I just made myself sad.

I was thinking back to tonights episode because something had kind of bothered me about why Daryl would be the one to tell Beth, granted he has had a huge turn around but I still wouldn’t have chosen him out of all people to give her the news of her boyfriend’s death. 

Then I remembered the scene where the boy was trying to guess Daryl’s previous occupation before the outbreak. It was then I realized how much his death must have impacted Daryl as well.

Whatever Daryl was before we can all assume was not glamorous (I know a lot of people suspect mechanic), and he wasn’t always a good person. He had originally planned to steal everything from the original camp and probably fight anyone who got in his and his brothers way. Yet here he is one of the council members and people have a huge amount of respect for him.

Then of course this boy, not knowing any of his past up until they entered the prison only knew the best of him and therefore guessed his previous job as someone who in society is seen with the same qualities that he saw in Daryl now. He believed that Daryl was a good enough person, strong enough and determined enough to become an undercover cop compared to the beginning when everyone hated his guys and thought of him as a stupid redneck.

He was probably one of the first persons that Daryl had ever come across that thought without a doubt that Daryl was a good person from the get-go. It would weigh heavy on Daryl to see him die. 

He wanted someone to share his sadness with.

Ugh just thinking of this makes me sad, I’m rambling now anyway but I just had to write it. (Its also almost 4am forgive my terrible grammar). 

TL;DR Daryl is finally seen as a good person by someone and then he dies.