I was inspired to create this latest photo edit by the awesome blog post by @dynamicsymmetry (many thanks to her for her permission to use her passage in this edit) that cuts right to the heart of how and why 💘Bethyl💘 was and IS without any shred of a doubt an undeniable and indelible romantic ship. ❤️
Anyone who watches ‘The Walking Dead’ and could not see this happening is definitely not astute. 😕

Shipping can be magical. It can bring you into a community of like-minded people. You feel warm and involved. It can make you excited, give you butterflies, make you laugh and cry.

But when it goes wrong?
It can leave you feeling… empty.
And you’re left grieving something that you can’t rationally explain.

BETHYL FanFiction Love’s Highway Daryl Dixon and Beth Greene Romance / Drama AU no ZA

New Chapter: Love’s Highway: She thought back to when she’d begun this journey with him. It hadn’t been long ago and yet everything then had been so different. Everything was so completely wrong. Daryl Dixon and Beth Greene Bethyl FanFic Romance / Drama AU No ZA


anonymous asked:

I just thought of another Caryl parallel. In season 4, Carol was charged with caring for Judith, Lizzie and Mika. Daryl was charged with caring for Beth. Both of them lost the children they were caring for, except for Judith.

That’s something a lot of people have pointed out and I agree. Both were caring for children and ended up losing them (save Judith) bringing it back to the loss of Sophia.

Another is Carol was actually watching the smoke from the still Daryl and Beth set on fire. I thought that was really interesting and telling of how close they were to one another.

writerloverpsycho-pomp  asked:

After reading your meta o Daryl and grief I couldn't help but remember the realization I had in regards to the conversation Daryl had with Rick wherein he said "She's just gone." Daryl had been talking to Carl after Lori died and had shared a bit of his history; that his own mother had passed when he was young and there had been no burial because she'd died in a house fire. There'd been no body, no formal goodbye, which made it harder because "She was just gone." Yep he specifically said that.

Interestingly Scott Gimple wrote that episode (Hounded, 3x06). During the Summer of Bethyl I saw a post comparing the death of Daryl’s mother in a house fire to Daryl and Beth burning down a house together, the blogger noting the significance. It might have been unintentional on the writers, but the paralleled dialogue builds on the theme of  Bethyl as a “second chance.” I’ve written before about Bethyl and abuse (X); Bethyl represents breaking the cycle of abuse. Daryl’s mother was ‘just gone’ after likely being destroyed by domestic abuse, and Beth is just gone too, but Daryl will help put her back together when she returns. The lost will now be found.