PFW S/S 2012 - Crossings

Who else would have been so lucky and positive even if they were 30 minutes late? Yippiieee! It’s us *u* “Being late” is already part of my Vistan family.. while I alone can prove that almost everytime ~.~ :))

Fashion shows are indeed an experience for aspiring bloggers like us :) 

I wanted to wear something with a back part flowy and cute as that ^^ *u*

Adorbz <3 They gave all the aegyo of the show! *u* Would also want to wear their clothes *u*  

My cousin, Shayne, knows this girl. She’s the most beautiful model! :)

Must attend more fashion shooows!  Yeeyeyeeey *u* 

I would smile so ugly when I’m star strucked <///3 It’s easy to spot Miss Daryl Chang because of her stand out hair *u* Didn’t hesitate and braved up to ask a photo with her *u*

Me with my dearest cousins who accompanied me throughout that day >:D<

But why is technika so hard for me when it wasn’t before ;_____; I must say how I miss being a gamer girl, I shall start bringing the old times back right nao. 

Seeee we have great minds for having another unplanned matching outfit heee *u* Advance happy birthday Kuyaaa! >:D<

Lovelyyy <3 must have a varsity jacket!!! ^.^

I dislike this ~~~~.~~~~ I have maselan tounge ;_____; it’s so wrong TT.TT

Oooh happy daaaay!! *u* Enough of the what happened posts for now, too many photos already :))