What about a favorite holiday?
No. Though Remy likes summer, because people are more likely to be outside. Makes it easier to kill them. But she doesn’t really have a favorite holiday. 

27. If your character was going to get arrested, what would be the most likely reason for it?
Murder in the first–though her number is lower than Johnny’s.


27. If your character was going to get arrested, what would be the most likely reason for it?
Corporate espionage, breaking a number of banking laws, criminal theft, and there might be some international laws I don’t know the names of.

32. If your character’s lover offered to take them out on a dream date, what would they want to do?
Tala’s dream date, huh? She’s wavering between something like a carnival or mini golf, or something like a romantic dinner or picnic. 

39. When people look at your character, is there some assumption they might make about them just by appearance? Is that assumption correct?
When people look at Tala, they usually see a freak. Someone on the fringe who would prefer isolation. While there are times when Tala likes to keep to herself, she actually craves social connections. 


20. Does your character like animals? What are some of their favorite animals? Would they want pets? What about mythological creatures?
He’s not a fan of animals of any sort. But in the non-live version, he’s a fan of tigers. More for their symbolism than anything else. He is not a fan of Angel’s training methods either.

24. In their own words, how would your character describe what their lover is like?
“Describe Lin?” Liu asked with a laugh. “I don’t know that I’m the man who could achieve that feat. Her beauty and strength are only surpassed by her cleverness and moxy.”

27. If your character was going to get arrested, what would be the most likely reason for it?
Criminal conspiracy. 

twistedsinews  asked:

Remy: 8. 26. 73. Ravi: 3. 20. 27. Furia: 2. 59. 80. Wei Sheng: 1. 14. 72. Cinq: 15. 69. 83. Tala: 12. 66. 87.

Character Questions


8. How do they deal with bullies and people who just won’t leave them alone?
Remy’s dealt with bullies the same way since the day in kindergarten with Johnny tried to intimidate her lunch money out of her (she kicked him in the balls). She doesn’t stomach bullies and tends to fend them off using their own methods. 

26. Has your character ever been hurt or betrayed by someone they thought they could depend on? What happened?
Her uncle, who is basically the man that got her into her father’s line of work. Her first serious boyfriend, who manipulated her affections of a girl far too young for him with such keen cleverness as to have her willing to give him anything. Her brother managed to get her out of that situation unknowingly. With his failing health, his doctors suggested a risky procedure. Given the risks Percy reached out to Remy, asked her to come home and see him one last time, just in case. 

73. If your character knew what they know now when they were younger would they do things in their life differently?
Probably only dating EJ. That relationship screwed up a lot of things for her. Beyond that, she wouldn’t change much even the work her uncle put her into.


3. What’s one skill your character really wishes they had?
There are moments when Ravi wishes she were a little better at this skill or another, but she really is rather happy with herself. Though I think she’d like to be a little more technically inclined, if for no other reason than to better understand what Matt is talking about when he goes on his excited little rants.

20. How would your character define love?
A mutual respect, admiration, and affection between people that choose to be together, who cherish the good times, support one another through the bad times, and who sacrifice for one another. 

27. How much have they given up to get to where they are in life, willingly or unwillingly? How much do they think they would give up to get to where they want to be, in the future?
Ravi, while she has given up a lot to reach the point she has in life, doesn’t feel that way about it. Life is about choices, and she’s pleased, overall, about where she has ended up. She has love, her family (the one she chose), and they are alive and building a new life. 

She doesn’t harbor any illusions that there won’t be sacrifices to be made in the future. I think a part of her hopes to get the empire stabilized so that she might try to locate a shade of domestic bliss with Matt and Johnny, and perhaps children.


2. What is your character’s happiest memory?
In the SRIV timeline, when she found out that both Johnny and Troy were alive. 

59. Have they ever had an encounter with someone that changed their whole life?
I would say meeting Julius and Troy in that alley qualifies. That meeting set her life on a new and vastly unexpected course.

80. How do they spend a rainy day?
As a girl, she got yelled at to get inside more than once for dancing in the rain. Later in life, when there is no lightning, Furia likes to walk in the rain. She doesn’t do near as much dancing in the rain as an adult as she did as a girl, but it happens from time to time.


1. What’s one experience your character had that made them very afraid?
When he thought Sharp had discovered Lin was a mole.

14. Do they have someone that they consider to be a family member, even if they’re not related to your character by blood? What was one of your character’s favourite moments with them, and what makes them so special to them?
Johnny, not surprisingly. 

72. Do they like to read? If so, what’s their favourite genre? Favourite author? Favourite book?
Not particularly.


15. Does your character have a deep and/or dark secret? If so, what is it?
He would think the truth of his parentage as a deep dark secret, though no one else really would. He still keeps it under wraps because of it.

69. Do they enjoy facing their fears? CAN they face their fears? If not, what do they do in a situation where they’re forced to face them?
He doesn’t particularly go out looking to face his fears, but if a situation comes up that involves one, then he’ll face it. While he doesn’t go looking for it, he will not run from it.

83. Have they ever had to tell someone a lie to protect them? Did they regret doing it or not?
I imagine that Cinq has told a lie or two in his life, though he tries to avoid it. When he was a teenager, he would lie to his aunt about some of his activities and his friends. He didn’t want her to worry about him. 


12. Your character has the opportunity to have one wish granted. Would the wish only benefit them, someone else (one person or multiple), or everyone? And what would that wish be? 
This question is not an easy one to answer. Prior to the abduction, she would likely make some large grandiose, politically charged wish for equality and acceptance. After the reawakening, she might take another more selfish direction. 

66. If they were free to do anything, be it cruel, kind, or otherwise, without fear of repercussions, what is it that your character would do?
Tala would like to find a way to mix practical and theoretical programming.

87. What’s their favourite physical activity?
She really likes to play soccer.

Tala’s Atta-girl Moments


  • Got interested in computers early because of the technology club.
  • Showed early aptitude for programming.
  • Mostly taught herself to code.
  • Has mainly participated in white and gray hat hacking under the handle Nebulæ.
  • She has done rare black hat work, though she was never caught or suspects. Her hacks have been investigated, but no one ever got near enough to suspect her.
  • A master’s program project led to a consulting fee and internship at an international data security group.
  • She tends to tuck poetry into her code. It is one of her signatures.
  • She thoroughly enjoys learning new things, anything really, and is usually reading at least two or more books at once—something for fun and something to broaden her mind. It’s one of the reasons she’s never without a tablet.
  • For her, hacking at one level is another method of pranking her friends, as well as a valuable programming resource. Building something typically happens in one mindset, taking it apart or bypassing it involves another. Hacking helped her become a more creative, nuanced, thorough, and skillful programmer.
Tala’s Parents



Restructuring Consultant

Iranian born (speaks Farsi)


Based in Berlin, Germany



Linguist & Teacher

Comanche tribal member (speaks fluent Marauwe)

Lives in Lawton, Oklahoma

Neither ever married. Tala’s  parents care for her, love and respect one another, but choose not to be  together in traditional socially acceptable ways because they both have  different paths. They are happy with their arrangement and communicate often  and openly even if they only see one another on rare occasions.  They were together on their own terms and  their affair continued from their college careers through the Zin attack.

Tala always knew her family situation was not “normal.” She saw that at every family gathering from the time she could remember. But she had something not everyone else did—two happy, loving parents who supported her and wanted the best for her, even when she was being a rebellious pain in the ass.