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Still needing more submissions for Date Week. Here’s some suggestions of fanfic:

July 26th - August 1stDate Night:

First date, romantic, anniversary, night away from others, night away from kids, double date, blind date

 Here’s the rest of the weeks coming up if anyone wants to get started on something.

August 2nd - August 8thBirthday:

first birthday together, child’s first birthday, birthday surprises, first gift Daryl receives, birthday strip tease, forgetting a birthday, late for birthday dinner, surprise party, birthday breakfast in bed, shopping for a present

August 9th - August 15thSmut:

No explanation needed - go crazy!

August 16th - August 22ndRoyalty:

Royal Family, King of the Apocalypse, being seen as authority figures, king and peasant, princess and stable boy, treating her like a princess, underworld royalty, star-crossed lovers from feuding families, lord and lady meeting in a royal court, servants working together for a rich family, Daryl defending Beth’s honor, knights of the round table, arranged marriage

August 23rd - August 29thSchool Days:

teacher/student relationship, naughty school girl role play, high school sweethearts, attending school together, librarian and shop teacher, smut in the teacher’s lounge, Prom, school trip, detention, homecoming, first crushes

  1. na-bruma-leve said: Lol for real, they don’t get tired. I keep trying to find how they are so certain about him falling in love for her. Probably when he gave her that shoulder pat.

I think it’s because that’s about all they have to cling onto. They said that Bethyl would be this huge amazing epic story for season 5 and that The Walking Dead would become The Walking Bethyl. Never happened. 

They said that Daryl would not stop in his search for Beth. Daryl was totally down to go to DC without a single thought about Beth.

They said that Beth would escape Grady in this heroic explosion of awesomeness. She didn’t.

They said that Beth would never die. Beth kicked the bucket.

They said that Beth would be shown alive in the mid season premiere. She wasn’t.

They said that Beth would be shown alive in episode 10. She wasn’t.

They said that Beth would be shown alive in episode 12. She wasn’t. 

They said that Beth would be shown alive in the finale. She wasn’t.

And just look at how that convo with this Bethyl fan went…she starts by saying that I’m going to see that Beth survived the gunshot…and then basically admits that deep down she knows Beth isn’t coming back so the consolation prize is that Daryl fell in love with her so HA! It is literally all they have to cling to now.

Well, that and the Beth action figured with a bullet hole ridden head! LOL

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I’m going to try to do something tonight haven’t done in awhile. I’m going to make a long post about something. Maybe two. I realized I haven’t really analyzed Daryl since the Beth incident so that’s a lot I have to catch up on. Stay tuned.

Well if we play the game of “My ship is canon because He or She said it”

Guess what?? 

Robert Kirkman CONFIRMED that Daryl loved Beth as much he loved Sophia. 

Oh and he loves Carol and Daryl episodes 

And he is not and actor or a director HE CREATED TWD 

thanks a lot :D 

For some reason, some c@rylers are now attacking bethyl as response to Norman’s words and I can’t understand why.
No matter if bethyl was or not canon, that doesn’t affect your ship at all.
Is not like if they succeded in proving that Daryl wasn’t in love with Beth, he is going to automatically having romantic feelings towards C@rol.
Daryl could have loved Beth or not, but that doesn’t change that, at least until the day that interview was made, Daryl see C@rol as his sister.
Attacking us is not going to make your ship canon.
Is only showing your true colors.