A not-so-quiet life Pt.5

Summary: You could say your life at the Greene’s farm after they took you in was a quiet one… as quiet as it could be considering corpses were walking around as flesh-eating monsters. At least, until a group of survivors in need take shelter in the farm.Inspired by the request: The reader used to have an emotionally and physically abusive ex and the group runs into her ex and his group and shit hits the fan and the reader gets hurt.

Inspired by the request: The reader used to have an emotionally and physically abusive ex and the group runs into her ex and his group and shit hits the fan and the reader gets hurt.

Pairing: Daryl Dixon x Reader

Tags/Warnings: Violence and language typical twd style. Mentions of abuse and quite a lot of self-deprecating thoughts…and in the midst of all that, quite a lot of fluff too and also slow burn.

English’s not my first language so maybe there’re some mistakes, I apologize in advance.

Chapter: 5/13



You’d stayed in that cabin for a few days, eating from what Daryl hunt for you and what Maggie and Glenn managed to scavenge, with only stray walkers roaming around not that frequently, until a small group showed up one night.

You’d been asleep when Maggie and Glenn gave the alarm and you jumped to your feet, trying not to panic but with your heart in your throat.

“We can overpower them,” Rick was saying from the outside. “They’re not that many and we can’t leave this place. Come on, we can fight them.”

Daryl nodded, already joining him, crossbow ready. You knew you were safer in that cabin than in the woods, protected from the cold and stray walkers, and if you left who knew when and where you might find another place like this, but the idea of fighting the monsters almost took your breath away.

You had with you the machete Maggie’d given you but you also took the rifle, you didn’t feel confident in hand by hand fight.

“No shooting unless we can’t help it,” Rick reminded. “We’d only bring more to us.”

You followed the others outside, besides Beth, Carl and Lori, your hands trembling, the walkers already on you. You saw how the others began sinking their knives into the monsters’ heads but you felt frozen at the idea of having to get so close to them and grab them while they tried to bit you.

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Late answer to these two asks, not sure if this is the same person but I thought I could answer to both at once ♡

First I still think Caryl is endgame and the odds of them becoming a couple have nothing to do with Henry and/or Zeke. And like I’ve said in previous asks nothing new happened, Caryl is still very much alive, the writers didn’t shut things down and I’ve made my peace with CZ. Second we don’t know for sure what will happen at the end of the season, nothing has been officially confirmed yet, maybe Henry survives, maybe Zeke dies, maybe both die (that would be the most cruel scenario and I hate it but the writers love to break Carol’s heart)

In any case I want Caryl to happen but not because Zeke dies or survives. I never wished for his death and never will because I like him and Khary loves this job. I think that for now we just have to wait (as always) and see how s9 and s10 unfold.

I keep hoping that the spoilers of Henry dying are false because I’m honestly heartbroken about this, it makes zero sense. First because like the 2nd anon says it makes a big part of 9b pointless, why building a bond between Henry and Lydia to kill him a couple episodes later? Why have him bond with Daryl? Why have them look for him? It’s also very repetitive, Carol has lost enough children for a lifetime… at this point it’s not just tragic it’s also ridiculous. It’s a big writing mistake imo, the critics will be on fire I’m sure.

I have no idea how this loss will impact Carol, obviously she’ll be devastated but I’m scared because we’ve seen what happened with the saviours in 9a when they hurt Henry… so I think things could go in two different ways: 1) Carol goes in full revenge warrior mode but will have to control her anger because the whisperers are seriously scary and threatening and also because anger can make you stupid and that ain’t Carol. 2) She’s broken and doesn’t want to deal with anyone anymore. I could see her being here but not here. Being here but not talking and being in full depression mode.

In both scenarios I see her coming back from it though because that’s Carol and she’s tough as hell and she has good people around to help and support her. (cc Daryl Dixon and Michonne)

When it comes to the impact of Henry’s death on CZ I think it could go in two different ways again: 1) it makes them stronger and they fight together to avenge their son (a plausible scenario because although the loss of a child can break a couple it’s not always the case.. look at Richonne after Carl died for instance)  2) it could break them apart. Both will want to avenge him still but I could see Carol becoming distant. It’s also a possibility that guilt and blame might show up, Zeke (understandably blinded by pain) could blame her for agreeing to take Henry to Hilltop in the first place, Zeke might be mad at Daryl because he was supposed to look after Henry, in this case Carol would obviously take Daryl’s side. But I may not be objective with this scenario given the fact that I don’t ship CZ. But I truly feel feel like Carol and Zeke would handle the loss of Henry differently because both have different experience when it comes to loss - especially the loss of a child. And they have different personalities.

I have to say that I hate all of this… I don’t ship CZ but I would hate that it took Henry’s death for them to break apart. Henry doesn’t deserve to die, he’s an amazing kid and Matt is an amazing actor. Thank god it’s all just a matter of time before we get actual answers because not knowing is killing me.

Caryl on and thanks for your asks ♡

Angela Kang || Tonight. “What Comes After,” written by @themattnegrete and  @scottmgimple, directed by  @gnicotero, edited by  @evanschrodek. Stellar performances by our cast, epic work by everyone on the crew, the return of a few familiar faces, some endings and new beginnings. Hope you’ll watch with us. Then @yvettenicolebrown​ breaks things down with Andy Lincoln for @amctalkingdead afterward (stuff might’ve leaked from my eyes a little bit when I watched that interview).

Greg Nicotero  ||  I put my all into this episode and very proud of the direction…i feel it’s one of my best ! So many great moments paying tribute to characters, moments and fans from the last 9 years. And Bernthal , Sonequa and my dear friend Scott Wilson who was so proud to be back on the show. I’m humbled to say i showed him his scenes and he couldn’t have been more proud to tell another chapter of Herschels story.

Jon Bernthal || Ok Brother. We ride one more time.

Steven Yeun ||  🐐🐐

Tom Payne || This is a picture from the first time I met Andy. Way back in 1999. Andy and I are from the same place in England and he had come back to host an event with the local drama group we were both members of. He was and has remained an entirely awesome and thoroughly decent human being who deserves all of his recent successes. Life is long. There are no true endings, only new beginnings. Till next time. Ps: I didn’t need those glasses but thought they looked cool 😂

Sydney Park ||  We will miss you dearly, Andy!! I will never forget the very first day I met you and you were of course just so wonderful. Thank you for dedicating your life to telling this story that is The Walking Dead. We love you!! (tell me why I have Melissa McBride’s hat on in this 🤦🏾‍♀️😂)

Michael Cudlitz‏ ||   👊 👊 👊

Emily Kinney  || Found this blurry but beautiful pic of Andy, me, and @gnicotero at the Saturn Awards awhile back. ❤️💛❤️ Congrats Andy! So proud to have gotten to learn from you and to work with you and the whole crew

Jake Garber || Just going to throw these out there today. One of the greats

Pollyanna McIntosh || Love this man. Love this crew. Love you fans. ✌️❤️ My last moment of episode 9 with the Clutterbuck. What a total gent, sweetheart, inspiration and brave one. Hasn’t he given us a lot?!

Jeffrey Dean Morgan || Ain’t no words. ❤️

Alanna Masterson || Mother Goose. 👫

Norman Reedus ||  My brother right here. Tonight’s episode 🔥🔥🔥

Corey Reed || This was taken right after the last scene I shot with Andy Lincoln. After five seasons of having the pleasure of working with him, I had mixed feelings. Happy he soon would be with his wife and children full time, as a husband and father myself, we bonded over the hardship of being away. But wow, would I miss him. So would our entire cast & crew. Because Andy Lincoln’s a leader. Our leader. Our Rick Grimes.

He was the first person to welcome me to the show when I arrived on set. As he does with many others. He takes the time to make you feel part of the family. Because to him that’s what it is. He knows making a great TV show is not a Ricktatorship, it’s a collaboration, and no one exemplifies that more than Andy. Despite the trappings of being the face of one of the biggest shows on TV, Andy considers himself just one of us. The smiling, sweating, howling, fast running, blood covered, bad singing, member of our company.

And when it comes to the work, he’s a consummate professional, wanting nothing more than to make the best show we can. To care as deeply as he does, and be utterly open and generous with a cast of dozens, a crew of hundreds, while shooting an almost impossible schedule, dealing with Georgia heat, and delivering a world class performance, is all any show could want from the name at the top of the callsheet. Ask anyone who’s been a part of this show and they’ll tell you the same. There’s a reason we call it #TWDfamily and it all starts with Andy, and continues to this day. We’ve moved on from Rick Grimes, but we cannot from Andy Lincoln. His person may be in the UK, but his spirit will always be alive and well on set of  #TheWalkingDead  #twd

Denise Huth || #TWDfamily

Thank you Mr. Lincoln. “Break a leg”

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Austin Amelio || Just…………………………..thank you.